School's out

Ha! I managed to sneakily take a picture in an empty classroom today, I was growing tired of my grey wall and I’m sure you were too. Is this better? I kind of like the lighting.

 blouse: pimkie
skirt: h&m
tights: pimkie
boots: texto

Yesterday was fine; I got some good grades back and even though it was chilly outside, the sun was shining and my boyfriend, his two boys and I played some soccer which I usually hate because I’m scared of balls as they always seem to end up flying at my face, but we had loads of fun. I can’t wait for summer to go and play soccer or some other silly sport on the beach! I have an easter vacation starting tomorrow and I’m going to start preparing for the exams, so I might post less. Blogging is way too addicting! :-D
I only now see that my outfit is kind of a play on the sexy schoolgirl look: white blouse, full miniskirt, knee-high boots instead of socks. The fashion version, if I may say so myself!

and one picture of pure awesomeness:

this is how my cat sleeps.


  1. Please please please tell me that skirt is this season...??? I spent time in H&M twice last week (once depressing myself over that dress remember!!)and dont remember seeing it!! I would have brought that for sure. :D

    I love the entire look Annebeth! It all works so perfect! :D

    "No rhyme...
    No time!..." :D

    PS Nice lighting! ;)

  2. sorry, I bought it last summer! But I'm sure they'll have a similar version this summer, h&m recycles stuff like that, thanks! :D

  3. I love your hair cut, it's perfect!

    lovelove, M.

  4. I love how full the skirt is!
    You look lovely as usual.

  5. unacceptable. 4 pm and still no new post. very disappointing of you, annebeth. i don't care you've got other stuff to do, the show must go on!

    Mameha: Now rise.
    [Annebeth rises]
    Mameha: Not like a horse.

  6. Pretty outfit, I love those tights with the layered skirt!!

    p.s. I love when you post cat pictures, they make me laugh! Your cats are so photogenic, mine run away at the sight of the camera :) Is that the sick one? Looks like he is feeling better?

  7. omg your cat! those photos are so funny and adorable. my dog sleeps like that too! i love this entire outfit...pure chicness :)