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Hey guys! I just woke up (it’s half past twelve around here) after sleeping for three hours when I finally got home. After our night out, I slept at my friend’s dorm for a couple of hours but then I had to get my train at 7:32 which delivered me safely home at about half past eight. It was the first night in quite some time my boyfriend and I spent apart, so that felt quite weird. It really feels like coming home when he takes me in his arms again. I am very lucky to have him.
The night out itself was fun, but more because of my girls than because of the venue or the music: a lot of techno-stuff which doesn’t exactly float my boat. I love all genres of music, but I have a strong preference for rock music (I consider myself to be more of a concert or music festival type of girl than as a club go-er). If I want to dance though, I want to hear pop music or Rnb, not techno or music with beats that just go on and on. That shit bores me. The best part of the night was when we were playing drinking games at my friend’s dorm. “I’ve never….” is a favorite. Especially since I’ve got the type of friends who make that game turn very dirty very soon :-D
 dress, belt: pimkie
coat: zara:
shoes: sacha

And this is what I wore last night to go out! The leopard on leopard got switched lateron for a simple black coat because I didn’t like drawing too much attention to myself (only this time though :D), but I liked the decadence of the double print! I also felt like these shoes made the look a bit more girly fun instead of serious and “sexy”. I love the look of the bright flats with the coat, feels very sixties to me.

here's some more pictures of our night out:
crapper than crap quality :(

loved my friend Shana's outfit, she's so photogenic


  1. Love your outfit!! I am so mad at myself for not buying a leopard print coat when they were everywhere last year!!! The contrast of the pink shoes and the green dress looks amazing!!

    Karen/Ruby Tuesday

  2. Yep the shoes look fab with that dress Annebeth! Fun photos :D

    HOME!!!! Woohoo!!!! :D

  3. yeay, so glad you got home at last!

  4. Me too... The house is even tidy!! :D

    Shana's tunic/dress is cute too!

  5. you look great! i love the dress, especially with the pink flats. it seems like you guys had a blast! i need to get a girls night going!

  6. Great combo of animal prints! You look excellent as always.

  7. I adore this!! The mixing of prints is amazing :)

    Live Love LA

  8. Love the leopard with leopard! So cool and different. Oh, and the pink shoes with it?-perfect. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Also, I am 100% with you on music. Pop for dancing, rock for the soul, and techno-hard to dance to, and yes, it gets dull. ;-)

  9. "Decadent" is a such a great word for those prints together, very rich, love it!

    Girls nights are the best.. Nothing cooler than playing drinking games with a bunch of chicks :)

  10. those purple shoes are to die for x