My life needed some color asap, so this is what my styling skills cooked up. Very simple, not really color-coordinated or anything, but I really like it anyway. I guess I just can't resist an outfit that combines bright colors and florals! Speaking of colors and florals: followers of my tumblr know that I bought a ridiculous/awesome vintage floral dress in the style of Betty Draper on crack for A MERE 14 EUROS.
Very subtle, right? Can't wait to see how it looks in person.

I got together with my faaaavorite classmate Julie today, she's leaving next Wednesday to finish the rest of the schoolyear in ITALY (so jealous) and she's doing her masteryear in a different city than me so we won't get the chance to have fun and giggle together in class anymore :( I'm going to miss you, sweets!

It has been a while since I've posted proof of my cookingskills ovah heyah, so here are some pictures of my spicy chicken fajitas! Looks much better in real life than in these pictures, but my kitchen has horrible lighting at night.

  • ground chicken
  • a can of (crispy) corn
  • tomatosauce (I buy tomatosauce that has a bit of creamcheese in it, for a soft flavor that counteracts the spices)
  • a red pepper (the non spicy variety)
  • fajitas (store bought)
  • black pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • paprika powder
  • curry powder
  • turmeric (kurkuma)
  • oregano
  • a tiny bit of tomato ketchup
  • lemon juice
  • worcestersauce
  • iceberg lettuce
  • and a big dollop of sour cream
  • usually I also add red beans but I forgot to buy them and it tastes good without them too
Preparation is pretty straightforward: cut up the red pepper and fry it with the ground chicken while throwing in all the herbs (if you don't have everything: don't worry, you can use whatever you think works, I just really love these flavors together) and the ketchup (I use like 2-3 tbsps). When the chicken is browned, add the tomato sauce and the corn. Finish off with the lemon juice and worcestersauce to add a bit of extra zing to the flavor. Heat a fajita: I just lay mine on a low heat cooking plate until they're sufficiently warm. Plate the fajita, throw on the meatsauce, sprinkle some (read: lots) sliced iceberg lettuce on top, and let your creativity speak when rolling up the fajita. Finish with a lovely dollop of sour cream (I love this stuff) and start eating! 
For peoplez who want a low calorie version: the meatsauce, lettuce and sourcream taste absolutely divine without the fajita too, and you could probably use a yoghurtdressing instead of the sour cream!

dress, socks: New Look
tights, cardigan: H&M
boots: Pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. I love that cardigan, it looks so cosy. Fajitas look yuuuuuuuuuum too :) x

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love the color of that sweater, it is so cute!

  3. The cardi is fabulous, if you were my friend I would borrow it and never give it back x

  4. Yummy! Both fajitas and your outfit :)
    Love, Andrea

  5. Love that pretty pretty dress y so rock!!! and it looks so Indi with that orange cardi, just perfect as always, my style icon babe ,-)
    hug honey!

  6. I love Fajitas!! Yum yum I'm hungry now. Thanks for the recipe. Darling outfit, the floral dress is lovely (I'm jealous you can wear sleeveless things already).

  7. I love the mixing of florals and a standout cardi! good going girl!


  8. I cannot wait to see you in that dress! It's amazing!!

    Your outfit is so perfect, as it always is. Over the knee socks have become a favorite this season.

    Ummm... I don't even eat meat and this looks AWESOME.


  9. Love it!! I wanted to be colorful today but nothing was working so I chickened out and wore black and gray :( (but i did throw in some burgundy tights, haha)

  10. I love this outfit, the colours are gerat. The print on this dress is sooo great!! I want colours now tooo
    I love fajitas so much, my favorite for sure. I usually just have salsa instead of sour cream, because I'm not a big sour cream fan anyways. Its soo good


  11. I love your outfit
    very cute

  12. The dress you bought looks pretty neat but I love the one you're wearing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. That dress is SOOO gorgeous! I love it <33

  14. i need more color in my closet as well. the food looks delish. made me feel hungry again. :)

  15. Love everything, especially the sweater!

    The fajitas look delicious!

  16. snazzy outfit...

    Coordination: It's over-rated in colors as it is (for me) in walking ;-)

  17. Don't take this the wrong way, but your recipe for fajitas really fascinates me because it's all...European-ized, I guess! Living in CA, there's a lot of super authentic taquerias and stuff, and it's just interesting to see how people modify food to suit their tastes. As for me, I like it all :D Salty? Cheesy? Spicy? Sign me up.

    I love your orange sweater! I know I've said it before... it's just so glorious. And your dress is SUCH a steal, wow!

    By the way, is there any chance you'd be willing to do a guest post for me next week? If you can, would you either shoot me an email or just tell me your email address? mine is sophi.newman[@]gmail.com :)


  18. Fajitas and Fashion. I love it!


  19. Looks delicious! I'm really into your colourful floral dress. It makes me bagging for spring.

  20. well, i haven't been here for a while and I have to tell you: I totally adore your hair! better than Alexa's :)

  21. Superleuke cardigan! Die fajitas zien er ook lekker uit :) Trouwens congrats, je staat nu ook bij de ifb links!

  22. yummy yummy yummy! They look awesome! Want to make some myself now! And girlll how many floral dresses do you have? ^^ Love them all!

  23. GAAAH! I love this outfit to pieces, so one of my faves of yours yet! Amazing print and colour combo, you've worn it perfectly, i really want to wear this entire thing myself :)

  24. Bedant voor je reactie!
    Heel leuk jurkje, mooie kleurtjes :) xxx

  25. thank u so much for ur lovely comment:)
    ur look is really cute, i love the boots with the socks..great;)
    oh and the fajitas look so delicious..hehe

  26. lovely outfit! perfect mix of sweet and edgy<3
    xoxo from Sweden

  27. Jij draagt altijd de meest geweldige outfits <3 I love it. Jammer genoeg heb ik vandaag echt véél te veel gegeten, en ben ik heel erg misselijk, dus ik kon niet echt van die fajita foto's genieten, haha ^^

  28. this outfit is soooo cute! love that it has a grungy feel, but it's super modern thanks to the pops of bright colors, that cardigan is dreamy!! Xx

  29. Love that pretty pretty dress y so rock!!! and it looks so Indi with that orange cardi, just perfect as always, my style icon babe ,-)
    hug honey!

  30. Yummy! Both fajitas and your outfit :)
    Love, Andrea