Jump for my love

Here it is, my etsy find, my new love, my Alexa wannabe, my vintage denim jumper dress!!! I am so psyched to have this little beauty, it speaks to all my childish fashion needs and I can't wait to wear it with a tshirt, bare legs and sandals  come summer! Another debut is made by my cat print blouse, a gorgeous sales buy. Miu Miu inspired and cutesy, but because of the simple cut and sheer fabric still elegant and not TOO kiddy cute. My socks are color-coordinated with my dress, but that wasn't intentional. I'm just one of those people (okey maybe the only person) who hate to wear slippers indoors but still want to keep their toesies warm by wearing warm socks. It doesn't make any sense, I know. But the matchy socks make this look come across like my mom dressed me, so that fits the kiddy theme perfectly! My cat was very attracted to my cat print blouse so I had to give him a little kiss.

I don't have anything interesting to say (what else is new) so that is that! Hope you enjoy my denim jumper dress as much as I do!

 dress: baby bird vintage on etsy
blouse, satchel: Zara
tights: very old (I should totally throw them out, but I always think "WHAT IF IT GETS REALLY COLD AND YOU NEED THESE EVEN THOUGH THEY LOOK LIKE CRAP")
shoes: ASOS
socks: H&M
ring: Alex Monroe

PS don't tell my boyfriend but the Lanvin for H&M dresses that are still left in our H&M are marked down to 40 euro. I'm sort of pissed off about it, I feel like they are playing with the balls of their buyers by marking them down so much just a bit over a month after the release of their items. Not cool, H&M.

EDIT: since people seem so enamored by my pretty shoes, I put up a link to where you can find them and buy them yourselves! Just click the "ASOS" in my item description and follow through. They run a bit big by the way, in case you are wondering, and they rock. Easily my favorite shoe buy of the season.


  1. Oh I am so gonna try this look!! and again Ia m in love with your all brogues and oxfords you wear!! a fresh style!!


  2. I'm totally coveting those shoes-love the combo here! That blouse is so pretty-especially since it's printed with cats :D!! My favorite.

  3. Wow, oh Wow, I always love your outfits but this is amazing! That dress is incredible. And I am in love with your satchel! You always give me suuuuch wardrobe envy :( Love it though!!

  4. I love those oxford heels! Its the perf color combination. I just got a pair of oxfords too and I'm obsessed!



  5. Oh man, that H&M crap sucks big time :( Really not cool.

    But love the jumper dress! looks great, and the shoes of course

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! i loveee cats. ahah, thats kindof creepy. but seriously is it wasnt for my boyfriend now i'd be the lonely old crazy cat lady. anyways i love your outfit today, well i aleways love you outfits but this one is extra cute. the jumper is awesome. i love the way you put things together, very inspirational. honestly.

    ps. your cat look similar to mine. hehe

    wolves and sparklers

  7. Arghh I loved that blouse so much when it was in the stores, but I was not sure yet. The next time I was in the zara, I couldn't find it anymore!! Mehh, I still so want to have that beautiful kitty blouse... Kitties are adorable <3

  8. Your cat is awesome - I have two ginger cats myself!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. i do love your shoes, thanks for the link

  10. aaaaw that photo with your cat is adorable! And I love the denim jumper - great find!


  11. I've been coveting that blouse from Zara all season.

  12. The dress is supercute, and I LOVE the cat print blouse, the shoes and your bag! Adorable <3
    Have a nice day :)

  13. lovely ensemble Annebeth, as usual ;)
    I get the feeling that cat shirt is going to get a lot of play, and it should, it looks stunning on you. Now stop tempting me with pretty shoes!!!!

  14. Ergh, that would annoy me about the H&M dress too. Still, it happens, and you can't replace the excitement you felt over getting it. The cat shirt is OH so cute :)

  15. Lovely shoes & dress!


  16. Hehe, those boots :P
    Got mine in August and I still love them to pieces! But it's hard to wear them in winter...I slip every 5 metres :((
    Anyways, you look super cute in your denim jumper. And I'm a bit jealous of the weather there too!

    Lots of love,

  17. Hebt shirtje ook maar draag het nooit, echt erg! Leuk hoe jij hem gecombineerd hebt meid! xx

  18. Hey!!!
    i wou deze tas ook kopen in de solden maar ze waren allemaal weg :( zo spijtiggggg :(

    groetjes en l love the bag maar dat dacht je waarschijnlijk al :)

  19. That is such a bummer about the Lanvin dress :(

    I loooooove your kitty blouse! And your kitty! (I am utterly obsessed with cats...) And that jumper absolutely lives up to your hype. Goodness, I can't wait to bust out my sundresses. I haven't done summer style on my blog yet and I jut can't wait!