Backin' up

It was very windy, that's why I look like I have an awesome moustache in that first pic. I sort of like the look, whaddayathink? I'm wearing my sweet denim jumper dress again because I love it. Temperatures are still sorta springy around here and you don't hear me complaining. A lot of rain, but we aren't risking any serious floods (yet) so all is good. I seriously feel like practically EVERY country except Tibet and the desertparts of Africa has had troubles with floods the past year. What is up, world? I get so depressed watching the news.

I am RIDICULOUSLY addicted to this song. I have listened to it roughly 15 times over the last few hours and I advise you to do the same: you can't NOT get happy when you see that lady backin' up for the gazillionth time.

Why can't more songs be like this? I mean I know it's a parody, but isn't it sad when a silly autotune parody is actually more "fun" than most normal pop songs? I love silly pop songs, but I can't get rid of the feeling that music used to BE about something. Not necessarily politics or anything, but more diverse topics. Now EVERY song is about partying/sex/being in love/being dumped. SRSLY u guyz change it up.

dress, headband: Etsy
clogs: H&M
tights: Zara
striped sweater, trench coat: Pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: I watched A Streetcar Named Desire today after having it on my MUST WATCH list for like 8 years (I'm not even kidding) and I'm so glad I did: I think it's my new favorite movie. Everything going on beneath the survace is so real. Another recommendation from moi pour toi. If it isn't for the amazing writing (I am a huge fan of good movie adaptations of classic plays), check it out for him:

oy vey!


  1. Love blue nails!!!! so great outfit!!!

  2. I agree with what you said here and on my blog, the world weather wise has gone mental!! Where I call home flooded three times last year (not as severe as QLD but enough to cause damage and evacuations) and now I'm seeing on the news flash flooding in two other Aus states over night. Not to mention the hectic snow in Europe and the UK recently as well as earth quakes in New Zealand and other crazy storms elsewhere. I compeltely believe in the climate change, I mean, sure places have had floods and such before but how can all this be happening without some sort of cause?
    Anyway, i'll stop being all environmentally political and comment on your clothes. I only just notices that beautiful ring, ooh its so pretty!! Love your shoes also xo
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. I LOVE Marlon Brando! I love 'Guys and Dolls' but I haven't seen A Streetcar Named Desire, I'll have to check it out!
    Autotune is pretty great too, haha!
    Love the green shoes with the outfit-so unexpected but great!

  4. Looove this!!! That trench is gorgeous!!! :D :D I love the shoes too!! :D

  5. Cute clogs! The minty green looks good next to your tights! So sweet :)


  6. I love A Streetcar Named Desire - it's one of my favorite plays and this film version is perfection (and speaking of perfection, your trench is lovely). Your last couple of outfits have me thinking of spring, I think it's the beautiful green on the shoes on this one.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. I love A Streetcar Named Desire! I had to watch it my senior year of high school and it was amazing!

    Your coat is amazing by the way, love the shape and color :]


  8. That denim smock dress is lovely - such a great shape. x

  9. What a coincidence I'm just reading the play!! (L).
    I love Tennessee Williams and as soon as I'm done with the play I'm sooo gonna watch the movie, I mean, what can be better than Marlon Brando and an amazing script?

    Love your trench! Is it from this season?? I ask 'cause soon I'll be there and the first thing I want to buy is a trench coat.

  10. I love that profile shot of you--tres glam, dahling.

    Almost as glam as your mustache, but nooot quite.

    Love the tights with sandals. Your weather confuses me. It's snowing one day and then you're wearing sandals on grass the next. What the?


  11. God. Young Marlon Brando is SO fucking hot. Swoon city. When I was 14 I had this amazing headshot of him from that era on my English binder. I melted inside every time I looked at it, haha!

    That dress is so adorable :) Love the lil stripes peeking out the sides. And Laurel is right, you have very random weather! It's so all over the place.


  12. Lovely outfit, made me look forward to spring even more :)) Oh yeah, Streetcar Named Desire is a wonderful film, and Brando is such a hunk of man! *swoon* Have you seen Last Tango in Paris with him? I love it <3
    Have a nice day

  13. I love the clogs!!!!!!!!!!! amazing color! Cute jumper!!!!!!!

  14. Haaaaa dat filmpje is geweldig he! Ik luister het ook af en toe :-) en voila, nu zit het weer voor drie weken in mijn hoofd, wiehaa!

    I'm backin' up, backin' up, backin' up, backing' daddy taught me good.. :-)

  15. Those clogs are amazing! I saw them in brown & fell in love! x

  16. Amazing H n M shoes! Love the colour :) I've got A Street car Named Desire on my list too, Marlon Brando looks seriously dreamy... must watch it soon! x

  17. love the backin' up song, discovered some time ago and had me in stitches. Did you watch the original video, with the interview? ohhh so funny.
    This look is also a comfy one, I could easily wear something like that.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, and keep recommending movies, I'm adding them on my "to watch" list :P

  18. I love the picture of Marlon Brado :D why don't they make more men like that :)

    First time I heard the song, but it sounds awesome!! love it :)

  19. 1. Marlon Brando is a total hottie.
    2. I love your sweet mustache pic.
    3. You look adorable in those wool tights and that jumper!
    4. As an Environmental Studies student, regarding the weather anomalies, I have nothing good to tell you. Apparently, the big thing is that if global temperatures increase by two degrees Celcius then there is no way to predict the drastic changes that will happen to the planet... my prof in Ecological Politics told me that last year temperatures in the Arctic were four degrees above normal. Ohhhhhh good.

  20. Love the Marlon Brando picture!
    Double love your outfit!!
    And thank you for playing that song. I cannot get it out of my head either!!! haha.