I wanna guard your dreams and visions

Yeah, I'm still totally in love with this cardigan. I wear it a lot, but if one of my favorite bloggers would wear this cutie I wouldn't get tired of it so you'll just have to think like me! It looks good with a surprisingly large amount of looks. I always have an easier time styling eye-catching items, for whatever obscure reason. I guess weird things inspire me more? And I was never the kind of girl that is intimidated by a whole lot of look. I always feel like messing up my hair makes very busy looks "work". Makes me feel less like an overdressed Barbiedoll and more like a cool chick. And let me tell you: if you FEEL like a cool chick, you'll look like a cool chick. It's all in the mind, especially when it comes to something as random as fashion. I am treading DANGEROUS Urban Outfitters sales assistant territory here though: cutoff Levis, chelsea boots, dorky socks and a vintage looking sweater. The only thing that keeps me from going overboard is the fact that I haven't put my hair up in one of those scraggly Swedish blogger buns. Not that I have a problem with SSBBs, as I will call them from now on, but they would look SO hipster with this outfit. I am not a hipster at all, I prefer to look at myself as a lover of classics and girly stuff. NOT hipster!

But I look like one today, don't I? Bah humbug!

On another note: ASOS has this awesome (in my mind, ASOS rhymes with AWESOME) contest running right now, check it out here on facebook! None of us probably have the slightest chance at winning this thing, but let me tell you, just putting together a DREAM wishlist of all the things you'd buy if you suddenly had 600 euros spare cash is LOTS of fun. I'm definitely calling dibs on those two dresses I linked a few posts back, the rusty one with the polkadots and the one with the scalloped edges.

On top of that, ASOS is having a 20% off selected items sale, and they still have that free shipping thing going on! Not convinced? This beauty only costs 23.08 euro now (used to be 58.97).

I might post all the items in my dream wishlist here tomorrow. This one will be in fo sho too: 

I'm really feeling the fifties/sixties for summer with shirtdresses and long lengths. I love dressing like a girl. And I'll wear my hair in a curled ponytail and drink milkshakes with a cherry on top!

cardi: New Look
socks, blouse: H&M
shorts: vintage Levis (T2)
boots, birdpin: ASOS


  1. I still love seeing that cardigan. I love both these dresses you've shown.

  2. Both of those dresses are awesome!
    and I don't get tired of that sweater either, I want it XD

  3. love the cut outs and i totally agree with you, if you feel like a cool chick then you're going to be one. same thing with feeling good and looking good. it's really all in the mind. psyching yourself up isn't bad.

    btw, thanks for your comments in my blog. was it your brother who just recently got married who looks like adam levine?


  4. I love the items you picked! And I really love that cardigan too, I am definitely not getting tired of it.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I love the cardigan, live on holiday sweaters! I love it paired with the shorts and boots. I'm starting to like soft and bright colors for spring, as well as some girly styles. :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  6. I totally agree with you, that cardigan is amazing and I would never tire of seeing it. ASOS is slowly becoming one of my new favorites...not good!! Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  7. Gee, I just love that sweater! <3
    Totally understand your need for retro girly clothes - I can't wait till spring, as I feel a desperate urge to dress like Betty Draper...:D

  8. i love the red lipstick...and what's new look? i've seen it on a few blogs...

  9. this sweater is super darling! and the pieces you picked from asos looks very cute! stuff i would totally wear!

  10. I'm not tired of it at all! I like how you mix it up in different ways :)


  11. I loved reading this and girl you are so right on! And oh those hipsters haha! I love your cardigan though, you always make it look so great!

  12. Fashion is in the eyes of the beholder. You make your own fashion. Love your look and i think what you write is funny. You are a cool and fun and girly girl.
    I have few favorite things i could wear in all my pictures too. Why not :)

  13. You look so cute! I love your cardi and you make me want to put on denim shorts and black tights RIGHT NOW. Seriously, when I see shops like ASOS, Primark, and New Look I want to pack my bags and just move to Europe. I want to ride my bicycle to the bakery everyday, work in a bookstore, buy sweet Euro clothes, and share a delicious milkshake with you.

    You mentioned me wishing for Spring on my other post... girl, it has not been below zero all January. The West coast is temperate but man, I feel like we haven't even had a winter. I wore a sweater and a coat today and was too warm. Ugh!

  14. Haha :) all very cute! Ik vind dat het hipster gehalte nog meevalt, in UO zijn ze altijd net zo iets ... vreemder gekleed. Kweet het niet, soms wel mooi, maar soms vind ik ook dat ze echt te hard proberen & dat het niet hun eigen stijl is en dan zie je gwn dat het niet past. OOohhh die wedstrijd van ASOS!! Ik had mij al ingeschreven (uiteraard) en hoe fantastisch zou het zijn om te winnen? Ikwilikwilikwil! :D


  15. I hate the Sales right now. And I hate Asos for having such great things.
    Yesterday I cleaned my closet of all things I've never worn like heels in which I can't even stand for a few seconds and clothes I bought out of emotional situations or because they were in the sales. What happened? I have nearly 7 pairs of shoes and two big bags full of clothes I bought and never let them out of my closet. Pour things. I'm really thinking of my shopping habits right now. Isn't it silly?!

    I love your shoes darling. I really want a similar pair because I love wearing stylish flats.

  16. you and your shorts, cooooold!!! so freezing right now and annoyingly wet outside, right? I want spring to come along already and let me wear nice dresses!

    Love he cardie, still works, still brings a great injection of rouge!!

    By the way, movie buff :) regarding your comment on my site on the Black Swan similarities, hehe, would love to hear your opinion on that movie when/if you've seen it. xx

  17. oh and before I forget, as we have GREAT similar taste, I'm very curious to see how you work the leopard print moccasins!!! :)

  18. red sweater, red lips love it

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  19. I would seriously wear that cardi all the time, so versatile and cute. Those ASOS dresses are amazing too! Can't wait until spring to wear girly dresses:)))

  20. Yay a fair isle sweater with reindeer! Omigosh, I'm totally in love. Great way you layered the shorts over the tights, and I love your boots! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  21. so niice as always!!!!

    Love tha asos dress perfects!

  22. I'm not sick of the sweater yet! i have my fave too. I have cutoff levis shorts i need to wear more... i think i'll take a styling cue from this post, thanks!

  23. ha! love your description of the UO sales assistant- it's spot on :)

  24. awesome cardigan! and that orange dress you picked is just too fab!!! lots of love!