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Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

Hi dolls, I'm back with a beauty review of the recent L'Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant capsule collection! Isabel Marant is pretty much the epitome of Parisian Cool, representing a relaxed elegance that always manages to look stylish and fresh yet effortless. And that's pretty much what all of my fellow female hustlers want out of their everyday beauty routine, right? This collaboration was sure to spark the interest of many, so I'm happy to let you guys sneak a peek to assess whether you might want to pick up some of these items for your own beautycase.

The collection contains all the basics: a mascara, seven lipstick shades ranging from a rosey nude to a deep wine shade, a liquid blush that doubles as lipgloss, smokey eyeshadow and a highlighter/beautifier. I received the lightest and darkest lipstick shades, the highlighter/beautifier and the lip/cheek gloss. Let's take a closer look!

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

I quite like the packaging - the shapes we're used to from L'Oréal, in a modern, matte monochrome version that feels luxe but still fresh.

I was most eager to get my grubby little hands on the cheek gloss, so I applied three dots that I worked in by patting them out with my fingertips.

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review
Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

Uhm, love. This is exactly the type of natural glow a lot of highlighters promise but can't achieve, and the gloss totally makes it look like your cheeks are just naturally that perfect pink shade. I would absolutely buy this cheek gloss in more colours - a peachy/orange shade would be so good for fall! The cheek/lipgloss retails at about €11 at Feelunique or €16.99 at Di.

Next, I tried the beautifier/highlighter. I again, I applied it with my fingertips, dabbing it along the bridge of my nose and my cheekbones. The texture was kind of funny, sort of similar to a lip balm but setting to a powder-type finish.

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

Because of the powder finish and the product being 100% matte, I don't really see a highlighter effect here. The beautifier  aspect is a little vague to me - supposedly it cancels out imperfections, but apart from maybe minimizing pores a bit I don't really see any effect. Not a must have for me, but if you want to give it a go, it retails at about €14 at Feelunique or €16.99 at Di.

Moving on to the lipsticks! 

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

The typical creamy texture and powdery smell of L'Oréal lipsticks is definitely here. This first lipstick is Bastille Whistle, a beautiful, soft rosey nude that is very close to my own lip colour. Not completely matte, there's still a slight glow there. Lovely shade, great basic to have in your makeup stash!

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant makeup review

And this is Belleville Rodeo - can I just say WOW? Such a perfect red wine shade, applying so smoothly and evenly, disguising possible dry patches and brightening my complexion. I completely love it and see this as the perfect lip shade for a night out after a day at the office - no need to add drama to your eye makeup, just add some wine red lipstick and muss up your hair and you're good to go! Totally French girl chic. The lipsticks retail at about €12.90 at Feelunique, or €16.99 at Di.

I have to say this capsule collection is a winner for me. It really embodies everything fans love about Isabel Marant while bringing the quality we appreciate L'Oréal for, at their regular, affordable price point. Definitely check out the gloss, and see if you have any need for a perfect wine red lipstick in your stash.

Let me know if you have any questions!

California roadtrip 2018: Palm Springs

Hi babes! Now that I've settled back into my normal routine, I can't wait to put together a couple of blog posts describing the 3 week roadtrip through California that defined our September 2018. Today I'll talk a bit about the experiences that had the most profound impact on me, the images that will become part of my mental slideshow whenever I need a pick-me-up. Hey, it's healthier than alcohol! A lot more expensive though. But you know that cheesy-but-true Pinterest quote about travel being the only thing you can spend money on that will actually make you richer.

Beauty: Urban Decay Born To Run palette review

Beauty: Urban Decay Born To Run palette review

Omg you guys I've been gone so long! September 2018 seems to have been cut from my life just because I was travelling through California for three of its weeks, and either stressed out finishing everything up at work or jetlagged for the remainder of the month. I come back from holiday and suddenly it's almost Christmas, say what??

Yeah I'm exaggerating but that's kind of my thing. Comedic hyperbole.

Anyway, I'm back in Belgium after our roadtrip through California, many Euros poorer but also richer in knowledge and experiences. I did not eat as many fish tacos as I had anticipated (only twice), but I did buy more handbags than I had expected (also two). WIN SOME, LOSE SOME.

I've missed my blog and here I am with a new beauty review, arguably my favourite type of post to put together. Today I'm introducing you to the newest hyped Urban Decay palette: Born To Run. Enjoy!

Outfit: stripes and beret in the rain

 dress: c/o Signe Nature - stiletto boots: c/o Zinda - handbag: Clemence Flane c/o Ivalo Official - beret: Monki - belt: Gucci - umbrella: from London

It's been ages since I've blogged two posts so quickly in succession, but hey, I loved how these pictures came together: my fake tan was looking good, this dress is super cute, and I could finally use my adorable umbrella as a prop again. We snapped these right after the torrential downpour that seems to reaffirm that fall is definitely ON in Belgium, even though it's only August. Fml. I am happy to be able to bring back my beret collection, though. Perfect topper for any outfit.

How cute is this dress? I don't often wear vertical stripes because I get these prison outfit associations from em, but this particular dress is just too good to pass up on. Perfect for the office - I'll probably wear it for my next client presentation. You know a piece is good when you see yourself wearing it on an important professional moment - power piece. If I were any better at wearing stilettos I'd also totally wear these gorgeous booties, but my feet are total wimps so I'm not even going to try to wear them to an occasion where I'll be standing up for an hour or more. 

Hope you like the look, and enjoy your weekend!

Outfit: Golden hour in Monki midi skirt and my new favourite app

Outfit: Golden hour in Monki midi skirt