Skull T, Summer and Sushi

t-shirt: Zara - shorts: Pimkie - sandals: H&M - watch: Swatch - friendship bracelet: DIY

I have had a beautiful week. The sun and the heat make every day feel like one those corny montages in 80s movies where everyone is laughing, having food fights and freeze-frame jumping: HAPPINESS! But it was seriously hot as hell, and this is the absolute maximum amount of chic-ness I can muster up while sweating my face off. I guess my summer style is laid back surfer chick (even though I can hardly swim, let alone dive).

Last Tuesday I got together with one of my faaavorite girls, St├ęphanie, for that thing fancy grown ups do: LUNCH. After driving around for ages, paralysed by the amount of options and the need to find the PERF lunch spot, we found heaven in a hopeless place at nOmade. I had some fresh orange juice and totally ordered the best sandwich in the world: prawn, mango, avocado and red onion. Mouth. Watering.

And then! My boyfriend took me out for sushi in the evening at the Sushi Palace (best sushi place in Antwerp). Yes, sometimes great days only get better!

Mmmmmmmm. Good food, sun and the people that make me happy. I wish every day could be like this. Also, I wish I could surf :( Never too late to learn, right?


  1. De perfecte zomeroutfit, me dunkt! Ik wou die shirt ook maar dan in peach, maar heb hem nergens meer gevonden :(. En dat broodje ziet er hemels uit (so does the salmon).

  2. ze hebben nu bij H&M een zeer gelijkaardig tshirt in zalmroze! voor 10 euro ofzo, get it!

    schoon kindeke, en nu heb ik ook zin in sushi

  4. great summer look! edgy but not overly so :)

    XO Sahra