Shake it like a polaroid picture

Hey boys and girls! Would you believe that I only checked out the details of that wardrobe remix challenge on chictopia today, the day that shiz closed down? Bummer. Oh well, I hardly stood a chance at competing with all you amazing stylistas out there! It is a very exciting challenge with an extremely exciting prize, so congrats in advance to the winner!!! I probably would’ve done a dress. I mean, it’s me, I always do dresses!

And have you guys checked out the new chic rewards?? For those that don’t live too far from NYC, chictopia is offering up to 350 bucks of expenses covered and a trip to fashion week, how awesome is that? 350 isn’t nearly enough to cover all my expenses though, tough luck :( Oh well, I’ll just cheer you guys on!

 dress: altered H&M
hat: pimkie
shoes: sac d'anvers

Today’s look is a bit flapper. I bought this dress at H&M for like 10 euros, it was marked down because the fit was off: the sleeves were way too tight and made the shoulders sit funny. So I just opened them up to make these butterfly sleeves (or whatever it is you call it) out of them, handstitched them so they wouldn’t fray too much and voila, perfectly fine dress! Until I noticed that the attached lining was a bit too tight as well, which made it ride up and show my panties. This would’ve actually happened if I hadn’t been wearing tights underneath. So I cut out the lining and just wore it with a red slip I had lying around et voila, now I REALLY think the work is done. I like altering garments a tiny bit while I’m watching TV for instance, and I don’t mind the end product being a bit messy. I like messy!

I love how the bright red/orange clashes with the blacks, so I kept it simple and just wore a hat and my pretty shoes with this. A touch of bright lipstick et voila! Hope you like it!

PS: I cut my hair a bit because I wanted slight sidebangs. Like I said, I’m a fan of altering, be it garments or be it the hairzzz

PPS: as always I thank you for all the sweet comments and new followers!

PPPS: some looks I've loved on

especially that third one, it blows my mind

PPPPS: haha how sad is that 0 hype on lookbook widget 


  1. Love that red on you - what a great colour!

    Sal xXx

  2. Leuke outfit! Mijn nagellak komt van de Urban Outfitters maar is eerder turquoise dan muntgroen helaas!