What you waiting for

We were planning to go on a daytrip today because the weather predictions were awesome but when we got out of bed, it was cloudy :( It’s still quite warm outside, but it just doesn’t feel as nice when the sun isn’t shining. These pictures are from yesterday, when I WANTED to go out but my boyfriend prefered to wait until today so thanks to HIM we are now in this predicament.

 blouse, skirt: h&m
belt, shoes: pimkie
glasses: claire's

I’d prefer to mix a printed blouse with this skirt but I only have a plain one. I’d love a tribal print to go with the floral. This shirt actually has a teeny tiny vichy print. I love these gaga-esque glasses, especially with the yellow they always remind me of the paparazzi video. I thought she was so adorable in that scene where she poisons her boyfriend :-D Anyway, this is my outfit! Let’s hope the weather will get better over here so we can still go on our planned picnic :(


  1. Love this outfit - it's perfect. Especially liking the colour mixing.

  2. You use black really well Annebeth to make looks pop! Very cool! :D

    Hope the weekend was great! :D

  3. beautiful colors dear! I hope you could go to the picnic!!!

  4. Anne, love the citrus colors here!! And you've got some tan going on already! happy summer!


  5. Hey sweeties, thanks for your comments!
    Our weekend was fine, we ended up going for a walk instead of going picnicking but you'll read that in my blog entry today! :-D

    kookie: thanks babe! Yes; I tan really fast and that makes me sooo ready for summer and summer break! :D