Paper planes

This is my take on menswear inspired dressing: a pinstripe vest, a blouse (let’s ignore the fact that it is one very frilly blouse), a pinstripe skirt, a boyfriend style watch and some fierce heels.
vest: pimkie
blouse, skirt, shorts: h&m
shoes: etam
watch: asos
ring: alex monroe

The skirt is very short and very light, so the lightest breeze of wind could send it flying up and leave me embarassed, but I anticipated on that very fact by wearing a wide pair of short pink shorts underneath that look like a second skirt. I like how the pink peaks out from under the skirt, giving some more depth to an otherwise monochromatic look. And nothing looks as good as being secure makes you feel, if you catch my drift. I hate having to hold down my skirt all the time in fear of it blowing up! I’m definitely going to be using this shorts trick more often.
We visited my dad yesterday, made some pizza with the familia, talked, played games on the wii, sat in his wonderful garden and played with the dogs. Very nice Tuesday indeed! Hope yours was just as nice and thanks for the comments!!


  1. Very cute! Like the salmon coloured shorts! It's like two things in one: an eyecatcher and of course a trick against our friend the wind ^^

  2. I was always worried about that so I bought boy brief undies, they look like shorts but they're super comfy. That's another route :P


  3. :D I love how there's different prints, but it all coordinates because it's the same color. Also, you're very clever to use wide shorts as a skirt. I didn't even know they were shorts until you mentioned it! You can also use bike shorts if your skirt isn't super short. (I wore some with a lil' floaty dress a few days ago.) Cool post title, btw.

  4. That's a great styling choice. Cover-up aside, I've always thought salmon & silver was the ultimate sophisticated pairing. I would love to get my hands on those shorts- they almost look vintage!


  5. they're H&M, bought them in the sales, thanks tessa!

    the ed: thank you! I've been wanting to wear cycling shorts under a short skirt (even with the legs peeking out), but that is a very "in your face" look while these wider shorts are really quite subtle. And I haven't found any cycling shorts that would go with the look!

    yasmeen: people would still see your underwear though :D

    lauren and sassy: thanks so much!

  6. a second ago i found myself considering whom i would actually kill for your legs :D they're the best legs ever! if i was a guy i'd spread those legs, but i'm just a girl so the least i can do is spread the word.
    oh and cute outfit by the way -feirceness on two sticks!-

  7. Very creative idea on wearing the shorts underneath a too short skirt! The bright pop of color really adds a nice touch to the outfit :)

  8. shana/sweet nothing: it helps if you wear heels and take your pics from a low point, pointing slightly upwards :D my legs aren't this perfect in real life! :D thanks

    rinny and joanna: thanks so much! :D