Schelde oever

So, my boyfriend and I ended up going for a walk on the banks of the Schelde, one of Belgium's biggest rivers. The most far out thing happened when we were passed by an asian looking guy on a scooter who was wearing pink clogs and had one artificial leg (he was wearing shorts). I am not kidding.
But the entire walk was nice: I love nature and I love how quintessentially "low lands" (as we call Belgium and The Netherlands here) it was. The farms, the river, the dike, the sheep, ... And it was soooo green! Really in your face green :-D

Truth is I love any day I spend with my boyfriend so this was no exception. Here's some pictures (sorry, none of the artificial-legged guy):

my hat kept blowing off so I fastened it to his backpack :-D


  1. i'm crazy about men in stripes! your man reminds me of alice in wonderland's shesire (L)

    it's a very tiny bit wonderlandish too, actually!

  2. Green is my absolute favorite color, and I love how green it is where you are!!