a one and a two

When I heard the weather was going to be gorgeous, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to wear my summerdresses out again. This little lilac number was one of those dresses I had totally forgotten about. When I put it on I thought to myself “geez, I didn’t remember this one to be so pretty!” haha

I got all spring-happy and even put this big ass flower in my hair. That’s so not my style during the winter, I really am a different person from one season to the next! But then it got even warmer and more gorgeous outside, so I took off boots and tights and really felt like it was summer already!
 dress: pimkie
belt: pimkie
boots: h&m
flowerhairpin: h&m
bracelet: COS (this is the first time I can show you guys that it's actually lucite blue instead of opaque black!

I also got a decent amount of studying done, so I got up early again today to continue on my plan of “more hours a day = more work done”, smart huh
And there you have my a one and a two outfits, one for chilly mornings and one for hot afternoons! The second one doesn’t include tights though, I just love the feeling of grass beneath my bare footsies!

 and finally the blossoms on our neighbour's tree have euh blossomed! I always wait for this moment, every year. The tree is going to be all pink and all the flowers will get blown into our garden! My boyfriend hates it but I love it, haha


  1. woah! the dress and the weather are sooooo beautiful... And of course you are too :) what wonderful photos! great! Made me happy!

  2. that is such a sweet comment! If there is one thing I aim to do with this blog, it is to put a smile on some faces :)

  3. that dress is so pretty! i love the subtle floral and the fluttery sleeves. and yay for no tights and bare feet!!! so glad the weather is lovely where you are. it definitely lifts the mood.

  4. That dress is adorable! I am loving this warm weather!