Why can't there be love

Omg you guys I just bought the most perfect gorgeous beautiful summerdress yesterday but I’m not going to show it yet because it’s a very light one, white with fine light blue stripes and I’ve been wearing too much white on my blog and I want to give you guys some variation! How sweet am I?
It’s this one, very simple and non fussy in the front, but it has a gorgeous open back! A V backcleavage that ends just above your bra and then a triangular cut out below the bra to expose your entire lower back(perfect for summers with sweaty backs, hahaha) and omg I love love love love it!!! I had spotted a dress like that on Urban Outfitters,Topshop or Modcloth before and I knew I wouldn’t own one quite like it because a back cut out like that is seldom seen in normal hightstreet stores, and then I ran into this one and I was seriously like OMG *snatch run to dressing room buy*. It has a supergirly, somewhat sixties feel to me and you guys know I love my style to have a bit of a sweet retro vibe. I am utterly in love with it.

This dress I bought in the last sales at zara for 10 euros and after hacking the sleeves off because they made the dress a bit too costumy for my taste it has become one of my all time prettiest dresses. The lace is just gorgeous and it always reminds me of some fun, kicky 60’s weddingdress. The shoes are from h&m and are supercomfy!

Thanks again to my new fans! I am actually in the top 6 for style icon on chictopia right now and I’m overjoyed! I never thought I’d have a chance of even almost becoming a style icon because everyone is soooo lovely there and so many people deserve it!


  1. gorgeous as always, i am in love with the 2nd pair of sandals xx


    ps good work style icon ;-) x

  2. Fun dress!! And nice modifications! :D

    I love the second pair of shoes too, and there you go with the blacks again, you really make them work!!

    Cute look :D

    PS - Green grass!! ;)

  3. the grass is always greener.... :D
    the second pair of sandals was also from h&m and supercomfy, haha :D Sandals are just too flimsy for me to spend a lot of money on so I always buy cheap ones.
    Thanks girls!
    Kim: I always feel like black is an awesome way to hightlight an outfit :) thanks!

  4. You look gorgeous- I love how you pair the girly frilly dress with some bad ass black accessories!

  5. love this dress! i've been looking for a lace dress and haven't been able to find one that i like yet, this one is so perfect! you look gorgeous! and i love how you always ground your outfits with a little bit of black. so chic!

  6. The grass is not only greener on my blog but there is a new post... 27 days after the last one! I am too busy for words! :(


  7. Wow, that is like the he perfect dress, a little lace, v-shaped back, and I love what you did with the sleeves. So glad you were able to snatch it up! Oh, and I don't think your photos are too saturated at all, I think they look great :)

  8. love this outfit hun!
    are you a style icon on chictopia? they send you the link when you become one for you to make this...let me know if you have the message with a link in and il tell where o go from there... xxx

  9. Hi Annebeth! I like your style. I found your blog through Chictopia where I'm also a member and I see that you started your blog the same month I did back in Feb 2010. Check my style blog out and let me know if you'd be interested in a link exchange.