Don't bring me down

Here’s the debut of my straw hat! I was initially looking for a boater hat, but when I found one at last it was quite expensive and it wouldn’t stay put on my head. I opted for this hat, more versatile maybe because it’s not as typically retro-cute-girl ish as the boater hat.

My boyfriend and I went to a fleamarket in Antwerp this morning: we overslept so I got ready in about 10 minutes (believe me, that’s short for me :D) and we hopped in the car to browse some goodies! I didn’t get any pictures unfortunately, but I always love markets: the food, the scents, the merchants yelling at you to buy something, the people, the cute little bunnies… I am not a fan of rabbits, but those small cuddly fuzzy bunnies that fit in the palm of your hand…. How can one resist that? It’s always nice to go on a small trip with my boyfriend, we listen to music in the car and we talk, and I just enjoy holding hands and looking at the scenery floating by.

Anyway, today’s outfit is nothing special but I like dressing quite simple, especially when spring is all warm and lovely!

somehow, I feel like a bra can work as outerwear if you keep the entire look a bit retro and very feminine. When it got too warm, I just folded the tophalf of my dress in and wore it as a highwaisted skirt! At home though, the bra is just a bit too revealing to be worn to go grocery shopping or to go visit the in-laws. Just a bit.
dress, hat: h&m
boots, cardi, bag: pimkie


  1. Your dress is stunning! I love the creamy color and your hat is too cute :]

  2. As I scrolled down I was wondering what lany would commnet... :D

    Wonderful summer dress! I love the second to last photo. :D