Poncho Poncho Maaaaaan

Exam went great! The prof did something funny again: when he went out of the classroom to get a new student, he knocked on the door before he entered the hallway. We all started laughing and he was like "haha so silly of me" (imagine this with a very thick german accent, that's how he talks), and I used as an example in one of the exam answers so I think it was A-OK! Next up: history of narrative film, on friday. I'm quite sure it'll work out, but I still need to watch some movies the next three days. I hope the questions aren't too difficult.

I ended up prowling the shops after my exam because I hadn't gotten around to one of my favorite sales traditions: buying underwear! I'm Dutch, you know, and we are internationally known for being cheap. Well, that's what other people say, we just say we love a good deal and have a mercantillist spirit! Anyway, I don't see the point in buying expensive underwear when you

- don't have big boobs that need professional support
- have a boyfriend that actually isn't that interested in lingerie (he prefers me without anything on, go figure)
- don't even see the damned things for more than a few seconds a day, when getting dressed

So I always buy my underwear in the sales, and I totally scored some nice pieces. I also hardly ever wear a real set of matching panties + bra, but I bought a very pretty, slightly retro lingerie set: my boyfriend called it "sorta Dita Von Teese". I'm actually quite glad he's able to call a floral, satin bra retro-inspired: he's no fashion n00b. I'll take some pictures to show you guys tomorrow!

About the outfit: not feeling very inspired today so I just grabbed some colored tights and worked the rest around it with pieces I found on my way out. I was in a hurry. By the way: I'm sort of slightly working towards 400 followers! SAY WHUT! I'm incredibly flattered people come over here to read and comment and follow me so a HUGE thanks to all of you once again! I love meeting so many inspiring, real people :)

boots: vintage
tights: pimkie
skirt, poncho, sweater, faux fur collar: H&M


  1. wow! my favourite of your looks! fabulous :)



  2. Gorgeous poncho, love it.
    I love buying new underwear, I have draws full, I don't know why, but it makes me feel good when wearing nice underwear (and my boyfriend loves it :))

  3. I LOVE underwear, actually!!! ;)

    Your poncho is GORGEOUS! Love the fur too!


  4. Sigh. I wish I could pull off ponchos. I love them so much - it just isn't fair!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Ha, Dutch and Scots and Australians, we all love a bargain ;) Love the poncho, about time they came back in fashion!

  6. Haha, I guess all the boyfriends are the same when it comes to underwear! "Nah, I prefer you with nothing on..." :-D
    Anyway, I'm glad to hear about the exam, good luck for the next one, and your poncho and the BOOTS are great! And the sweater works perfectly with both the scarf and the tights.
    Enough from me, have a nice evening, I'm off to write an essay, yuck! :)
    Love, Andrea

  7. Die poncho is zoo mooi ! Vind het altijd zo moeilijk om een geschikt model te vinden waardoor ik er dus zelf geen heb :(
    Hup hup naar H&M ;)

  8. Love the outfit!
    and yes, I'm the same way with underwear, and I don't have any matching ones, ha ha. AND I don't have a boyfriend, so no need to worry about that ;)

  9. Love how the red tights make the outfit so much more electric.

  10. congrats on the exam - your prof. sounds hilarious and extremely polite!

    love that tradition, any day i go shopping for dainties is a good day. one of my fave things to do. um, *blush*, what a sweet boyfriend! super cute outfit and the red tights totally make it! ♥

  11. Love your poncho ! Very great ouffit with red tights and your poncho.

  12. hehe...we have the same philosophies when it comes to wearing underwear. I don't give a rats ass what it looks like, as long as I don't have panty lines showing through my clothes.

    Love your poncho too!! So cute and it looks so warm!

  13. Lol I agree with you about the underwear thing. I don't see the point in splurging on designer lingerie when it's rarely gonna be seen. And the poncho looks great on you! It looks very warm and comfortable :)

  14. lol this made me laugh a few times. first congrats on the exam. second, im the same with underwear, my boyfriend doesnt actually care at all, i could be wearing granny panties and a Madonna bra and i dont think he'd notice =S, saves me some money though, nice lingerie is so overpriced. thirdly, the 'throw on' outfit is awesome, love the pop of red tights.Scrapbook de la Emma

  15. Oh I am such a huge fan of ponchos and capes! Your looks so comfy and warm, too.

    Thanks for commenting my blog. I'm a huge fan of your style and was so please to see your lovely comment. : )

  16. The first poncho is great. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow..have an important exam about school history which is totally relevant for my graduation grades!

  17. Great look! Love the H n M jumper especially :) you really rock coloured tights too! Glad the exam went well xx

  18. Love this look even though it was put together in a hurry. That cropped jumper is amazing :)

  19. Just realised I don't formally "follow" your site, even though I'm here like EEEVEEERY DAYYY! so, I'm going to do it now :P
    About the underwear, I was having that discussion with my man the other day, as in why should I bother buying sexy expensive one when he doesn't really appreciate it, in the sense that, as all men, prefers to see me wearing nothing at all :S

    Nice outfit, very wintery and warm-looking

  20. love the fur snood. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for a foxtail if you'd like to check it out. :)

  21. Stunning outfit! Perfectly chic as usual! Kudos! :)

  22. fanstatic cape! love the colors, and love how you matched it with the red tights, great!

    kisses :)
    Watching the waves

  23. great!! i love ponchos!

  24. I love the title of this post. i saw it on Blogger Friends, and I cracked up. My boyfriend is the same way, haha. I personally really enjoy underwear and bras (of course, I, too, have teeny boobs and always hunt for the best sales and deals and stuff) but my boyfriend couldn't care less. Men! I recently discovered H&M's lingerie and my life has changed. Such cute stuff AND they actually have it in my weirdass size.

    Back to you! That sweater has just the greatest fit. I love how it hangs on your frame. It's very youthful and brings a nice edge to the classic fair isle.