Outfit: Casual in Ugg Selene booties

Casual outfit featuring Ugg Selene booties and oversized cardigan
and other stories handbag, daniel wellington watch
Casual outfi in oversized cardigan and silky blouse
Ugg Selene booties
Casual outfit featuring Ugg Selene booties and oversized cardigan
Casual outfit featuring Ugg Selene booties and oversized cardigan
cardigan: Zara - silky blouse: H&M - skinny jeans: Noisy May - Selene booties: c/o Ugg - sunglasses: ASOS - handbag: & Other Stories - necklace: c/o Selected

A few months ago, I got this idée fixe in my mind that I needed Uggs. I don't know where it came from. I just suddenly realized that all those American sorority girls knew what was up, because what can be better than soft suede boots lined with fluffy wool to keep my perma-chilly feet warm? And I can't deny that Jane of Sea of Shoes rocking some Uggs probably inspired me to see how cute the shearling boots can be. I love the beautiful taupe colour of this particular pair (perfectly matching my favourite Zara cardigan), and the nautical rope detail is just adorable. These are part of the Ugg SS15 collection, which doesn't only contain this new take on the classic Ugg boots, but also sandals and espadrilles - V cute. Best blogger gift EVER. 

Since I started working fulltime, I've developed an appreciation for qualitative weekend wear: casual stuff I can throw on to be comfortable and still look put together enough to run errands. My Bench leggings have become one of those Sunday staples, and these new Ugg Selene booties have hardly been off my feet ever since I got them. Whenever I get home from work, depending on the weather I just slip on either my Birkenstocks or my Uggs. And, well, sometimes I even wear my Birks or my Uggs to work. These pictures were taken on one of those occasions. I met up with my boo Sabina to catch up during my lunch break since it'd been way too long since we had some quality time together, and we ended our date by snapping some pics.

Not a typical look for me, but very representative of what I wear when chilling or working from home. Hope you like it!


Feminism: body diversity, wearing bikinis online and Marlies Dekkers

Disclaimer: if someone starts producing content for the consumption of others, it is undoubtedly because they are attentionwhores. I am, unequivocally, an attentionwhore in the sense that I am not ashamed of presenting myself, my thoughts and my work to the scrutiny of others. However, I hate that word. Attentionwhore. It belies the fact that everyone enjoys (positive) attention, because that means people care about you, that you are interacting with others who notice you. That's not something anyone should be chastized for, not something that deserves a slur of its own.

body diversity: real bikini bodies
 as a woman, liking yourself gives many people a reason to like you less

Especially since it's so often used to humiliate women who are simply expressively enjoying their body and mind. A marker of the double edged sword handled by our society, pushing us to take pride in our appearance while always remaining self conscious not to overdo it, not to make it appear like we care, not to show how all of it takes work and effort. As such, I'm a huge fan of how blogs have opened up this whole world of women creating content showing both our enthousiasm in beauty related practices, as well as how much work, money, technique and bullshit is behind it. Blogs are the best equipped to address this inherently human hypocrisy of our culture, because blogs can be as rich and conflicted as the person behind it.

Damn, I must be in my grandiloquent mindset this Saturday afternoon, sorry! Sometimes I do wonder why I'm always compelled to add a disclaimer before posting bikini pictures. Something like expecting people not to take me as seriously when I'm not all covered up (BULLSHIT), or feeling like showing an affinity with looking good might make me seem less intelligent (BULLSHIT), or not wanting to come across as thirsty for compliments (BULLSHIT). But some of my favourite posts have been bikini posts. I like being able to go back in time to see how my body has or hasn't changed, and I like how these posts are the most honest representation of what a real person's body actually looks like. 

body diversity: real bikini bodies
 my sis and me showing our different, real bodies - check the original post here and another one here

As much as blogs and the internet in general have been heralded as the advent of a reality check in the media content we consume with regards to body image and beauty (spoiler alert: it's a lie), most of the time we still see carefully posed, curated and edited renditions of what people really look like underneath it all. And when we do see real bodies, very often they are along the lines of the curvy/fat (I use the word as a supporter of the fat acceptence movement, not as a slur). I mean, where are my skinnyfat (or as I'd like to call it: totally-average-bodied) bitches at?? Not all of us exercise, not all of us are super curvy, not all of us are one extreme or the other. Most of the time I'm super happy with my body, but I'm not skinny or athletic or curvy. And even though my body is totally average, I still feel like I contribute to a more realistic view of what real bodies actually look like by showing my body in a bikini.

And I always love coming across brands that support that vibe. You know I majorly respect La Fille d'O for its approach to real bodies and a raw, paired down sex appeal that is about unveiling rather than pushing up or in (see me wearing La Fille d'o here and here), and now I have added Marlies Dekkers to my list of preferences. Marlies Dekkers is known for a clean aesthetic, no frills, lace or (as she calls them) infantilizing bows, and playing with lines and straps that frame your beauty. The brand doesn't focus on cleavage all day errrday, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much - push ups make me feel like I'm wearing a girdle, man. Marlies always embodies a powerful, sexual femininity in her designs, and she habitually designs a collection inspired by boss ass bitches. I mean, how awesome is this The Victory lingerie inspired by Joan of Arc? I could wear that, or The Heroic Journey to sit my ass on the Iron Throne, man.

Marlies Dekkers The Victory lingerie

MD's SS15 swimwear collection was inspired by the Indian Holi festival that mostly revolves around the beginning of spring - appropriate, n'est-ce pas? And the brand representatives offered to let me pick out a set because they were fans of the body positive feminist vibe I try to embody in my internet presence (and life in general). Which is totally awesome. I was invited to a dinner with some inspiring women to talk about the new Marlies Dekkers collection, and even had a whole talk about #wijoverdrijvenniet. Marlies Dekkers' representative impressed me with her talk about how Marlies Dekker's bras take ages to construct because they are stitched with milimeter precision. We became mutual fans over the course of our conversation. And when I put on the set I picked out (the Holi Glamour drawstring shorts and push up bikini top - told you I was a hypocrite), I was converted. Bit too cold to show these in an appropriate setting, so my bathroom had to suffice.

Btw WHY ARE EXPENSIVE THINGS ALMOST ALWAYS SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHEAP THINGS? :( I love H&M, but no H&M bra or bikini will EVER measure up. This push up bikini is actually comfortable instead of wrangling my boobs in unnatural positions.

Marlies Dekkers Holi Glamour bikini

real bikini body on The Styling Dutchman

So that's your dose of attentionwhoring for the day. This bikini is beautiful, and it will make me that much more confident to strut my stuff on some Puerto Rican beach in a month.

PS: my favourite Barbie dress was the exact same colour as this bikini. My sister will undoubtedly know what dress I'm referring to.

PPS: it can't be a coincidence that both La Fille d'O and Marlies Dekkers are run by powerful women rather than men in suits.


Outfit: girly in mint, pink and floral

outfit: floral tutu skirt, pink fluffy cardigan, vintage handbag
fluffy pink cardigan, oversized mint scarf
bird buckle belt
outfit: floral tutu skirt, pink fluffy cardigan, oversized mint scarf
diamanti per tutti rings, oversized mint scarf
outfit: floral tutu skirt, pink fluffy cardigan, vintage handbag
oversized mint scarf, fluffy pink cardigan
outfit: floral tutu skirt, pointed toe ASOS pumps, vintage handbag
cardigan: Noisy May - tutu skirt: c/o Sheinside - pumps: ASOS - scarf: c/o LN|andes - belt: H&M - handpag: vintage - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

I feel like my style has been slowly creeping towards more feminine, more colorful, less casual lately. Probably just the spring sun inspiring my outfits, but it's nice to rediscover certain items that haven't been feeling very "me" for the past few seasons. This outfit is decidedly more like the vintage-y style I used to rock back in 2011, so I hope you guys can enjoy a bit of oldschool Styling Dutchman! I wore this look back around Easter, so I guess that maybe I was just inspired by pastel coloured Easter eggs.

I still have a bit of preparing to do for a presentation coming up tomorrow morning, and I want to finish the last bit of "We Need to Talk About Kevin" before lights off (SUCH a good book by the way!), so I'm not going to talk much more. Not at all, really.

Peace out!
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