Platform Boots, Neo Goth

jacket: Zara - t-shirt: boyfriend's - leggings: H&M kid's department - boots: Ebay - watch: Swatch - glitter bracelet - H&M - friendship bracelet: self made

I bet you didn't see THIS one coming, now did ya? Me dressing like some rebel gothic hacker, Lisbeth Salander style? What can I say, I've always been a big fan of women dressing like badasses. I guess for me it all started with Michelle Pfeifer's Catwoman - first girlcrush for sure - and went on with characters like Aeon Flux, Leeloo, Tank Girl and real life personality Gwen Stefani. I'm probably not the only one who finds style inspiration in kick-ass-ness, seeing how the internet is FILLED TO THE BRIM with people cosplaying as one of the aforementioned characters. I guess we all like how these characters combine sex appeal with a very strong, non compromising personality... Or at least that's how I feel about them.

ANYWHO, this whole get up is like a more wearable version of the awesome cartoon babe aesthetic if you ask me, and it reminds me of the picture that made me fall in love with Hanneli Mustaparta.

<3 she's like a Valkyrie! Who WOULDN'T want to be a Valkyrie?? I know I would! Platform boots do something with a girl, let me assure you. They make you feel like you can stomp someone in their face if they look at you funny. 

Dressing like a movie character is the best if you ask me. Do you ever think of a story or a character when you put together an outfit?

PS: sadly these boots are a smidge too small and I've since ordered a bigger size. If anyone is interested in purchasing these off me (a size 38), let me know! I'm open for negotiations on the price :) email me at!

Job Interview Outfit

dress, sandals: H&M - blazer: Mango - purse: Primark

I figured loads of my readers to be in the same predicament as me (job hunting, inexperienced and insecure) so I thought you would benefit from me sharing my thoughts on what to wear for a job interview! :-D  For me personally, it helps BUNDLES if I'm wearing something that makes me feel chique. Major confidence boost. And confidence is (almost) everything when trying to convince someone of your abilities, at least for me.

I wanted to wear a blazer, since blazers are like professional dressing 101. I have exactly two proper blazers, a white one and a black one. And since I ended up wearing this dress (printed yet not too in-your-face, summer appropriate, not too revealing), the white one seemed the obvious choice. Also, white just looks really great on me. And my boyfriend once bought me the white blazer (+ matching pants) and keeps insisting I wear it because he thinks it's dead sexy, so I did! Sometimes one needs to dress sexily to keep the manpanion happy, or so I was told.

Another conundrum I had to face was whether or not to wear sandals. Sandals aren't exactly work appropriate in my book, but the function I was interviewing for was quite relaxed and youthful and shiz so I thought they would soften the blazer a bit. The watch was also a conscious choice to keep the outfit young: it's my new Swatch Chrono Plastic, and I L.O.V.E. how clean and white it looks. This one's actually waterproof! PERFECT TO WITHSTAND THE TEARS THAT YOU'LL SHED WHEN YOU DON'T GET HIRED

(my job interview went OK btw but I don't think I was qualified for the job - the search goes on!)

White Dress, Picket Fence

dress: Mango via ASOS - sunglasses: Ebay - sandals: H&M

Another super simple outfit, but when you're posing near a garden this beautiful, who needs an interesting outfit right? And I figured you'd enjoy me wearing one of my girly, vintage-y dresses again. I wish this was my garden, the little house behind all of the lush bushes is adorable as well. Like the gingerbread house! Especially since an elderly lady seems to live there on her own. Not saying she's a witch or anything, but she certainly fits the bill better than some young dude would!

I'm super mega nervous for tomorrow. Not so much for the job interview, more so for the journey with public transportation and finding my way etcetera in a place I've never been. I'm also basically 100% sure everything will be fine, but all of the UNCERTAINTIES are running like a freight train through the middle of my head. I worry way too much. Like about what to wear to my job interview! Comfortable for the commute, but classy for the interview, simple so I draw the attention rather than my clothes, but distinguished so I make an impression... GOSH!

Tips for what to wear to my interview? DON'T UPSET ME OK 


Fuschia Maxi

dress: Pimkie - sunglasses, bracelet, sandals: H&M

I don't think this qualifies as an "outfit". I'm just wearing a dress, shoes and a bracelet for chrissake! Sorry. As I told you guys before (probably, not 100% sure because my brain has melted), I enjoy going with the simplicity warm summer weather seems to dictate. Just a few pieces, no fuss, all chillaaaaxed. 

Everything I'm wearing here is old, except for the bracelet. I've had the dress and sandals for about 5 years, and the sunglasses can't be much newer. The bracelet I'm wearing here is the same as the belt I wore in this outfitpost. My boyfriend thinks it's just as ugly as a bracelet btw, I had to FORCE him to take close up shots of it. He's a SPOILED LITTLE BRAT.

In more exciting news, I have a job interview Monday. I'm really excited as the position is for a creative and challenging job with a lot of potential for me to grow and move up. Cross your fingers and toes! I'll share more details when I feel like it or if I get the job. Don't force me, bro!

Skull T, Summer and Sushi

t-shirt: Zara - shorts: Pimkie - sandals: H&M - watch: Swatch - friendship bracelet: DIY

I have had a beautiful week. The sun and the heat make every day feel like one those corny montages in 80s movies where everyone is laughing, having food fights and freeze-frame jumping: HAPPINESS! But it was seriously hot as hell, and this is the absolute maximum amount of chic-ness I can muster up while sweating my face off. I guess my summer style is laid back surfer chick (even though I can hardly swim, let alone dive).

Last Tuesday I got together with one of my faaavorite girls, Stéphanie, for that thing fancy grown ups do: LUNCH. After driving around for ages, paralysed by the amount of options and the need to find the PERF lunch spot, we found heaven in a hopeless place at nOmade. I had some fresh orange juice and totally ordered the best sandwich in the world: prawn, mango, avocado and red onion. Mouth. Watering.

And then! My boyfriend took me out for sushi in the evening at the Sushi Palace (best sushi place in Antwerp). Yes, sometimes great days only get better!

Mmmmmmmm. Good food, sun and the people that make me happy. I wish every day could be like this. Also, I wish I could surf :( Never too late to learn, right?

Shiny Happy People at the Beach

After slathering myself in copious amounts of after sun (Corine de Farme, LOVE the smell and does an AMAZING job I can attest) and washing the sand out of my hair, I'm ready to share my afternoon at the beach with my awesome readers. The temperature was high, the sky was cloudless, the sandwiches were soggy (the ice cubes leaked onto the sammiches :(), the faces were bare and the swimsuits were fab.

my swimsuit: La Fille d'O, my sister's swimsuit: vintage