New Nautical + S/S 2011 Primark, H&M and River Island

Ola chicas! Whassup? I've had a pretty nice day: it really felt like spring had sprung outside with a lot of sun and very pleasant temperatures. I didn't even feel the need to wear a coat! So my Sunday was very sunny, hahahahaha (I'm so witty, am I not?). I cooked a nice sunday dinner (rabbit) and I studied a tiny bit (not nearly enough), but I really like my Sundays lazy (like that Kinks song).
I wanted to wear these tights I just got at H&M: they are a very very pale baby blue, which inspired me to try and springify my winter wardrobe a bit. This combination doesn't look too bad, right? A bit nautical, and we all know I love nautical fashion. 

I'm loving the new things trickling into the highstreet stores by the way. Not all of it of course, I was rather underwhelmed by the Topshop lookbook with all the bright colors, but I'm loving the sixties inspired cutesy slash graphic prints and the pastels at H&M, and I really can't say no to that new Primark lookbook. Any of it would be welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms! You've probably seen this all over the internet already but who cares.
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that adorable little satchel! the faded rusty color of that dress (perfect for winter to spring transitional dressing)
Loving the ladylike awkward length and the color SO much. And I want that hat.
pretty much a quintessentially "me" warm weather look. Classic and girly!
who wouldn't want a dress with a beachscene printed all over it? I'll answer that for you: no one.
not very wearable in a literal way, but inspirational nonetheless!
I really really really want all the shoes in these pictures, but ESPECIALLY those ridiculously cute kitten heels. Is it just me or are kitten heels totally back? They would look SO cute with A line sixties dresses. And I love all the fifties-sixties influence going on in these pics. That third look is SO Alexa.

H&M has these:
that dress <3
I totally want to continue my love for awkward length skirts into the trouser section. Awkward lenght trousers? SO S/S 2011!
I wouldn't buy this, but it IS a little slice of heaven.
oh yes, totally remind me of a simpler version of those delicious Miu Miu Spectator pumps
no words needed.
HELL YEAYAH! I'm SO going to be on the lookout for this one. You may call this a crush.
I love H&M for getting fashion SO right for such a low price. I will defend H&M until the day I die.
this one also comes in coral. So lovely!

very put together, very ladylike.
SO Sonia Rykiel! I would love to wear this with nothing underneath and go totally Come on Eileen on your asses, but I imagine it looking stellar with a band T or a frilly blouse as well!
makes me want to go all Brigitte Bardot and frolic on the beach.
they get their accessories so right every single time. I'm absolutely in love with all of those pretty striped purses, especially the black, white and brown one!

Lovely, right? Are you looking forward to SPRINGIER fashions already? Or do you feel like we are just torturing ourselves? I know I am. Sigh.

skirt, tights, top: H&M
shoes: sac d'anvers
jacket: Pimkie

Not doing a movie recommendation today, this post is ridiculously long as it is!


  1. I'm loving all the spring clothes. They make me want warm weather now.
    And you're outfit is bright and wonderful.

  2. Looove your outfit!! And all those looks are sooo great :D Especially the first 4 Primark ones, haha

  3. I know I still want to go to Primark, join me sometime over the rainbow!

    Oh, and can someone please tell me what the S/S means? I really can't figure this one out.

  4. so nice nice skirt i loove all the new season clothes, but also love all of Primark, OMG, this orange and shells dress, and that blu dot dres.....I can´t wait for go to store and see if they came!!!
    That long flower dress. OMG whta a abeautifoul!!!

    Brown first and second one with that beauty hat, is so seventyes love it love it sooo much!!!!

    I think im gonna go to Primark soon as possible for see if they came!!


  5. Awkward lengths are definitely a no-no for me, but I LOVE the floral skirt and white sweater in the last Primark picture, and I would definitely wear those maxi length floral dress in the last but one! So princess-like <3
    Anyway, nautical outfits are da best and you rock it! <3
    Love, Andrea

  6. I suddenly figured it out! After weeks of pondering: it's Spring / Summer isn't it? (I hope it is)

  7. When the photos loaded I immediately thought this would be a pretty Spring look. It is all snow, snow, snow in Michigan.

    I really like that close-up, your eyes have a pretty color :)

  8. I love your top and shoes!
    I am so jealous that you don't have to wear a coat outside.
    We has a snow storm yesterday...

  9. I love your outfit - the lacy red top is great. And the new H&M is really lovely, the structure of some of the pieces is just perfect.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. well considering it will be autumn for me when you get spring, im more looking forward to coolness ;) but really, sometimes i dislike being in this hemisphere of the world as just as all these amazing lines come out we're back to what you guys just had? make sense. anyway, im really liking the primark collection, ive never been to one as we dont have it here but i love a lot of the dresses and shoes. also i adore your outfit :) nautical will never bore me
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  11. the tights look fab - although i did think they were white not blue! i'm still so impressed with the primark lookbook and that first h&m dress is to die for! x

  12. I have that same striped skirt from H&M, but haven't styled it yet. Loving the trends it spring already?!

  13. The skirt is so darn cute!! All the lovely inspiration photos have me wanting to run downtown and going shopping for spring. YAY!

  14. You have SUCH beautiful eyes-love the closeup photo! And that top is lovely-lace is my fav. :)

  15. Lovely post! :) And cute nautical look. Fun thing is that I just posted about the nautical/sailorstyle myself on my blog xD

  16. I really love the skirt you are wearing! I almost purchased one like it at Forever 21 but it was just too short on me. Ahh.

  17. Everything you have here in this post has blown my mind.

  18. i am envious of your warm weather! it's been so cold in indiana! i want spring to be here!

    i LOVE the floral and the stripe combo. it looks perfect.

  19. WOW ur eyes are amazing :)
    love the outfit, it is soo mean how u can pull of the whit tights look, my legs would look like two round containers :D

  20. awww thanks sooo much fot that super sweet comment :)

  21. jij hebt echt zo'n leuke en mooie stijl! ik kijk elke dag op je blog.
    ik bewonder echt hoe je kledingstukken bij elkaar doet waarvan je op het eerste gezicht denkt dat ze helemaal niet bij elkaar passen, en hoe mooi ze bij jou staan.
    hele leuke outfit! (:
    & dank je wel voor je comment. ;)

  22. Echt een prachtige outfit!
    Staat je heel goed!

  23. Oh my goodness! Slip oxfords! That is one trend I am excited for! I love your striped skirt with the mixmatched pattern on lace on the top! So cute!



  25. Can I give you money on PayPal and make you buy me primark stuff? God, I'm DYING. It's so freaking cute and SO much better designed than F21 crap.

    Lace+nautical is a really good idea! One that I may have to at some point steal...

    Also I see that your foot is kind of slid forward in your shoe because of your tights I think? I HATE this, and it happens to me all the time. I actually bought like 3 pairs of shoes at the thrift store that are too small if I don't have tights on because the slip-sliding drives me bonkers. Neurotic what?


  26. You look way cute in this outfit!!!!!! I have nothing more to say even though I wish I did.