OK GUYZ I need your help. I really want a fifties style daydress, fitted top half and full skirt, like these ones from River Island:

I absolutely adore them both, but they are quite pricey (for me) and I can only convince myself to order one of them. Help me decide! On one hand, white looks great on me and I love the embroidery going on on the white one (both on the top and on the skirt, check out the full size!). On the other hand, the darker color and the vibrant print are more versatile to me for when I want to style it up with other pieces. But the dark colors are less summery. But I won't wear a dress that covers up so much of my upper body anyway when it's superhot outside. But the dark one would look very lovely with my favorite camel trenchcoat, and it's easier to find pretty white summerdresses than gorgeous prints I like.
But but but but PLEASE tell me what to do!

About my outfit: eh, what's there to say? Sixties inspiration, schoolgirl skirt, my favorite beret and colorful tights. Yes, everything I have been loving the last few months. And it was still ridiculously windy!

skirt, shoes: vintage (T2)
coat, tights, belt: Pimkie
top: H&M
beret: old
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: I just wrote another article for EIU on minimalism! Not really my thing, so I'm glad I still managed to come up with some advice. Check it out here!


  1. that is an amazing skirt dear, i love the red tights and neutral coat too!

  2. aw! cute!!!!!!!!! love your skirt and your confessions!

  3. love the look! very playful... and it is very windy in London too... My favourite items have to be the shoes and the skirt- simply amazing!
    i'm surprised your boyfriend is so much older than you, but assured you go together very well ;) mine is a bit older than me (and he happens to be Belgian... ) and everyone's always going on about how 'much' older he is!
    and actually, since you're into bright interesting tights, you might be interested in my latest post- try to check it out, think you will like it ;)

  4. I just love your photos.always so happy !
    I really like the way you play with clothes

    Lovely! :)

  5. I got my grandmas fifties dresses, lucky me ;D

    But if i should buy one it would absolutely be the white one with red flowers :) lovely

  6. If I were to decide between these two dress, it would be very easy: it's white? AND embroidered? it must be mine :)
    I enjoyed reading about your seven facts, I must admit that I totally share that point on overeating with you :) Sometimes I feel like such a piggy, because my boyfriend eats superhealthy diet, only vegetables and bread that looks like s**t and so on, but I just NEED my daily dose of chocolate! :)
    Btw, you and your boyfriend make such a lovely couple, he seems like a really nice guy :)
    Aaaand I love your kitties' names.
    And I hate Twilight too. :D

  7. Love the outfit and I'd go fir the darker dress.
    Yes...I HATE needs to die

  8. I hate Twilight, like really really hate it! And I am sort of drawn to the second dress a little bit more than the first one but a lot of that has to do with the pattern which is sooo pretty.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. This school girl look is so you! It's perfect. And, from the very little I have seen of your style, I think you should go with the second darker dress! Seems like you'd get more use out of it.

    I enjoyed reading your seven things and getting to know you better! And you're lucky: if you overeat all the time like you say you do, it doesn't show up on you at all. Jealouzzzzz.

  10. I looove this look! It looks so good on you, the plaid skirt is so pretty especially with the trench and beret :)
    I really love reading these facts about all the bloggers! I've done 2 already, so I couldn't think of anything new when she nominated me. Ohhh also, I love the second dress, I think it would look greaaat!!

  11. omgggzz WHY ARE WE TWINS? I also have 4 cats. And people give me shit for my bf who's only 8 years older than me! We started dating right before I turned 17. I got nothin' on you haha.

    And um. Eating all the time is a talent, ok?

    That skirt is so divine! I love the profusion of pleating. Super cute :)

    can't wait for your guest post aaah!

  12. Hahaha :D on that stuff about twilight and true blood. I actually like twilight (but I realize it's wrong, I just call it my guilty pleasure. I have a lot of those). I think the second dress is the prettiest one, so I pick that one :)
    Also love the outfit you're wearing here!

  13. I love this post!!! I feel like I know you just that much better! :-)
    And the outfit is fantastic as usual. I think I am going to wear some colored tights today.

  14. I enjoyed reading your facts! I love to eat too which surprises a lot of people I meet:)

    Wow, it's tough to pick out which dress since they both are beautiful and unique. I think the first one may be more like you, so I would pick the first, but it's so hard!!

  15. How do you have enough clothes and time to post a different outfit everyday and always look so immaculate and write such interesting stuff? :)

    I like the black dress better, but I always prefer darker colors...

    Regarding your comment on my blog, I know exactly what you mean, I have very annoying feet too and most flat shoes hurt like hell when I first get them (I usually end up selling them) but most get better within a few days and I'm hoping that will be the case with these loafers xxx

    p.s I absolutely love your shoes in this outfit xxx

  16. lovely skirt and great trench coat

    and I like both dresses :D it's your decision ;)

    Watching the waves

  17. hahhah brilliant that you named your cat Swiffer!!! oh and don't get me started on the vampire siblings tried to get me to watch True Blood...and I just never got it. Oh and Twilight...??!!! again, the hype is completely wasted on me.
    By the way, cute couple alert, you and your man ;)

  18. I adore the first dress ^^
    I love this look too. Especially the coat <3

  19. I like the lighter one, I think it would be great in any season and would be great with a bright skinny belt!

    Hmmm 7 facts... My fiance is 7 years and three days older then me and our first date was in between our birthdays. Half of my front tooth is fake, i broke it off. I lived in Brazil in highschool. I'm a natural dirty blond. I've lived in Alaska. I have seen the first twilight movie, and forced myself to pretend to be giddy 14 year old and squeal... I quite enjoyed it, but I don't think I would watch it again. It's hard to make yourself act like one would 10+ years younger... hmmm I have a dog that's a corgi mix, and had a Dalmatian growing up.

    Is that enough? haha!
    Sparrow & Urchin

  20. This whole vampire trend is super annoying, I agree. My boyfriend works at a book store, and in the young adults they have a whole section called "paranormal teen romance" where every book looks like Twilight (and probably has the same plot, too). I recently read The Passage by Justin Cronin, and it was a relief to get my hands on a really amazing story with crazy creepy vampires that would rip people to shreds. I highly recommend it, but be advised it's the first in a trilogy, so you'll be left hanging when you finish!


  21. Lovely outfit, the skirt is great and the red tights compliment! x

  22. I would definitely choose the dark dress! I think it would really fit you and it's more original than the white one. Personally I would spend more money to such an original dress. :)

  23. your facts are so cool, and your outfits marvellous like always I love that you have so many cats...they are such mysterious and intelligent creatures. I would love a cat, unfortunately I have a small dog (who eats cats)

    jy het baie mooi klere smaak en jou blog is fantasties xxx

  24. i like the second dress because of the print but the white one is also great. love your random facts. :)

  25. I am so sad that your skirt is vintage because it means I can't find it and buy it! Love how you paired it with the khaki coat! I got a little excited when you discussed your cats and their names. I love people who talk about their cats so I know I'm not the only cat dork.

  26. OMG!! I just love your outfit :)
    you look great I love the combination of colors and textures!!
    take care :)

  27. loving the colour popping tights again here. that, and the 7 facts thing! i like to get to know the writers behind the blog :) x

  28. that's really interesting to learn all that you wrote here. I couldn't guess you were dutch by the title haha. just kidding. Were you ever a blonde? I went to a dutch christian school for years and most of them were 100% dutch and the ones who were. . .all had blonde hair!! I had very blonde hair too that darkened over time, but I don't have that much dutch in me compared to the rest. My mom's maiden name is Van Dyke if that helps. haha. That's really cool that you and your boyfriend have been together as long as you have with the age gap. I think that's awesome. I loved my little pony, so that is awesome that you got them for going to the dentist!

    I really love both of those dresses you posted on here and wouldn't be able to choose between them ever. I think I'd choose black for you because I can see you in it more than the other one.

    As for this school girl outfit of yours, it's amazing.

  29. HAHA I love your facts dear! Esp. the one with the homo vampires ^^ I used to love vampires too, like Spike from Buffy etc. but Edward?! UGH! He's such a wimp or a wet noodle (like says :D)
    And hey: Thank you so much for your goth concerned compliment. I'm so flattered! <3

  30. HAHA I love your facts dear! Esp. the one with the homo vampires ^^ I used to love vampires too, like Spike from Buffy etc. but Edward?! UGH! He's such a wimp or a wet noodle (like says :D)
    And hey: Thank you so much for your goth concerned compliment. I'm so flattered! <3