Tiny dancer in my hand

I had no clue as to what I was going to wear so I randomly decided I wanted to wear my ballerina skirt again. I thought it looked quite nice with the menswear-inspired long blouse layered over it, and with my wingtips. Sort of girl meets boy? And yes, pastels again! I have a feeling pastels are going to be HUGE this spring, hahaha
shirt: pimkie
skirt, cardi: h&m
shoes: sacha

After not being in Antwerp for two weeks, I felt like I was missing out on all the cool stuff in the shops so before I had to meet up with some classmates to work on an assignment, I quickly hopped into some of my favorite stores. I knew what I was looking for: a bra and a denim jacket. Denim jackets are one of those things that used to be HUGE when I was in high-school and now almost no one wears them anymore, except the preppy rich snob types. And all of a sudden, when I saw this look on Amos_photography’s chictopia ,I suddenly realized I NEEDED one. I mean, is there any better way to casualize (:D) a sweet, light spring/summer dress? How could I have forgotten about denim jackets!
So I first browsed the H&m website because I know they have quite a nice selection of denim jackets, made my pick (you will see it on my blog one of these days ) and also picked out two bras (one is more of a bustier I plan on wearing as a summertop), a supercute striped dress that is very Brigitte Bardot or some other super feminine retro star, and.. wait for it… socks!
Not every purchase has to be glamorous!:-D

When I was walking the streets of Antwerp, I spotted a gorgeous girl riding her bike. All the super stylish people in Antwerp seem to be riding a bike! But this person wasn't going that fast so I dared to stop her  and ask her and her companion for a picture! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of her almost bald scalp with the very feminine, kind of retro look. The boy was also very nicely dressed! Great way to make a suit-look appear casual!


  1. great outfit! i love the menswear shirt with the frilly skirt. and the colors are perfect together. and way to go stopping that couple for a pic! how cool. every once in a while, i'll see someone i want to photograph for the blog but i chicken out. maybe i should take a cue from you and just do it. it's fun to see what the stylish people wear in your city.

  2. stylish people! i love those beige tones shes wearing and the bag is lovely. and like what amanda said..i see so many chic people that i would love to get a picture of, but i get so nervous and shy that i just cant do it haha...i need to stop being such a scaredy cat!! :)

  3. people are usually really flattered by my asking if I can take their picture, especially young people, so go for it!!! and thanks!

  4. I just commented on Chictopia about your lovely skirt, and had to rave about it again. I love it.Check out my blog.

    www. Chanelcraves.com

  5. I love your outfit! You're right, it is very girl meets boy in a good way. And my gosh, that girl's shoes are AMAZING!

  6. girl i wear denim jackets over almost ALL of my spring dresses!! I absolutely adore mine, i'll never get rid of it! :D After I wore mine i saw more popping up and i was like..holy crap..did i start a trend?!? hahaha. :) you look lovely dear, and i would be SO embarrassed to ask them to take pictures! haha, they are so stylish and cute!!


  7. I love your skirt, I have a similar one, very cute :) What a cool place to shoot too! Great post!



  8. I LOVE PASTELS hahaa! iv got enough pastel shades in my wardrobe to suppy topshop globally ha! of course, Iv added you! thanks for checking out my blog! Franco xx

  9. she has great style but what i like most about her is her hair!!! well, some hair!!! i did dt when i was in college!!

  10. she has great style but what i like most about her is her hair!!! well, some hair!!! i did dt when i was in college!!