thinking of buying this ASOS.com watch. It's seriously cheap (14 euros in the sales!) and I've wanted a boyfriend-style watch for some time now. What do you guys think? Buy or not?

or should I get this one? Awesome as well, and I'm more comfortable with necklaces than with anything on my wrist.
source: asos.com

and this one's awfully cute as well. Which one would you pick and which one do you think fits my style best?
source: second skin

I also want a dress that is ever so slightly see through, preferably with a print, to wear with high waisted granny lingerie. Because that just tickles my fancy. Cheeky and awesome!


  1. I looooooove the two necklaces :D So cute and kitschy!

  2. Hrmmm... The first necklace is very very cute! But I think the just plain watch is most practical, as far as actually using it to tell time goes.

  3. Thanks girls! I just ordered the plain watch, it is the most practical and would go with any outfit. The necklaces are cuter but don't go with anything :)

  4. loved the blog, I will follow it. go my

  5. Love the third watch necklace. So dainty and different! But I think I would go with the watch as it is more wearable! Also, I think it is great you love Christina's granny panty see through dress look! It would be funny if she started an unintentional trend! But you are right, it does look cool.

  6. I saw a similar look in the mango lookbook with a gorgeous lace dress that was calf length and kind of twenties-thirties with its loose fit and modest neckline, but the model wasn't wearing a slip underneath, instead she wore hotpants. And a denim vest over it, and it looked really ridiculously awesome. I'm not sure if I could wear it out, but I'd love too! It's so Carrie of SATC in all the right ways :D