Burn After Reading

(this effect isn't intentional, I just took a way crooked picture so I had to tilt it with photoshop. Yes I know it looks ridiculous)

I had been looking for a short-ish plaid skirt because, yeah, I'm sort of obsessed with schoolgirl inspired fashion. I dropped by my favorite vintage store and stumbled upon this cutie. It fits like a glove, the vibrant color is perfect to make every outfit POP and the high waist makes this in-between length a lot more flattering. I usually prefer my skirts either slightly shorter or slightly longer. This length tends to stumpify legs and make me look too straight-up-and-down, but  when I tried this skirt on it was surprisingly flattering. And my vintage shop was having their monthly sales again, so I snapped this baby up for only 3 euro! I love how it emphasizes my curves, this is like my very own beatnik version of a Joan Holloway look! Sometimes it can feel very nice to wear a skintight, constricting piece of clothing. Am I crossing over to "too much info" territory here? 

I was superpshyched when I saw my girl Jessie's shout out today! Her kind words flattered me to no end, and I want you all to check out her blog and tell her she needs to do more outfitposts because she is CHIC as hell! I really want her shoes. Because I already have her blouse, haha!

top, tights: Pimkie
skirt: vintage
shoes: Zara
beret: old

Haha, whenever I wear something a bit more fitted on top, I'm always surprised at the size of my boobs. Does that happen to you sometimes? 

Burn After Reading.
It is probably no surprise that I am a fan of the Coen brothers. Their best movies strike a perfect equilibrium between funny and poignant, and I do consider this one of their best. At the surface, you have a ridiculous story of secret agents and blackmailing that spins out of control, but underneath it all lies an interesting allegory on paranoia in our own personal, social relationships with other people, and how we never really know anyone. It's about being lonely, but it never forces its message onto you. Check it out! If only for Brad Pitt's HILARIOUS haircut and performance.

PS: it looks like I have a windmachine blowing my hair all glamorous in my first two pictures. I don't, it was just windy, but with awesome consequences.

PPS: I really want these shoes but they are sold out in my size. Booh.


  1. I loved Brad Pitt's character in this film. I think anyone who thinks he can't act should watch this film.

  2. oh gorgeous outfit. Love the skirt with this tight and your shoes.

  3. I love your plaid skirt.. I gotta watch this movie. thanks.

  4. Lovely outfit, sooo elegant! <3 And the shoes you want are really great, but I went to check them in the online store and they have only size 36 - seriously, who wears that? :)
    Love, Andrea

  5. I love every part of this look - the skirt and shoes are particularly brilliant. And yeah, Jessie has amazing style!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. oh no, i still havent watched this movie. this shall be in my list.
    ps. i photoshopped to erase the stool in the photo. i layered two photos (one with me in it and the other one with the background only)and then erased it from there. ill make a tutorial soon. :

  7. I will have to check that movie out, sounds interesting. I love this look, definitely loving the accidental wind that created the glam shots :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  8. That plaid skirt is perfect! I often have the same reaction to my chest in pictures, haha!

  9. Wow, this is an amazing look.. Great tights and shoes..

    The November Girl

  10. I can't remember if I've seen this movie? Eeshk, crazy movie lady here.
    I feel funny commenting twice on the same photo (chictopia and here) but do it anyway! I really love that skirt, its such a striking colour and I've always loved a bit of plaid
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  11. Love the outfit! The shoes are amazing, so is the skirt!

  12. Shoes are perfect, i think could be perfect with sock!!! Shame are sold in you size, maybe you could find something similar.....hope youll find it:)

    I love so that skirt are so perfect stylish and love the red colour, with the shoes all the outfit are perfect honesy as always!!!HUgs!!

  13. That skirt looks amazing, I love when you find something vintage that fits perfectly! Love your shoes too xx

  14. omg i LOVE the tights! Cool skirt (:
    please visit/follow: http://doublelll.blogspot.com

  15. That skirt is pretty killer, and it definitely is totally sexy in the classic pinup way! Not TMI at all, either. I have the same problem with that length of skirt, although I just kind of unilaterally have to go shorter. Damn my strangely large butt and its tendency to make me look all chunktastic! (seriously, my waist is a size 2 and my butt is a size 8. what the fuck.)

    I haven't seen burn after reading, but I've always wanted to. Maybe I'll have to check it out tonight after I finish season 5 of 30 rock :D

  16. Awesome outfit; I looove those shoes, and they look great with the tights. :D

  17. Wat'n mooie rok! Leuke outfit weer! xx

  18. Those shoes and tights are just too cute!

  19. hehehe, blushing right now!! I HAD to do a post about you, you know I'm a huuuuhe fan, and aren't we in love with our Zara blouses ;)

    Another movie I took note of, thanks! oh and that skirt is an awesome find!!