Beige this way

So, what do we think of Gaga's new music vid? Watch it here. I'm not sure what to think. I love the tripped out intro, but the rest is a bit dull. I think she probably sees this video as a clean cut break from the last album to her new one, like incubation or something, and that's why it's so clean and dark. So I get the concept, but I can't wait for her to go all the way again, weirdwise (props for who gets the The Apartment reference!). She does look extremely fierce with an eye for a chin, though.

On to my neutral outfit of the day!

Can you tell I'm SO ready for spring? A bit schizofrenic with the nordic sweater in the middle between the floral dress and my flower headband, but that's just how I roll! Not my favorite look of mine (ha!) but I like it well enough. Sometimes it's nice to wear something neutral, feels really clean and fresh. Is it bad that my version of simplicity contains mixed prints and a hippie headwreath? I'm such a weirdo.

Everytime I want to wear sweaters with all my high waisted skirts and dresses, it bothers me that there aren't more cropped sweaters in my closet (or stores for that matter). I find it so unflattering to wear fuller, high waisted skirts with sweaters that go down to my hips, it just doesn't work, proportionwise (again, The Apartment!). I scrunched this one up to have it look a bit cropped, and I'm sufficiently satisfied with the result. Not perfect, but good enough!

Now, after all my referrals to The Apartment, I might as well do a MOVIE RECOMMENDATION OF THE DAY!
I actually tuned into this one because Joan mentioned it on Mad Men (I'm such a Mad devotee)! I loved the characters, its (sometimes subtle, sometimes very in-your-face) critic on societal values, the dialogues, the jokes and of course the story. Sometimes playful and lighthearted, sometimes gritty and very confrontational, but all around very much worth your time. It really touched me, without it going the melodramatic route. One of the most "realistic" older movies I've seen, which provides a very interesting mix with Jack Lemon's over the top jokester nature.

C.C. Baxter: The mirror... it's broken.
Fran Kubelik: Yes, I know. I like it that way. Makes me look the way I feel. 

Fran Kubelik: When you're in love with a married man, you shouldn't wear mascara.  

Fran Kubelik: I never catch colds.
C.C. Baxter: Really? I was reading some figures from the Sickness and Accident Claims Division. You know that the average New Yorker between the ages of twenty and fifty has two and a half colds a year?
Fran Kubelik: That makes me feel just terrible.
C.C. Baxter: Why?
Fran Kubelik: Well, to make the figures come out even, if I have no colds a year, some poor slob must have five colds a year.
C.C. Baxter: [sheepishly] Yeah... it's me. 

C.C. Baxter: Ya know, I used to live like Robinson Crusoe; I mean, shipwrecked among 8 million people. And then one day I saw a footprint in the sand, and there you were.  

Total recommendation! A bit like a grittier version of Breakfast at Tiffany's (I didn't really like that one by the way).

 sweater: Pimkie
dress, tights: H&M
headband:  etsy (little honey pies)
shoes: ASOS

Varsity Blues

I bought this cardigan for 2 euro because it's warm and chunky but still light, and I love the collegiate vibe it gives off. Of course I had to pair it with one of my plaid skirts and a band T (the Beatles, my eternal love). Simple, comfy and cute! I like how all of these pieces "fit" together, they all refer to a certain type of girl and a certain type of subculture, making sure it all works together.  I still have that clear image in my mind of what I want to look like, and sixties/collegiate/girly/modest/slight edge is still the way I'd describe it! I don't think I've ever been as certain about the way I wanted to look, and I love it. Having a "look" totally makes not buying stuff you don't need so much easier: I just go "does this fit my thang", and if it doesn't, I walk away without a doubt in my mind. Of course, when something DOES fit my ideal, it is a lot harder to say no. I've been eying this parka on ASOS, but I want to wait until I just CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE because I'm in control like that. Except that I am not.

And I still adore my hair and the way it edgifies (totally made up that word just now, I like doing that) any outfit. And I'm at that length again where I get all uncertain about whether I should go for somewhat shorter when I get my hair cut next time, or keep it longer. I like it both in different ways, what can I say!

t-shirt, tights: H&M
cardi, skirt: T2 (vintage)
shoes: Sacha

Another rainy day

I think I'm getting ill. I've been sneezing a lot today. And it's STILL crappy weather outside, spring needs to arrive ASAP. This means I'm simultaneously under AND over the weather. Ha, I'm so witty!

I've actually worn this outfit before, except for my flower headwreath. But when something sounds/tastes/looks good, why only go there once? This just totally works.

My Saturday has been lovely. I cooked my tuna risotto (recipe here) again and my guy and me hopped over to the mall to get some ice cream. Our favorite ice cream parlor restocked my favorite flavor (frozen yoghurt with red fruits) so I was  a happy camper. I loooove frozen yoghurt!

So this is my "so happy we got frozen yoghurt" dance:

dress: Zara
headband: etsy (little honey pies)
tights: H&M
clogs: New Look (hand dyed)

Yeah, I'm a bit over enthused. It's just fro yo for God's sake, get over yourself, woman!

PS: I don't have an extreme case of dandruff, it was raining and there are tiny drops of rain in my hairz.


Another picture overload day but I really like my outfit again and I picniked it again because it totally works with my stylez. Hope you like it!

This dress. One euro. Do I have to tell you again why I love T2 vintage with every fibre of my being? It is a sixties schoolgirl marvel and I bought it for one euro. Man oh man, everyone who likes slightly retro fashion HAS to try thrifting. At first it feels dodgy and smelly and like a big hassle for little pay off, but once you get into it it is seriously like treasure hunting. I went for sixties retro with a modern, edgy touch in the chelsea boots and the crochet tights, and I absolutely love the end result. Very me! And I can't get over the white cuffs and collar.

One euro.

I just watched the last episode of the fourth season of Mad Men. Apart from the gorgeous outfits, I was particularly moved by the storyline. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone so I won't get into the nitty gritty, but I don't agree with all the negative opinions floating around concerning Don's lovelife. I totally see what he sees. Another round of superb casting on behalf of the creatives of Mad Men, because we feel a familiarity and acceptance from a character that has had little screentime. And again, perfect writing. The scene between Don and Peggy right after the big announcement, and the one with Peggy and Joan: perfection. Btw if they ever do a Mad Men spinoff, I want it to centre around Joyce!

I adore her face and her attitude. And her face licking.

If I could give all my readers three pieces of advice, it would be to

  • watch Mad Men
  • go thrifting
  • and cook your own food

All of these make my life so much better.

dress: T2 (vintage)
tights: Pimkie
boots: ASOS
pin, coat: H&M
beret: old


Today I dropped by the Hummingbird Girls and saw their fun Picnik edited photos, and I really wanted to try it out for myself. So since my outfit today fit the whole retro vibe, I went ahead and played around a bit! What do you think? Silly gimmick or cute? Does it offer something extra or should I just keep it realz?

I think it looks ridiculous and cute at the same time! :-D I'm wearing too of my 1 euro treasures today: the sailorcollar top and the polkadot dress. I was skipping about in my bedroom this morning, trying to find something to wear, when I spotted these two hanging over a chair because I hadn't found the time to put them on a hanger yet (read: too lazy), and I suddenly realized these'd look awful cute together, so I just grabbed them and some red tights to play up the nautical vibe, et voila: outfit was born! The umbrella adds to the retro, ladylike vibe, so I used it as a prop. I'm creative like that (errr). I love how the entire look turned out and I'm sure I'll be wearing it more often!

The observant reader might have noticed that Tobi badge in the top right on my blog. That's right, I have my very first sponsor! I feel so very professional that I'm actually doing something with my blog that goes beyond the whole outfit diary idea. I'm super excited! If you use the code DUTCHMAN20, Tobi will offer you a 20% discount! I'm superglad I can give something back to my readers this way, because I am so grateful for the time each of you put into reading and commenting every day :) Hope your day was lovely!

dress, sweater: vintage (T2)
tights, umbrella: H&M
shoes: old, don't remember

Here's the before and after, for those interested!

Peggy Olson

My apologies in advance for the picture overload, but I'm more than a little in love with my new Peggy Olson dress from River Island!

What does it say about me as a person that I'm a million times more inspired by "dowdy" Peggy than by bombshell Joan or pretty princess Betty? It's not like I don't like their clothes, I really do. But they are TOO perfect, almost like Barbiedolls. Peggy is a real girl with a practical wardrobe that wavers between business appropriate and girly, with a bit of prissy thrown in for good measure. I just adore how she mixes practicality and girlish innocence in such a wearable and, dare I say, MODERN way. She looks very 60s, but the way she puts it all together in a real day to day look feels very modern to me. 

I never get it how girls get inspired by runway collections or, let's say, ballgowns. Seriously, runway collections or ballgowns have NOTHING to do with my life. I can find them aesthetically pleasing, but they don't inspire me in a way that I go "OOOH I want to look like that tomorrow". OK, sometimes they do, but most of the time it just feels way too foreign to me. My theory is that Alexa Chung is actually such a popular IT GIRL because she usually wears outfits that are quite casual and wearable to the events she's invited to. Not another bandage dress, but a cool T-shirt, vintage style accessories, a jacket, cute shorts and fierce shoes. THIS is something the every day girl can relate too. I don't know about you, but I don't wear bandage dresses or frilly concoctions to class.

this makes me go "I WANT EVERY SINGLE PIECE and I need to try socks with heels"

while this just makes me go "yeah, she looks beautiful"

Am I making any sense or am I just blabbing on? Another thing Alexa does so well is the fact that she actually STYLES her outfits. Not just dress+shoes, but dress, cardigan, coat, socks, shoes, bag. Much more interesting, and much more realistic.

Peggy and Alexa have a lot in common. LIKE COLLARS

I've said it once and I'll say it again: collars are my kryptonite.

My new dress has a collar too! IT WAS MEANT TO B GURLS
dress: River Island
coat, tights: Pimkie
cardigan: H&M
shoes: vintage (T2)
belt: boyfriend's

PS: my FAVORITE vintage shop (T2, just off the Meir) is having their monthly sales YOU GUYS! Everyone in Belgium should come to Antwerp tomorrow to buy lovely goodies for 1 euro a pop. I scored: two adorable sixties mod style dresses (with COLLARS), one pretty beige polkadotted dress (with COLLAR), a navy blue top (with a SAILOR COLLAR), a white crochet top (with a COLLAR) and a turtle neck (obviously with a collar). All that for 6 euro. Srsly. Is this heaven? Also: maybe I'm taking this collar thing too far.

PPS: I did my space nails again. For a tutorial, see here.