Hiya! I wanted to wear this cute little dress in a different way, so I thought I'd use the collar peeping out from under a sweater! I really like how this outfit came together, but it sucks that I'm blending into the background like this. Oh well, you'll just have to look a bit closer to appreciate the awesomeness of this stylin' piece o' chic yo. Lately I've been warming up to shades of brown. I used to hate brown because the most classic browntones like chocolate don't look good on me at all, but since last fall with its camel trend, I've grown to appreciate how sophisticated the different shades of brown can look. Black is fierce and all, but it doesn't really have any sister shades that allow you to build a ton sur ton look (except maybe grey, but there are few things I find as depressing as black/grey outfits). Brown however can be likened to tan, to orange, to eggplant, to khaki etcetera. You can construct a rich, deep look based on browns. The colors I'm using here are all within that nature color family which makes them work together. Not that I have a problem with clashing colors, really. I mix and match about anything, as long as it doesn't look boring.

Have I told you guys already I finally decided to go ahead and ombre my hair? I stumbled upon Daphne's blog, ChocolateChipCouture, and I fell in love with this awesome chick's style and hair! I emailed her, hoping she had done it herself because I had checked with my hairdresser's what it would cost to get my hair done and he told me it would be like 90 euros (including a cut) and I was like WHUT R U KIDDIN ME so I decided I'd do it myself, but I needed to build up some courage because bleaching your hair is scary shit. But when Daphne emailed me back that she had in fact done this herself, I was assured I could be a fearless female myself and go ahead and dye my hair for only 5 euros instead of 90.

Her hair is perfect, right? I think I'm going to get my hair cut first in order to create a bit of layering on the bottom to let the ombre shine even more through texture, and then I'll just go ahead and bleach that shit! Anyone have any tips on bleaching at home? How not to fry your ends? How long to leave it in? How to protect your clothes? I'm really excited about this actually. It looks SO PURDY!
I really want her dress (or romper?), suspender tights and belt too. I want to look like that picture, bacisally.

I don't have anything else to tell you guys soooooo see you tomorrow!

sweater: Pimkie
dress, bag: Zara
tights: H&M
shoes: T2 vintage

PS: some of my new Etsy faves

 I think I need to face the facts. I have a collar fetisj.


  1. I actually like her hair and I think it'll really suit you.
    I love your polka dot dress.

  2. I like how you shook things up by having the cute little dress collar peeping out. And great bag! The buckles and everything make it really stylin' but It also looks practical like it would be able to hold everything. ooh it would be great if you could dye your hair yourself! You should go ahead and try it, good luck :) http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  3. I cut my hair by myself and every time I have a holy shit moment. Good Luck!

    also, I have an amazing vintage sweater and was wondering how I should wear it and I think you have helped me find it.

  4. I can't wait to see the end product of your adventures in home hair color -- I always dye my own hair (and sometimes cute it).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Cute I love the dress as a skirt, nice way to get more use out of it :)

  6. Cute!! I love how you layered your sweater over the dress like that. Good luck with your hair!! I can't wait to see how it all comes out:)

  7. ohh.. i'm going to ombre my hair too! just did a blog post about it. but i'm pretty sure i'm going to invest and get it professionally done. you should google some how to videos to do it yourself (there's tons of videos out there)... because i don't really think you need to bleach your hair unless you want the ombre effect to be a bleach blonde. you should just choose a color a few shades lighter than your natural one!

    i saw a how to guide on an entertainment channel here in the US.. and they had the stylist foil some highlights around the crown, then basically paint the strands below with the color on a brush (that way it seems more natural).

  8. Your collar fetish is really not helping my collar fetish. I am obsessed lately, I go into stores looking for pretty collars! I adore the way you did up this dress, thanks for inspiring me!

  9. Gaaah I'm gonna steal your dress. Just reach across the country and the ocean and steal it. Mwa ha ha!

    I think brown really works for you! And you totally just hit the nail on the head about why it is that I love brown as an outfit base so much. Way more versatile.


  10. I love the sweater. It looks so cozy and warm :) I can't find too many of those in mainstream stores.

    Castle Fashion

  11. I love all post..Your bag it is fantastic!xoxo

  12. Ohh how pretty! Love this combination :) The bag is the "pièce the résistance" :)

  13. I really adore te shoes, really can't believe you've found them in a secondhandstore! And the dress of course, you've put it together in an awesome way.

    That ombre hair looks fantastically professional. Wish I could put some lighter shades in my hair as well, but my hair already is really dry and I really don't want to ruin it.

  14. I love sweaters over dresses, love it love it.
    And I need new hair too..it's ridiculously long and doesnt look right anymore..but yes prices in Belgium for a good hair change are pretty steep. I'm hoping I will be patient enought to wait until I go to Spain end Feb, then go and get a good cut and a new colour for less than 50 euro.

    Good luck with the hair business.. all I can say is moisturise your hair a lot after doing it. That's what I've always done with home made bleaching, nourish your hair tons :) Can't wait to see the end results!

  15. Thanks for the comment on my ombre hair post. I have naturally dark hair and there are at home kits were you can lighten dark hair without bleaching.. so definitely look for them. Each kit should have what the results will look like on all shades and some companies like L'Oréal make hair color specificly for dark hair!

  16. really adore your shoes and the dresses are beautiful too.


  17. Wow! I love this look! But you always look amazing, of course(:

  18. Annebeth!!! :D I'm so glad you passed by! Haha- your comment seriously made my day. I always love your style, too (and your blog- your new header is so pretty and delicate and has such a "refreshing" appearance). And thank youu! :P

    I love your shoes (the leather is so pretty) and the color combo of this outfit- I find it to be really flattering to your complexion. The whole outfit has a very strong 1930s influence, and it looks adorable! I like Daphne's hair as well- great news that she did it herself, so it can be a DIY project. (Ugh 90 euros would be annoying to pay- better to DIY, this way you can do it as frequently as you need to as well). And plus, it's always fun to change up hair- this would look great on you. I also read that red hair is going to be very "in" for the spring and summer, too. I LOVE red hair...!

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  19. such an adorable look, gives me some ideas for how to mix up dresses!

  20. Really lovely colors in this outfit...I think her hair is gorgeous and would look really great on you!!

    Kirstin Marie

  21. I'm so curious how your hair will look like!!! :)
    I love this outfit because of it's color palette! Very niceeeee

  22. the skirt looks amazing on you! i like the colour of it :) and ps. i wanna change my hair style too. but still thinking HOW to change hee :) XXX es.


  23. Cute outfit! x


  24. I do really love all your tights! You always wear amazing colors!
    I wanted to tell you that I talked about you and other bloggers in my post about ombré hair :D nothing special, really, I just thought it was better to let you know it :D I think it's fair to let people know when I write their names in my blog! :)
    I wish I had longer hair so that I could try ombré hair,too! :(

  25. Seriously, I am love with this bag, how do I steal it from you?! ;) I am just kidding of course, about the stealing part :)

  26. Well you changed it up so nicely. This outfit is beautiful and really sweet.