New Shop Alert: Wild Doll

Daaaahlings, I know for a fact that a lot of you love clothes. No, don't try to hide it, I see right through you. Also, I know that the quest for a style of our own is a never ending search alternating success with failure. I've been there! I'm probably still there. One week I'm all "Hey let's stop buying new stuff, I just want to wear a uniform of classy separates and call it a day" and the next I'm filling multiple virtual shopping baskets with new sartorial crushes. It's EXHAUSTING! But also quite fun. Exactly what fashion should be, non?

And due to some serendipity, I've ran into a brand that is ALL about fun fashion. Wild Doll! Just last week I found myself on the Wild Doll webshop, contemplating finally caving for an affordable Lita lookalike in a funky rendition. I still had the website opened in one of my tabs when a few days later, lo and behold, I received a message from the people behind Wild Doll asking me whether I would be interested in a collaboration. "FO SHO" I basically Kanye-caps'd back at them, heck to the yes! 

I wish all advertorials started this way, in mutual crushes :)

To get to the point: if you're looking for colorful, edgy, wild fashion choices at a very affordable price: DO check out Wild Doll! Any of these statement pieces would be the perfect finishing touch to a more basic look. Or if you're feeling funky, just throw everything together and stomp the streets like a runway.

Now if you'll excuse me, I do believe those star spangled banner platform boots are calling my name.


  1. Leeeuk, mijn favoriet zijn de zwarte wedges.. Echt super!

    x Sarah

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  5. hier zie je ze ook goed, hm echte beauty's!