Take a chance on me

There I go again with the halter-dress (this one used to have spaghetti straps but they look horrible on me so I did my halter trick again). And with the grass-sitting. Aren’t you guys sick and tired of my sitting in the grass and wearing dresses? :D Please tell me if you are!

dress: h&m
shoes: pimkie

This dress is another one of my crazy h&m finds. H&m often has stuff that isn’t all that amazing to me, but once in a while you can’t help but be awed at what they come up with at such affordable prices. I bought this dress in the sales for 5 euros. Seriously. That is literally a steal! It has so much fabric, I can hold up the tips of the skirt next to my head without exposing myself as I’ve demonstrated multiple times in the street, hahaha. And it swayyys with me as I walk!
And do you guys watch project runway? Remember Jeffrey Sebelia? When I saw his collection in the last episode, his most beautiful dress totally reminded me of this dress I’m wearing here, I already had it back then. This is the dress I’m talking about.

Totally alike, no? Which made me love my dress even more!
In less positive news: yesterday (when I wore that dress) was the last beautiful sunny day in at least 5 days. We are going from summer heatwave temperatures to end of winter again. So depressing :( I am really an outdoorsy person and whenever the weather ends up sucking in spring or summer, I am kind of lost in terms of what I do with my spare time now. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. Nothing productive though, probably.
Just one day until we know the chictopia style icons of may! omgomgomgomg :D
don’t worry, I won’t take my own life if I don’t make it. It’s just awesome that I’m even almost in the running! And a major THANK YOU to all those who became my fan this month, you guys are amazing!


  1. This dress turned out a whole lot better by altering it!

  2. Wow lots of green!!! ;) :D

    We have a long weekend here so the weather is naturally going to be bad!!! :( Like you I am so sick of the winter. I had planned on sitting in the garden reading this weekend and getting some sun... now I have no idea what to do, maybe a gallery?

    Fab dress and cute shoes... and lots a fabric!!

    Have a good weekend Annebeth, and good luck with Chictopia!! x

  3. Love it. Works so well as a halter style!!

  4. so not tired of the dresses and grass. love it! you look gorgeous. i really hope you make style icon! i'll be anxious to see!

  5. amazing dress. also i love all your shoes. the more pages i go back on your blog they more i get envious of all your shoes. good luck on the style icon thing.

  6. Loveee that dress! I like the pictures too, they're so summery! Good luck on chictopia!


  7. That's an amazing dress!