Shiny Happy People at the Beach

After slathering myself in copious amounts of after sun (Corine de Farme, LOVE the smell and does an AMAZING job I can attest) and washing the sand out of my hair, I'm ready to share my afternoon at the beach with my awesome readers. The temperature was high, the sky was cloudless, the sandwiches were soggy (the ice cubes leaked onto the sammiches :(), the faces were bare and the swimsuits were fab.

my swimsuit: La Fille d'O, my sister's swimsuit: vintage



  1. No make-up? You did your eyebrows... The swimsuit really doens't flatter your body, but you don't see that anymore when you're next to your sister.

  2. No make-up? You did your eyebrows... The swimsuit really doens't flatter your body, but you don't see that anymore when you're next to your sister.

  3. my body doesn't need to be flattered in order to be respected, it exists perfectly fine without your approval. And so does my sister's. Why do you enjoy trying to hurt people? Or are you arrogant enough to think we are anxiously awaiting your guidance and remarks?

  4. fyi I chose to go with style rather than FULL DISCLOSURE. Who cares if my brows were done, what are you, the truth-in-blogposts-nazi? jebus rice. OMG there were also a few clouds in the sky, I didn't tell you guys that! I'm such a liarrrrr

  5. Annebeth seemed to have done her eyebrows alright. And the "swimsuit" (AKA underwear) doesn't flatter her body: not filling in a bra means you bought (in this case "chose" as it was a freebie) the wrong size. The bra is not particularly suited for chicks with small breasts, especially when you have 2 circles on it drawing attention to them like: "hey! look at my boobs" and there are hardly boobs. High waisted panties should cover up a gut and that's not the case here either. On the contrary: they puts emphasis on Annebeth's recent weight gain. So yeah, Quali is right on these points.
    I know my comment will be shot down with some snide remarks from the narcissistic Styling Dutchman (she's always right, even if she changes her mind 10 times in a minute - "insecurities" my ass). And of course the fan base will back her up. They'll gush like they always do and call me a "hater".
    I don't hate on certain body types and I applaud both of the sisters for feeling comfortable enough in their own skin to the point of showing pics of themselves in bathing suits. What bugs me is the "arrogant attitude" and the constant fishing for compliments. And the complaining about not being able to buy this or that when this blog displays constant consuming (agreed, some purchases are bargains, but buying heaps of cheap items will also dig a hole in your wallet). In reply to the frequently used phrase "in what universe could I EVER afford this!" I'd say: in the one where you ignore your "step sons" (yeah Annebeth, even though you're not married, you've been with your "boy" for 8 years now - long enough to equal it to a marriage - and only 2 times have you mentioned those sons in your otherwise tell-all blog).

  6. ik kan de comments niet geloven! WTF!!! In elk geval jij en je zus zien er super uit. En ik zie echt niet hoe de bikini niet zou passen? En de stijl is totally you! maar whatever!!

  7. Ziet er een heerlijke dag uit!
    En niets aantrekken van die comments. Waar sommige mensen zich al niet mee bezig houden, 't is triestig.

  8. Maybe this is a stupid question, but if you dislike Annebeth, why do you read her blog? If you don't like it, don't read. Easy.
    Why does it matter if her bikini doesn't make her look like a super-model? She's having fun at the beach, not modelling swimwear. For playing in the sea, your priority becomes about practically and comfort, not looking skinny.
    I'm also confused why she has to talk about her step-sons. Annebeth is a personal style blogger mostly. She writes about her outfits, not her step-children. It could be a concious decision not to write about them on the internet; many people aren't comfortable with photos of their children being online. How do we know its not out of respect for their privacy?
    I also can't say I've noticed her moaning about not having anything. Don't we all look at expensive goodies and joke about when we win the lottery?

  9. Amai, Belsje, wa isda hieeeer?! It's judging hour, huh? I guess someone is cranky... PMS must be a real bitch ;)
    Knowing u, I'm sure u don't pay any attention to this. Glad u had fun :)

  10. Obviously mrs. Dee isn't right in her mind at this moment. I don't think
    anyone would benefit from typing out a serious reply here. My business
    is my business, and though I share a lot on my blog, I think it would be
    a tad ridiculous to give everyone a list of the money I earn and the
    money I spend (or the weight I gain or lose - lol seriously Dee, you
    sound like a stalker). Suffice to say my boyfriend's boys always come
    first and have never missed out on anything just because I'm not rolling
    in the dough. And yes, I don't post pictures of them because I respect
    their privacy. My boyfriend doesn't like it. He hardly likes being
    featured himself so I always ask his permission first.

    Let me ask you a question: why do you have the feeling I owe you
    anything? Full disclosure, being perfect, writing a certain way, not
    making certain jokes, wearing outfits that make my boobs look bigger or
    my butt look smaller? I am my own person, I am +18, I survive perfectly
    fine without considering you every day.

    Also, I would like to say that I love my body, and I don't see why I
    should wear x or y to make it look more perfect. Are small boobs a
    crime, regardless of whether I have them or not? Think about it: why
    should I cover them up and make them appear bigger?

    The bikini fits me fine, I tried on different sizes, it feels great and I
    think it looks great. That's all I care about. Looking skinny is just
    not on MY priority list. You should stop being so arrogant to assume
    that other people share YOUR priority list.

  11. Also, why should big panties cover up a gut? Did the fifties and sixties babes have a big gut? I just like these covering up more, both of my stomach and of the bikini area (stray hairs :D)

    and trust me, there is loads of stuff I don't tell you guys. My body, my choice & my blog, my choice.

  12. We don't automatically and mindlessly back her up because we know her or
    are part of her fan-base, but because it's common sense and you're just
    being disrespectful and ridiculous. What do children have to do with any of this and why do you automatically assume that she has to tell us about every single thing in her life?

    I'm sure you're feeling very good and self-righteous about yourself right now, sitting behind your computer screen. Think about how it would feel if someone else pointed out your flaws or annoying habits in a harsh way, I'm sure you wouldn't respond all jolly and understanding. We're all human, therefore we all have flaws and do things that annoy other people. Is it really necessary to share that negativity and make others feel bad? I don't think so.

  13. We had an awesome day and, even though it's needless to say this, we look awesome. But let's be honest here, it's completely not done to be unattractive/have unattractive features in some peoples eyes and still have the gall to come outside. Especially with eyebrows coloured in. It's just not right, you know? Geez people, get a hobby and see what else life has in store instead of stalking/making rude comments on freaking styleblogs. CREEPERZ.

  14. Mooie post & leuke foto's ! Over die vieze reactie ga ik niet verder uitwijden, dies veel te laag bij de grond & een tikkeltje 'stalkerisch' #freaks

  15. ik vind em ook een beetje eng eerlijk gezegd

  16. I believe you girls look fabulous, and even more important very happy! I had a lovely day at the beach myself. I really don't like rude people, I prefer to ignore them.

    XxX A.

  17. you both look super cool ladies :D I've just started using some Corine de Farme product (rose water I think), love it! xx

  18. You both look great! Looks like a really relaxing day. Your sister's suit is so pretty. I wish it were easier to find vintage suits around here. So much braver than me posting suit pictures but you have the bod to back it up! xo, Erin

  19. everyone has the bod to back it up! having fun at the beach and taking pictures isn't a privilege for only perfect people! :D

  20. I'm a little late at the 'party' but FAB post! Love the vintage swimsuit your sister is wearing, gorgeous print, would love to find something like that! Yours is a no-brainer, just A-MA-ZINGGG :-0


  21. You really stay true to the “shiny happy people at the
    beach,” huh? :D The beach is just no place for grumpy people. I guess that’s
    just the effect of the sea, generally -- an escape from life’s daily hustle and
    bustle. The environment is very relaxing, taking you away to a happy place. :p
    Both of you looked great in your bathing suit, by the way!