Porque te vas

At first I only liked the print on this dress because it seemed too wide and had a weird length, but since it was cheap, I found my way to make it work :-D I’m such
a Tim Gunn, haha

dress: h&m
coat: h&m
scarf: pimkie
cardigan: zara
tights: h&m
wedges: sacha
umbrella: h&m
headband: don't remember :D

I wanted to go for something a bit bohemien and very soft, in the spirit of Isabel Marant. So this is it :) these tights are so soft and I wanted to wear them with white shoes and my only white shoes are these wedges, which kind of worked with the hippie feel to this look. I also wore a normal headband tilted a bit to the front as one of those hippie headbands because I love that look but I feel like a mushroom when the band goes all around my head. And I added this scarf for a punch of color and for warmth! The platform wedges were cool when it started raining, walking through puddles with some space between your foot and the water.. Ok not that cool but I thought it was cool :(

thanks for all the lovely comments, biatches! love you all :)


  1. Yeah not that cool!!! ;) :D

    I love those tights, I am glad you suggested them! I think they look great with those shoes. I just had to think if I had any white shoes and I dont, so I might have to go and have a look on the weekend!! :D

    "The headband is cool...
    You don't look like a fool...
    Nor does your head look to small.." Teehee! :D

    I think the scarf is what makes this look sing Annebeth! Cool outfit!! :D

  2. I've been eyeing that dress for a couple of days as well, because it's pretty cool and pretty cheap, but somehow I change my mind every time I want to buy it. But this is actually really cool, it works fantastically with that scarf!!

  3. I always wake up to see such inspiring outfits from you. Those shoes are killer!

  4. Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol, y el corazón se pone triste contemplando la ciudad, por qué te vas... love that song!

    I like those white tights and that coat looks so comfy. I'm looking for onee, I'll go and check zara here to see if they sell it now that we have the fall/winter collection.


  5. thanks sweeties! I also adore that song so much, so sweet and melancholic :)
    lvc: that's such a sweet comment!

    groen: buy it, it would look adorable on you! Or buy the blueish version, would look great too!

    Kim: fool doesn't rhyme with small :D hahaha

  6. As an Aussie I have to tell you that it does in Australian!!! :D

  7. I'll have to believe you on that one :D

  8. Love the way you wear the headband. The shoes are gorgeous, and glad the cardigan allowed the dress to work for you. Jeez I wish there were Zara stores here...

    ~ megan

  9. you look so great! i love the dress with the big cardigan and scarf! and the headband is fabulous!