Kalmthoutse Heide

Like I told you all yesterday, we were going for a daytrip and eventually decided on the Kalmthoutse heide, some sort of national park with forest, dunes and heath. We had a lovely drive there because the weather was excellent for going for a ride: not too hot but warm enough to roll the windows down. Once at the park itself, I took lots of pictures, climbed trees, laughed my ass off, hopped and skipped and ran around and acted lovey dovey with my boyfriend. I totally revert to childlike state when I’m out in nature. I couldn’t live the rest of my life in a big city, I’d sooo miss the openness and the vibrancy of nature.

my boyfriend with his head in my lap when we rested a bit in the sun

crazy ass trees, perfect for climbing

there had been a forest fire a week or so earlier, totally eerily beautiful scenery as a result. The black is where it was burned, the yellow and green are untouched.

you can see clearly where the fire was stopped in this picture

On the drive home we had to stop for some burgers and fries. Annnd ice cream. PERFECT DAY

old picture in the restaurant, probably dates back to the 50s or something

Anyway, this is what I wore. I wanted to wear this pretty little sundress because it was going to be very nice and sunny, and ofcourse I had to pair it with my two summer staples: these converse knock offs and my denim jacket which I adore. The dress has the cutest little bandeau-tied bustier part which btw totally boosts your boobage (haha) and is just absolutely perfect for spring and summer. Not to short, not too long, airy, bright and quite basic!



  1. Gorgeous pictures and my fave is the one where ur man has his head on ur lap-i like sweet couples, who are not afraid to show d love.=) And i honestly think ur outfit was the best park outfit.=) Girly and ready to have fun!=) I can almost hear the kids. (We normally hear dog barks!) =)

  2. I was just thinking how nice it would've been to have a dog to take with us! :D we have three cats, but they hate walking on a leash, hahaha


  3. pretty much agreed with aphrodite :D
    though my fave pic is definqtely the first one with the burned woods, dayum those colour transitions and all :O must've been so cool to walk there!

  4. Great photos!!! Cute outfit. :D Great denim jacket! :D

    The park reminds me of one at home in Australia very much.

  5. looks like you had so much fun! and some pretty tasty looking ice cream. i love the black belt with your dress.

  6. these photos are so lovely! i love the first one with all of you. and once again, SUCH a pretty dress..love it :)

  7. You are just too cute!! Love these photos! The dress goes great with your tanned legs - but what doesn't? LOL

    transmission me