Strawberry fields forever

So I tried my new flat/curling iron and boy, was it awesome. It took a few tries but I got the hang of it after a while, so one side of my head got real curls and the other just got kind of wavy, haha.

I’m going for that beachy wave look, I want texture, not real curls. Real curls are too sugary sweet for me, it would make it too hard to dress in edgier styles. But my new waves immediately inspired me to go for a softer, romantic look. I reaaaaally wanted to wear my new skorts (never knew those were so awesome, why did they go out of style?? :D) and I immediately thought of some old top I bought when I was like 14. It fits a bit tighter than it did back then, but I like it better this way. It’s this eyelet-wench-corset like thing in a really soft shade of pink and the shape and length were just perfect with the skorts (damn that is an annoying word, maybe that’s why they went out of style?). And when I was already wearing mostly pink, I could just as well continue and put my pink wedges with it. Et voila, romance in your very own backyard!
 top, shorts: h&m
wedges: sac d'anvers

I liked the curls so much that it actually reaffirmed my stance on a perm: I need one. Is it really as bad for your hair as they say? I think I look a lot prettier with curls as they add width to my face, they take attention away from my nose and they just have a more “fun” look than seriously straight tresses. And lord knows I’m fun. Anyone has any experience with perms?
Also: kind of sad Germany lost in the WC yesterday, but Spain played slightly better and those Spaniards are pretty cute. It’s a historical finale, without Germany, Italy, Argentina or Brazil. I do hope Holland wins though. Such a small country with big dreams. Spain will get other chances, Holland most likely will not. Cheer for Holland, people!

 I made this kind of focaccia sandwich. I fried some eggplant in extra virgin olive oil, seasoned it with some pepper, and slathered some pesto on the bread. Just layer the pesto, eggplant, some mozzarella, tomato and jàmon serrano (or any other meat you love, salame would be perfect too) on the bread, finish with a bit of basil and let it bake in the oven until the mozarella cheese has melted!

PS: just for fun, I’m adding a pic of my new running shoes! Aren’t they GORGEOUS? haha


  1. You look very dreamy in these pics. I love the wavy curls. You actually inspired me to try that out some time. And the sandwich looks super yummy. I have pesto in my fridge waiting to be used...hmmm

  2. I just bought a cheep straightening iron and created some waves by following youtube tutorials, it is very easy and creates so much volume and texture! thanks :D

  3. hahahaha love this. verryyyyy clever. great skirt too!

    xo, Kim

  4. A. I want a curling iron so I can do that with my hair!

    B. Strawberry Fields Forever is my favourite Beatles song.

    C. I love your skirt!

    D. You look like the best cook ever.

  5. A. it's a straightening iron! Check youtube, straightening irons give looser and more natural curls!

    B. my fave is I want you (She's so heavy). That song is so hot and bluesy

    C. thanks! But it's a skort! haha

    D. hahaha thanks honey :D I just throw stuff together based on a few combinations that I know taste good, lol

  6. That food looks as yummy as ever. Can I book you to be my cook for the next garden party..haha?!
    I was a little kind of depressed when the German team lost the match but the Spanish team was the better one in that game.
    I cross my fingers for the Netherlands...sure.
    I have a Rimington iron too and I think it's the best I've ever had. So simple to handle.

  7. Your outfit is great! Your legs look amazing, I love the lying down picture, will have to try that myself sometime!!

    That food looks amazing, and those shoes are the perfect way to end that post after all the yummy food, haha!

  8. saskia: thanks for rooting for us! I hope we win but it'll be hard! Haha I'll cook for you!

    lauren: thanks so much! I saw the lying down idea on some other bloggers (I think The Clotheshorse) and it's just so romantic an dreamy! I didn't even think of the causal link between the food and the running shoes, lol

  9. I love your soft romantic waves! Skirt is v pretty too!

    Sal xXx

  10. Your food looks so tasty, I love love cheese! And I love your outfit, it's so flirty :) That top is fantastic, you must be so happy you kept it all these years!