Maasmechelen Village Chic Summer Festival

I have little experience with Belgium's capital, Brussels. The first time I remember visiting was probably to help my student brother move into a new appartment, cramming all kinds of second hand furniture into our tiny car, driving back and forth two hours  at least three times in one day. He moved into one of the more affordable (and notorious) quarters of Brussels, Schaarbeek. But in spite of all the bad stuff I'd heard about the neighborhood on the news, all I saw that sunny day were beautiful cobblestone streets and slightly downtrodden yet elegant appartment blocks dating back to chiquer times. Brussels was much, much prettier than its reputation had told me. Then again, my brother did get mugged on the subway one time. Ah, you win some you lose some.

I regularly visited the city during my last days of highschool, to take exams in one of the OTHER notorious quarters (Brussels is full of them): Anderlecht. One of the poorer neighborhoods, with 20 different nationalities in one street. I expected to not feel safe, and at times that was what I felt indeed. But once again the sun changed my perspective: once the temperatures rose and the clouds disappeared, walking those Anderlecht streets simply felt like I was on holiday abroad in my own country. So yes, Brussels isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but it's way more than crime and dogshit as well.

This long winded intro serves to give some personal context to go with this advertorial I'm hosting. A cute little animated video of a very stylish young girl having the time of her life in Brussels, and taking the easy shuttle service (the Shopping Express) driving her from Brussels center to Maasmechelen Village's Chic Summer Festival!
 Maasmechelen Outlet Village is all about sales, all the time. But this time of year the stores actually offer discounts ON TOP of their low outlet prices, so if you're looking for high quality pieces with a pricetag that won't have you topple over, THE TIME IS NOW and the place is Maasmechelen!

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  1. 6th of July is like sooo last week you guys...? :p Ik ben woensdag naar MMV geweest, kan je idd altijd wel fijne koopjes doen, zeker in de solden, maar meer voor de merk-minded peoplez. Morgen komt mijn postje online!

  2. The least you can do is actually go there and visit me at work biatch!

  3. ik heb al teveel geld uitgegeven lately, komt gij es naar antwerpen ofzo! :D