Inspiration of the day: Alexa! Who else!

How is it that at a certain time and place, some girls are just exactly "right" in their attitudes and styles and thus become style icons and examples for thousands of other girls? I absolutely don't think that there is something like an "it" factor, it really is about cultures, styles and memes evolving to a point where there is room for a certain type of girl to become hip, and then that girl emerges to become an icon. I find these things very interesting to think about: a sort of more intellectual approach to fashion as a part of popular culture. If we look at Alexa, I guess it is aspirational for girls nowadays to be

  • skinny
  • low maintenance
  • tomboyish
  • girly and spontaneous as opposed to sexy and serious
  • a bit quirky and alternative
  • fresh faced

It seems that  there is still a big emphasis on youth, but a realistic type of youth. Britney Spears was the Lolitatype too, but she had big ass fake boobs. Alexa looks like a real girl. A real skinny girl, but still real. And she does not seem to dress for men to like her, she just puts on clothes she loves herself. I ADORE women who dress independently instead of following the rules set out by society (and "the male gaze"). 
Rant coming up.

Why the hell should my first thought when getting dressed in the morning be "what should I pick in order to look as attractive as possible for the opposite sex"? Is that our only priority in life? It really bugs me how appearance is everything in the world. When someone is asked to describe a girl they know, they immediately start by referring to the way she looks. Is that really the core of human being? Is that what life revolves around? I refuse to live my life dictated by the expectations of other people.
People often tell you they think fashion is sooooo superficial and all that crap, but I don't agree at all. To me, fashion is something that has allowed me to dress for ME rather than for THEM. I just pick and choose ideas and inspirations to construct my own image and my own personality. It helps me to express my individuality, to put the things inside of me on the outside, for others to see exactly what I want them to see, and not what THEY want to see.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't always this self assured. Not in my life and not in the way I dressed. But with age came confidence, and that confidence that I am a cool person and that I deserve to be treated with respect is something that definitely guides the way I dress. I don't need to live up to this unrealistic standard of what the ideal girl should be like, I should just be the best me I can be. For that exact reason I don't feel inhibited from putting on weird clothes. I don't untag on facebook either, by the way. Who cares if some pictures aren't that flattering? Are we all supposed to look perfect all the fracking time? How ridiculous is that, when you stop to think about it? Appearance is so trivial. And beauty standards are completely arbitrary anyway, so why bother keeping up? I am a grown ass woman and I can decide on my own what will influence me and what won't.

Fashion can be very empowering. But only if and when you OWN your own life and your own choices. I see a lot of young girls blogging with all kinds of limitations on their freedom. Ideas in their mind about how you can't wear black with navy, or how short girls shouldn't wear maxi dresses, or that their hair isn't perfect, they have big pores, small boobs, not enough money to buy that perfect purse, and so on and so forth.

I won't lie to you: you probably don't have perfect hair. And yes, your boobs are probably small. And maybe you'll look weird when you wear plaid with floral. Those are all "facts", and you can't really change those facts. But whether you let those "facts" dictate what you do and what you don't do: that is up to you. That is something you control. So many people are not really in charge of their lives, and they don't even realize it. Can a person even really be happy if they don't choose how they want to live their lives themselves?

Making silly faces can be very empowering too, you know.

dress: etsy
tights: Zara
socks, longsleeve top: H&M
cardi, blouse: Pimkie

Gosh I need to learn when to stop typing. VERBAL DIARRHEA MUCH

PS: I just started a Tumblr as a personal inspirational picturedump! Check it out for, well, inspirational pictures and stuff! Link is here, and in my sidebar.


  1. Love the outfit! and yes that is so true!! I dress for me and me alone! People at work (and even my mom) always comment on my clothes and how weird I look, but I don't care at all. I love what I wear and I don't care what they think. (what's funny is, people at work always love PARTS of my outfit and then they think other parts are weird...haha)
    My mom and I were talking the other day about how girls don't really dress for boys, we dress for other girls. We want to show girls that we dress well instead of the boys. I doubt any boy would want to date me the way I dress, haha...but then again, I wouldn't want to date an unfashionable boy (which most are)...very odd
    *ramble over*

  2. Love your take on the Alexa Chung look! I suddenly find myself needing chunky socks like yours! And I agree, it's nice not to dress for guys all the time! If that were the case we'd be walking around in a tight tank top, booty shorts, and pumps all day. Thank jeebus you have sense :)


  3. What an inspirational post Annebeth, I love it! I agree with you so much and Alexa is a great exemple cause she is not a stereotype in any way. I use clothes to amuse myself and I get inspired by how others dress because it's their individual expression and a vehicle of their creativity.

    We are lucky to live in countries and in a time where we are free to be who we are and express it any way we want, we need to really embrace it!


  4. Hey dear, I love how you actually think about fashion and the philosophy behind it, not many people do that :)
    Followed your Tumblr straight away! I use weheartit.com for similar purposes, check it out if you like :) http://weheartit.com/PemberleyFashion

  5. Ha - my problem is real boobs that are a tad too large (well, going by the standards of what's currently considered fashionable) but screw it, I fill out a dress damn finely. I totally agree you - fashion is all about self-expression and when it comes to that, rules are made to be broken!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Loved your little rant. It was really inspiring and probably more true than anyone will ever know.

  7. Well said. You are a very wise fashion blogger.

    I posted some old ass pics on Facebook for a good laugh about how we have all changed & my friend untagged herself. Who is she trying to fool? Like we all haven't had an awkward phase. I'm sure I'll look at my current pics in 5 years and wonder what the hell I was thinking...but at least I'm having fun doing it.

  8. I'm speechless. I feel so dumb right now that I do not know what to say. Oh dear.

    Not that it matters but i think fashion is for everyone and style is never dependent on budget. I may have said it before but there's really a lot of superficial people around the web. I also hate preconceived notions on what beauty is. Maybe for others, it makes them feel better if they look exactly the same with what they see on tv. No one is perfect but almost everybody tries to be one.

  9. This is a great outfit on you, the denim dress with the plaid top and sweater is a really great combination. And I agree with everything you said, I would much rather dress for myself than for anyone else. Especially a man, because a lot of times the outfit's I really love are something most guys find weird. And I could never try to look like anyone else except for me, and do what I like.
    On a less serious note....I saw a 40 year old lady wearing a dress verrrry similar to this at the gym today, with just leggings. It was...odd. Haha

  10. It is very alexa-ish! She's so adorable and so are you! The hair makes it :)
    My boyfriend always says I dress for other girls, sometimes i may dress a little for him, like if he says he likes a dress ill wear it out cos i know he likes it, but its not like i hoochy myself out to impress all the men in the world! I also like to think i dress more for myself than anyone else, its fun to dress up and look at your outfit and thing, yep i love it!!
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  11. ik vind de look van alexa echt leuk in die foto!

  12. So agree Annabeth, I dress to please myself and it is one of the most creative things I get to do with my day. I think most women are more interested in their own opinions or their friends, it is only idiot fashion mags who think we give a crap about what men think.

  13. Great outfit. I also dressed up for me because through nice clothes I show the respect to myself and my body. Maybe that's the fact why I have no boyfriend at all..because I do not dressed up for the boys outside. Sometimes I think men don't lile women who are to fashionable.

  14. Haha :) you're quite funny. Ik vind het wel leuk dat je niet alles te serieus neemt en ook gewoon durft te zeggen wat je denkt. Er wordt ook wel vaak gezegd dat vrouwen (die mss meer met mode bezig zijn) zich kleden voor andere vrouwen, niet voor mannen (omdat mannen het vaak raar vinden als je zoiets "modieus" aanhebt) maar het is idd wel zo dat je je best kleedt voor jezelf. Ik dénk dat ik dat wel doe... hoewel ik er nog nooit superhard over heb nagedacht. Als ik een outfit aan heb waar ik mij echt goed in voel, zal het mij alleszins niet veel kunnen schelen wat anderen ervan denken :)
    En je lijkt op Alexa Chung, ik heb het nogal gezegd! :)

  15. Love the shirt and the shoes!

  16. I adore all your recent posts where you write more! I love how direct and forthcoming you are, and so totally right. I suppose it does come with age for many, to be more confident and devil may care in their attitudes, and a lot of people start blogging very young so it may take time. Love your dungaree number and your facial expression , cute! :p xx

  17. Heb je reactie gelezen op Girlscene hehe :)! & leuk je grijze hoodie, hij staat je leuk & je boots zijn ook leuk! xx

  18. you look so alexa, also love pixie geldof too, but i prefere your shoes than alexa, cause her shoes are so summer, as well here in Spain are so traditional that shoes in summer!!!
    I got in yellow, black and red:)
    Hugs dear you rocks and love your denim dresss perfect!!

  19. Geweldig! Ik sta helemaal achter je! Alleen ik heb big boobs, en ben daar juist onzeker over:S
    Lekker omgekeerde wereld! Zo zie je maar vrouwen vinden altijd wel iets om onzeker over te zijn.
    Fijn dat je zo goed in je vel zit, en dit ook heel goed weet te verwoorden!;)


  20. That dress is lovely, and you do look like the pic!
    I agree with you, I think the way I dress repels the opposite sex lol but I would never wanna dress for someone else! It's so much fun to be fun ha xo.

  21. I think that you are correct. I love this look! I have a jumper like that, tha I have been meaning to wear and I think I might have to style it up like you!

  22. ook,, i have alot to say...
    1) thanks for the lovely comment on my blog lov eyours of course and have been folloowing for a while now.
    2) I love Alexa Chung she is so pretty and her fashion sense is so stylish, young and quirky.
    anothher thing you hair is amazingly lovely
    i forgot the rest but oh well ill just say I LOVE IT lots
    Flossie xx

  23. such a fun look and glad to see your inspiration pic! love the lipstick shade as well

  24. Gorgeous Alexa inspired look! I love that you are totally your own person and you just do what you want, you seem so Womanly Powerful! (I'm not sure if i made that phrase up or not?) xx

  25. Hey meid!
    Is lief hoor van je. & ivm mijn stijl, ik heb inderdaad gevonden wat het is! Ik denk dat iedereen wel een periode heeft waarin hij opzoek is naar zijn eigen stijl!
    Verder over Girlscene, z'on rubrieken hebben nooit echt positieve reacties opgeleverd dus ik trek me er ook niet zoveel van aan! Maar heel erg bedankt voor jouw reactie hoor! xx

  26. Ik ben blij dat sommigen onder ons echt wel beter weten dan zoals hun te reageren & snappen hoe het ontdekken is, net zoals jij het snapt! Maarja we laten het achterwegen hehe! Hoop je snel nog eens te zien en als je wil gaan we eens iets doen ofzo!

    Liefs xx

  27. It is very alexa-ish! She's so adorable and so are you! The hair makes it :)
    My boyfriend always says I dress for other girls, sometimes i may dress a little for him, like if he says he likes a dress ill wear it out cos i know he likes it, but its not like i hoochy myself out to impress all the men in the world! I also like to think i dress more for myself than anyone else, its fun to dress up and look at your outfit and thing, yep i love it!!
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  28. Amen to that! I just wish I lived in a different place :)) or at least guys had better manners. I hate to have ppl stare at me and sadly I tend to dress in ways that make me feel invisible :)) unless I am with my man. Then I have more courage and I can experiment and wear things I would like to but never do because I feel soooo uncomfortable when I hear comments or get meaningful stares.
    I need to copy your text and read from time to time.