Lobogato Giveaway


As you might know, I've developed a bit of a love affair with the Belgian jewelry label Lobogato ever since Veerle and Katrijn kindly gifted my a necklace of one of their previous collections. I've worn the V-necklace TO DEATH, and then I added the quartz necklace to my jewelry repertoire, which I loved even more than the V-necklace. I remember asking Veerle and Katrijn whether they'd be offering silver jewelry sometime in the future, since I prefer silver to gold, and lo and behold! Their new collection aired, and it's got silver pieces!

lobogato jewelry

Source, clockwise starting from top left: 1//2//3//4//5//6

I think those tooth earrings are the perfect mix of elegant and creepy. I love how Katrijn and Veerle keep returning to a mix of soft and hard, geometrics and nature, delicate and bold. It's really their signature style. And super affordable to boot.

ANYWAY! I've picked out two favourite pieces from the new collection (the hexagon necklace in both the long and short version)

Annnnd now it's your turn! Let me know what your favourite Lobogato piece is by comment, tweet, instagram or mail, and be sure to leave me a way to contact you in case you're the winner. You have until next week, 27/09/2014, 10pm to enter.

Good luck!


Wanted: Small Cross Body Bags

It has recently come to my attention that big purses are, like so two-thousand-and-late. I mean, we will always need big purses to haul our shit around in, obviously, but somehow I feel like the more you've got going on in your life (#workingadultproblems), the less complicated you want everything else to be. Simpler wardrobe, less cluttered living spaces, easy beauty routines and, yes, smaller purses. As much as I love my feminazi tote bag, sometimes it really bothers me when it takes me a minute or two to find something (or to ascertain whether an item is actually IN the bag or somewhere else entirely). Also, cookie crumbs, man. And look how cute small cross body bags can look as an accessory!

small cross body bag

Source, clockwise starting from top left: ASOS - Collage Vintage via WhoWhatWear - Polienne - InezDaily

So! Because women's clothing remains totally failing in the pocket-department (shallow pockets if you're lucky, or NO POCKETS AT ALL), I've decided to start carrying a little bag. Something practical, simple, clean, holding the essentials for quick errands: wallet, phone, lipstick, sunglasses. That's it. I can't tell you enough how great it feels to NOT stress out because you have to rummage through your oversized purse, looking for your smartphone (I'm probably not the only one who constantly thinks they've lost their expensive-ass phone). I ended up buying this 9.99€ H&M cross body bag, because it is a total steal, because it's just large enough to hold everything I need, because it's white (which goes with everything) and because it's really, really pretty.

small cross body bag

Before I ended up buying this bag, I contemplated several other cute, affordable options. Here are some of the nice options I managed to find.

small cross body bags H&M mango asos

Source: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7

So! Which one do you like best? Would you ever give up your carry-all for a small cross body bag?


All Black with Lace and Roshe Runs

all black outfit lace hem skirt red lipstick
cat eye sunglasses red lipstick quartz necklace
all black outfit nike roshe run lace hem skirt red lipstick
lace hem skirt zadig and voltaire watch
all black outfit nike roshe run lace hem skirt red lipstick
black nike roshe run
red lips all black quartz lobogato necklace
all black outfit cat eye sunglasses lace hem skirt

coat: sheinside - knit top: H&M - lace hem skirt: Forever21 - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - sneakers: Nike Roshe Run - quartz necklace: Lobogato- rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - watch: Zadig&Voltaire
pictures by Charlotte

All black (OK, the skirt is more like very dark grey), all awesome, is what I always say. Especially if you use the simple colour palette to throw a lot of different styles together, without all of it becoming chaotic. Quilted sleeves, lace skirt and Nike Roshe Runs: doesn't sound amazing in theory, but I think it looks pretty awesome. Like a streetwise, contemporary, stylized version of 90s mall goth. And dark red lipstick always looks best when paired with black, no? 

PS I sweated my ass off in this outfit because it suddenly got ridiculously warm and sunny. Also, a hobo tried to steal my bag and coat when I put them down for a minute while taking pictures a bit further. No judgment btw, I'd have done the same thing in his shoes.

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