One at a time

Another ballet inspired outfit/pose for you guys! This romper was actually a jumpsuit that got its legs cut off (by me) and its crotch raised as it was one of those harem things, and now it is one of my favorite warm weather pieces.
 romper(altered), espadrilles, headband: H&M

It fits quite loosely around the body, even the waistband isn’t tight or sweaty, and the fabric is incredibly light and thin: perfect for the scorching heat. The aforementioned SCORCHIO! was also the reason I put my hair up. Some bobby pins and a headband et voila, no more sweaty hair! And perfect for my ballerina look. I found this headband with the flower while cleaning up. I had forgotten all about it and I’m glad it’s back because I love how it is both kind of a statement piece, and quite basic. Having almost black hair gives you the opportunity to have black hair accessories blend into your own hair, and while that is annoying sometimes, it does make “special” pieces more casual and wearable.
These espadrilles are seriously one of the best buys of the summer if you ask me. Very comfy and still cute and fashionable! I’m not the biggest fan of those basic flats, I feel like they often look a bit goody-two shoe. The straps and the rope sole on espadrilles keep it from being too sweet and too summer school, if you catch my drift.
I was in the paper yesterday! I don’t remember if I told you guys, but when I went sales shopping 12 days ago, I bought this straw hat with a parrot print, and the minute I set foot out of the store with the hat on my noggin, a guy with a huge camera approached me and asked if he could take my picture for some piece one of our national newspapers was doing on summertrends. One of the trends was the straw hat, and he thought mine was cute. Anastasia_Azuline alerted me on my picture when it was finally featured in the newspaper and I haven’t seen it yet myself, but it is quite fun and exciting! So exciting that I had a dream this night about Kate Moss telling an interviewer she thought I was a very stylish girl, hahaha! I’m not even that huge a fan of Kate Moss, but nonetheless it was AWESOME


  1. Woo Awesome about being in the paper!

    And your hair looks very cute up.

  2. Great headband.
    Have I ever seen you wearing all in black?! Can't remember. Great idea to cutt of the legs..looks much more cuter!

  3. these shoes are summer perfection!!

    xo, Kim

  4. hey beth, can you pass the link to me on msn if maybe you've got your hands on it someday?

    you got amazing grace with your hair like this, so fresh

    and i really love all-black looks. the total image of this look is flirty and playful, but also modest and somewhat distant in a strange way.. i really like it!

  5. thanks girls! I love all black from time to time, it has some sort of intellectualist elegance to it if you ask me. shana: I'll definitely show you once I find a way!

  6. great romper! i think rompers work better than one piece pantsuits anyhow.

  7. great romper! i think rompers work better than one piece pantsuits anyhow.