Hey guys! I'd forgotten to ask y'all what you think about my new banner! I'm planning to do this thing where I change my banner to go along with the seasons, this is my "winter" banner with the christmassy red and the stark blue sky. You can almost smell the crisp winter air when you look at the picture, right? Like my other bannerpictures, it was shot by my talented little sister. Check out more of her work here! What is your stance on naturepics as a banner for a fashionblog? My opinion is that there isn't a single thing that influences our style as much as the weather. We get out of bed in the morning, rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, hoping for the best but coping with whatever hand of cards nature has dealt us that morning. Sometimes it's frustrating not being able to wear flimsy sundresses or faux fur whenever you want to, but to my fickle personality, a bit of a pointer as to what to wear that day is very welcome. I don't mind being limited from time to time, my mind wanders off quite often and I am a bit all over the place, so having something to guide me along the way is quite comforting.
I guess that's why I have an older boyfriend, haha!

This outfit looked better in real life, by the way. The dress is from H&M's S/S 2011 collection, and it also comes in white with this adorable (but not very "me") dog print. This is such a classic little black dress piece that I knew I had to buy. It will never go out of style, it is comfortable and the fabric is very nice. It is creased a lot in these pics, but I had been lounging on my couch. Uncreased, it has a very nice, thick, slightly shiny knit look. And the white piping on the neckline and the sleeves is just too adorable! I went for a slightly sixties styling with it, so I grabbed my pretty textured tights and mary jane flats. I don't really like how any of the pics turned out, but it started to rain so you'll have to make do with these!
I'm not feeling very inspiring today, so I'm going to leave it at that.

 headband: etsy (little honey pies)
tights, dress: H&M
shoes: New Look


American Psycho. Not for the faint at heart at all, but this movie isn't an empty gore-driven horrorflick. Sure, there is gore. Enough of it. And there is also a lot of black humor. But this movie is about the emptiness of human life, and how consumerist overcompensating for feelings of inadequacy can drive a person mad. Very intelligent, amazing performance by Christian Bale (I love that guy), but don't watch it if you don't think you can handle it.

PS: a HUGE thanks to my girl Emma who featured a look of mine today! I'm so flattered! She has amazing style, amazing pictures and an amazing personality so check her out!


  1. Wow those tights really pop out with colour. Just what we need on a Winter's day.
    I've never seen this film, I'm a goreaphobic, so would probably have my eyes closed for most of the film.

  2. Such a lovely outfit!!! The red tights are such a great touch to your black and white outfit:)

    Oh my gosh that looks like such an interesting movie...but I am really queezy with gore!

    Also that is funny that you said I looked like I had some Native American bloodline..because tracing back some of my ancestors were Cherokee:)

  3. nice outfit as always!!! :)

    sweet sweet, love that LBD :) is perfect!

  4. Your outfit looks pretty in fake life too! :P

    PS. American Psycho is awesome. My boyfriend read the book, though, and apparently it's not as good.

    ...Or maybe he liked it better. I don't remember. Blagh!

  5. how gorgeous is this outfit. I DO love your headpiece so much, I am truly obsessed with floral and feathered headpieces. And your tights are simply marvellous, just that pop of colour to make your colourful personality shine through.

  6. I love the new banner - I meant to say something a few days ago and totally spaced but it looks awesome! And the love the shot of color you added to your dress with the red tights.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. you look like you're floating in the first pictures and you look simply ethereal! i love the banner and think it's cool that you're changing it with the seasons!

    cute and little

  8. wow your sister is an amazing photographer, i did notice the new header the other day but wasnt sure if it had been there all along and id not noticed haha, its cute. i wish i could pick what weather we were having, sometimes i really feel like wearing boots and a coat, but clearly i cannot when its 100 degrees outside. oh well.
    i totally love this dress too, you seem to have all the sorts of dresses id love to own!
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. i just shuddered when i saw christian bale in that movie poster.. haha
    i love how you paired it with red tights. very nice.

  10. Very sweet look. The flower crown is just so perfect. I love it!!

  11. usually people would do red dress and black tights, but i love how you did the opposite!!!

  12. haha so cute! love your headpiece

    F. ( x

  13. I know it is simple but I really love this outfit. I would love to wear it myself! The bright red tights and cute hairpiece makes it - thats what is great about a simple black dress, you can do anything you like with it!

  14. Lovely dress, and the flowers are so cute x

  15. The flowers in your hair are adorable! Love your banner too, interested to see what you'll have for spring! And love American Psycho, it's just too funny in a dark, dark, way. xx

  16. I love that you wear flowers in your hair :) I actually really like this dress, it looks very 1960's. Something Mia Farrow would have worn in Rosemary's baby.

    I have never seen American Psycho but I have always wanted to. I should add it to my movie list (it's getting LONG).

  17. That movie is amaaaazing!!! best scene for me is the business card one...crazy yet so funny at the same time. I adore Christian Bale.

    What I love about today's outfit is those lush tights, I had a pair like that when I was little. I was quite the stylish little girl back then, I just didn't realise ;)

    oh and the banner, love it, the pic and the concept and will go check out your sister's ork

  18. Awesome outfit, I love the tights, and the floral wreath is just adorable <3
    As to the movie: haven't seen it, but probably should, although I count myself among the faint at heart :) But just last night,I was watching Kill Bill and fell asleep in the middle of it :O Can't believe that :D
    Love, Andrea

  19. Hi annebeth! It's me, candy_la_pop from I've started a blog now too! :) So I def. had to add you here as well. I'm so looking forward to comment your posts at the source where they came from now :P
    Love this dress and you're rigth it never comes out of fashion.
    Btw. I love your new banner! Altought it doesn't look really winterly to me sorry ;) but these berries remind me so much of summer.

  20. hey annebeth, those tights just brightened my day! thought i'd say hello because i love your outfit posts, some of the things you put together are so inspiring. ♥ elle

    from elle & the fashion folk


  21. I like how the red tights and black dress look classy rather than a bit goth; looks great!

  22. That dress has such nice detailing :) And your mary jane flats are totally sixties! Perfect.

    I, too, am fascinated by the weather's influence on daily life. I think there's probably no single other factor that shapes people's activities as much as the weather.

  23. I looove your red rights! They are perfect <33

  24. oh my gosh, that close up of your face is sooooo pretty. you are simply gorgeous.

    i love the texture of your red tights. they compliment you look so well.

    new banner=awesome
    american psycho-awesome

  25. American Psycho is definatly one of my favorite movies ever. I love Christian Bale, such an amazing performance.
    I am loooving these red tights, they're fantastic.

  26. Ok ok you were right with those berries :D :D I'm convinced!

  27. love the tights and headband!! such a cute look...just came across your blog after seeing your chictopia forever....youre so great! soo cute...we should email soon :)