Tutorial: dark red smokey eye

I remember visiting my brother in the US when I was sixteen, and going to an American mall for the first time in my life. Obviously, being the special snowflake teenager I was at the time, I was especially excited at visiting Hot Topic. I actually think I remember most of what I bought there: a Happy Bunny baby tee, hair chopsticks and two eyeshadow mono's: one matte black, and one matte burgundy.

Yeah, I was a total badass. 

Anyhow, recently I was thinking "hey, what ever happened to red eye make up?" since I used to be super into the look. It looks kind of subversive, doesn't it? Like the reverse of black lipstick. That probably doesn't make any sense, but let me explain: red is supposed to go on the lips and black is supposed to go on the eyes, so if you swap the two it's a total mindfuck! Okey not really, but it's not a look you see everyday.  

Now, I didn't go for black lips today, but I really love how this first try at doing red eye make up came together. I did a makeshift job at it because I actually haven't bought red eyeshadow in AGES, so what you see here on my eyes is a mix of pink powders, burgundy lipgloss, kohl pencil and a glittery highlighter. Let me convince you that red eyeshadow can look mighty fine!

tutorial: dark red smokey eye

I think the colours are very flattering against my fair skin and dark hair, and the whole look has a sort of vampire-like glamour that really brings out the green in my eyes. Let's go in for a closer look so you can try this for yourself.

tutorial: dark red smokey eye

What I did: dark red lipgloss all over the eyelid (also functioning as a primer to make the colour more intense), medium pink in the inner corners, some of the leftover burgundy eyeshadow from Hot Topic (seriously!) in the outer corners, highlighter all over the eyelid and kohl in the outer corners, blended upwards into the crease. On the lips, I'm wearing Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb.

Let me know what you think of the look, and have a lovely weekend!


Knits, floral and over the knee boots

outfit: vintage fur coat, cropped sweater, pom pom hat, floral skirt
fluffy pom pom hat, vintage fur coat
outfit: vintage fur coat, and other stories handbag, over the knee boots
novi due over the knee leather boots
outfit: cropped sweater, pom pom hat, floral skirt
and other stories handbag, naf naf floral skirt
outfit: cropped sweater, pom pom hat, floral skirt

cropped sweater: OASAP - floral skirt: c/o Naf Naf - coat: vintage - fluffy pom pom hat: Oakwood via Company - handbag: & Other Stories - boots: Novi Due
Pictures by Maya

I don't think I've shown you these boots yet, they are handmade leather italian boots, and I bought them at -50% off in the sales: score! I'd been looking for a new pair of comfortable, low heeled, black leather boots for a while, and these ticked all the boxes. They fit my thin calves, and I love how the shaft ends just at the knee, which is a very flattering look on me, so prepare to see these often! My old pair of all purpose low heeled black leather boots had seen better days, which is not surprising as I've worn them regularly for 6 winters, so I felt like I needed to replace them for work and nice occasions. 
As much as I love the skirt and its delicate mix of white and pale pink flowers on a quilted charcoal base, I still feel weirdly self conscious when wearing a sweet floral print like this. I hardly wear prints these days, and if I do I usually keep the rest of my outfit very minimal because I don't want to end up looking too twee. I'm almost 28 after all! HA sometimes I ask my boyfriend or his kids whether I'm 27 or 28 because I seriously have some issues remembering my age. Totally ridiculous. But anyhoo, in retrospect I'm not 100% sold on this outfit. I feel like the fluffy pom pom hat pushes it too far into twee territory to match my current style. Or my sweater should have matched the hat to make it all a bit more polished.


What do you think? Too twee for my style now, or am I just being ridiculous? Or option C: all of the above?


Beauty: Mac Diva dupe - Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

One thing you might not know about me (unless you know me pretty well in real life), is that I'm a totally obsessive person. I mean, I won't stalk you or sniff your underwear or anything (seriously), but I will admit to falling in love with the look or even the idea of a certain item, and then spending weeks googling, comparing and trying out different options. Case in point: dark red lipstick. I convinced myself that MAC's Diva lipstick was the definite burgundy lipstick for me, but then TRAGEDY struck: it was sold out everywhere (blame the current 90s trend), even online. And I failed at finding a suitable alternative anywhere - ugh! Finally, after a month of waiting, I bit the bullet and ordered Wet N Wild's Cherry Bomb off of Amazon. The brand is not sold in Belgium (double ugh!), but in the end I only paid about 6€ to have it shipped here. As it really is great quality for a drugstore lipstick, I still think it's a bargain! Check it out.

mac diva dupe review: wet n wild cherry bomb

In direct light, the colour is a deeply saturated red with a soft satin finish. In the shade, it darkens to a black cherry shade: definitely a statement lip, but still very wearable if you ask me. Especially if you are dark haired.

mac diva dupe review: wet n wild cherry bomb

The packaging isn't great: the lipstick doesn't retract into the tube totally, so if you're not super careful, you'll always get some lipstick smushed on the inside of the clear plastic cap. However, YOLO and this lipstick is so worth it. The shape is different from most lipsticks: a slanted, round stick, which I actually find very pleasant to work with. It's staying power is pretty great as well. Thumbs up all round!

Now, the proof is in the pudding: is this a perfect dupe? I compared it with a phone picture I took months ago when I tried on Diva in store (when it was still available, triple ugh). This also explains the sort of crappy image quality, as I had to use the same equipment for an honest comparison. Since I don't own MAC Diva myself, I couldn't compare the two as thoroughly as I did for my MAC Velvet Teddy dupe post, but I tried my best!

mac diva dupe review: wet n wild cherry bomb

Verdict: I could have done a better job at painting my lips in the bottom image, but ding ding ding we have a winner! I feel like Cherry Bomb is slightly more glossy, and because of that it also catches the light more and seems slightly less saturated than Diva. Diva also seriously glides on perfectly opaque in one layer, while Cherry Bomb needs a little bit of work. However, the difference is minimal, and I can warmly recommend it as a dupe! Absolutely worth the Amazon order, or the trip to your drugstore if it's sold in your country in case you don't want to spend 18€ on a lipstick, or if you're not sure whether this is a colour you'll wear often. A low budget trial-run, in a way.

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