Have you ever

I heart tights, but I think that was already quite obvious. Tights are THE easiest way to make an outfit look totally different. These pearl-grey or perle gris ones are perfect: they don’t have that “cute, retro, childlike” connotation that white tights do have, and they aren’t quite as bright so they are a bit more wearable. They look great with pastels, but I wanted to try something different and went for an outfit I could picture being worn in a disco type venue in the 70s-80s. I really love the wraparound sandals that were part of h&m’s garden collection, and I suddenly remembered I had shoes that were really similar. My mom got them for me on my 19th birthday I think, I don’t wear em that often but I really do love them. Why is it that we sometimes have garments we utterly love and still don’t wear? It’s not that the piece is unwearable or too “dressed up”, anyone who knows me knows I’m allways overdressed. Oh well, here’s to hoping they’ll get featured more often in my future!

 dress, handjewelry, necklace: h&m
tights: pimkie
shoes: friis & co

I spoke with a friend about my blog and he commented on the saturation of my pictures so now I need your honest opinion: do you think my pictures are overly saturated most of the time? Or not enough? Too dark? Too bright? Contrast level?
Please tell me, I work on a laptop and the screen makes it hard for me to get color on the right uhm level.Any type of tips and constructive criticism is always appreciated!
Thanks again to my new fans on chictopia! You guys rock my world, I’m almost in the top six running for style icon! I probably won’t get it but I’ll still get a screenshot and print+frame it and hang it right here above my laptop so I can see it everyday and thank you guys!


  1. Cute tights and dress! I've been wearing a pair of similar silvery tights, and one of my guy friends thought my legs were actually that color! He was a little drunk though ;)

  2. i love all your dresses! you look so pretty here. and i love all your photos and i think they're super pretty. for the most part, i only look at you and your outfit and i always think you look great.

  3. thanks amanda! you are superpretty too :)

    thegoodgirl: hahaha great story :D

  4. I have a 27" iMac, and would like to think it does a fair job of colour reproduction. I have never had a any problems with your photos at all. If I were to be really really be picky I would say your greens are a touch (and I mean a little touch) high. It shows on the grass, unless your grass is super green! :) But I would not suggest you need to make a change!

    Fab outfit!! Love the tights and shoes! :) :D

  5. What a fun dress! It reminds me of watercolor and tie dye all rolled into one.


  6. My grass just is supergreen, hahaha :D thanks for the detailed constructive criticism kim! :)

    teresa: thanks!

  7. Your pics always seem just fine to me!! Also, adore this look and that ring/bracelet! So agree about tights!!

  8. I just ordered some white tights as well, brings back my inner elementary schooler!