I studied Lolita religiously

 bustier top: zara
shorts, glasses: h&m
shoes: texto

I hope you guys aren’t tired of my Lolita inspired outfits. I just love that little Dolores so. Especially her slightly tomboyish side, which I feel is expressed in the shorts and the brogues. And the fact that the shorts and the bare tummy would have been absolutely socially unacceptable for her to wear, and I imagine her wearing it anyway because she’s headstrong and doesn’t care about what is expected of her. That girl has so many personality traits that inspire me. One might think it is weird or even creepy to be inspired by a 12 year old book character who is universally considered a temptress, but I saw her as a carefree child that and a beautiful soul that was taken advantage of. So many people have that carefree nature before something happens to them and they lose it at some point in their lives. My life is a constant quest to maintaining some of my childlike tendencies. Like running in the house because if you have to get something, you get it faster by running. Or laughing too loud. Or losing yourself in a story or a movie. Or having vivid (day)dreams about silly subjects. Or putting your dirty feet on the couch. I don’t want to lose that because of what society expects of you.

And THIS is how some of my views on life translate in my way of dressing, people! I wear whatever the hell I want without caring. Life is too short to care.

This short is one of my sales buys btw. It’s from H&M and there were lots left. Goes perfectly with my bustier top and birthday shoes! I’ve been leaning towards slightly nineties looks lately. First with the bustiers, then with my Chloe Sevigny slash typical teenage intellectual girl from movie haircut, and now I’ve developed a new fascination with croptops to go with my new high waisted shorts and old high waisted skirts. You’ll see these new loves of mine in my posts very soon!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and new followers: you guys make me so happy every single day! I hope you get something from my posts as well.


  1. I'm in the middle of reading Lolita right now! It's delightful!

  2. cuuutest bustier top! you really pull it off! and you're so right about wearing what the hell you want :)

    Ehm I have a question: I posted some looks of my favourite bloggers today and you are among them, so I borrowed a picture. I hope that's okay for you? If not just tell me and I'll remove it from my post.
    You can check it out here:


    Thanks & Happy Monday! :)

  3. You can borrow my pictures, I'm honored! :D thanks so much!

  4. Fab shorts!! I have them!! :D

    Have I said I LOVE your new hair...?? !!! :D

  5. thank you thank you! :D And I bet the shorts look adorable on you!

  6. I hope so... but you have solved my shoe problem of what to wear with them!!! :D

  7. They would look very cute with wedges or simple sandals too!

  8. stalked you via chictopia!!! stoked on everything lolita myself. heart shaped sunnies for life.

  9. stalked you via chictopia!!! stoked on everything lolita myself. heart shaped sunnies for life.