Yeah the boy can play

Yeay, sunday! One of my favorite days of the week :D How has your weekend been? I’ve been watching World Cup matches and cleaning up a bit. I just made my boy and me a smoothie (banana, apple, orange juice, strawberries and a bit of yoghurt, yum!) and now we’re going to have our sunday brunch with boiled eggs and fresh bread, and then I’m going to read a book in the sun! I love days like these when everything seems to have a golden glow and everything is going right. Hope your day is just as lovely!
If you want a playlist for your sunday afternoon: listen to Arrow Classic Rock (click on the orange thing with “luister nu” in it). I always put on their online radio if I don’t want to choose songs myself. I love like 90% of their playlist and I’m a difficult one when it comes to music. Lots of old music, and almost all of it rockin and good!
 dress: h&m


  1. Hi ya Annebeth!! :)

    Just back from a very very hot US... 39 and 40 degree days! I was so so busy to really enjoy them.

    Lots of fab posts girl, I love the beach photos and this dress is divine. I cant wait to see some of your outfits with the shorts and I LOVE the new platforms!! :D

    Off to do some washing (why do I always come home to a HUGE pile!!) lol and then a HUGE glass of wine in the sun and finish my book!

    Congrats on the exams :D


  2. beautiful dress! lovely photos!

  3. Ahhh well I know that dress. I tried it on myself so often but my boobs don't look good in it because they are a little to big..haha. What kind of problem *lol*
    I spent my whole weekend sitting in my parents garden because they have a great thing: a pool! I'm just relaxed a little because I have my oral exams in a few days. Of course I watch the football world cup matches too.

  4. Oh and LOVE your haircut too!!!

  5. hey kim, welcome back, I missed you! thanks so much for the sweet compliments :D I love my hair! so nineties, lol
    enjoy the wine!

    saskia: good luck with the oral exams!

    diana: thanks!

  6. ah it looks like such a relaxed weekend! I want some smoothie now :-/ Anyways, you look great and I loved your dress!

  7. I looked at this dress in H&M and loved it and I love it even more on you!

  8. at jurkje zag er altijd maar matig uit in de winkel maar het staat jou echt prachtig! En met die romantische achterdrond: PERFECT!!

    Click HERE to visit FASHIONFABRICE.

  9. Thanks so much girls! great compliments!

  10. Thanks so much girls! great compliments!