save me save me save me from this squeeze

 dress: only
belt: pimkie
shoes: etam
hat, socks: h&m
shades: claire's

Apart from pastels, I seem to be drawn to navy shades this spring. I think that might be because of the annual return of the same trends, every season. Pastels for spring,nautical for spring-summer, and ethnic/safari looks for summer-fall. Do you think this has grown to be like this because a lot of women find they want to dress this way in these seasons, or do you think women follow these trends because they’ve seen years and years of shops promoting a certain “look” at a certain time? Fashion evolves, but it also repeats itself all the time. A chicken or the egg type question might be interesting, tell me what you think :-D
A question like this might seem weird to some, because fashion seems to dictate so many lives, but I don’t consider myself to be easily influenced. Maybe we just feel like dressing in soft, feminine hues after the dark months of winter? And don’t the nautical trends make you feel like you are already on vacation in st tropez or something like that?
Anyway, this is my outfit. I love this dress, it actually has a really high empire waist but I felt like wearing it with a belt for once. It’s linnen and always reminds me of one of rosemary’s maternity dresses (rosemary’s baby) :D And knee socks are another transitional-weather-fave of mine. I love it when you wear em with longer skirts or dresses and you only see they aren’t tights when your skirt blows up a bit or when you sit down. Playing a bit of hide and seek is both innocent and sultry.

and I just wanted to share this awesome picture with you guys:
this streetstyle pic is perfect in every way.


  1. you seriously have the best dresses. i love them! and i too am loving navy this spring. i guess because it's not black but it's still dark to help balance all the pastel. love this dress!

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love the thigh highs, can't get enough of them lately!

  3. You really do have a dress collection to die for Annebeth!! This is really with the socks! :D

    I have all but given up on them, I need to find some longer ones I think! :D

  4. I meant to say "This is really cute with the socks" Ops... dont blame me, blame the volcano! I am the one stuck in the US!! :D

  5. Sweetheart, I've been away and busy lately, sorry! But you look so live and beautiful, i'm into the navy too, and this dress is so pretty :) the knee high socks look great under :) and loved your hair too! :) pretty flowers around!

  6. Gosh...yet another Awesome Dress!! Going to comment this outfit on chictopia::)

  7. You made so many interesting points in this post. I like to dress in color no matter what the season. I actually hate wearing greys and blacks in kinds just adds to the dreary atmosphere, ya know?

    I love that dress, the white stripe across the bottom...perfect!!

  8. thanks everyone! you really are the sweetest!

    poor kim, stuck because of the volcano eruption :D

  9. You look beautiful in this dress - This is my first time to your blog - I am loving what I have seen so far :)

    CC xXx