God knows I want to break free

Debut of the high waisted garden collection shorts!

 shorts: h&m
top: new look
bracelet: gift
shoes: sac d'anvers

To some, they may look like mom-shorts. Or a diaper. But I love them and how they cover my belly button! I love how they allow me to wear crop tops or even bikini tops with them without making me feel too “exposed”. They almost seem… modest, even though they show almost every inch of my legs. I paired them with my new look crop top, another sales buy. I love the floral lace, so bright and unique! I’ve never seen this type of coloring on a lace top, with different colors dotted all over the top. I’m also wearing the bracelet I won in the giveaway of our lovely Aphrodite because the gold and the interesting shape went perfectly with the outfit and how the brown shorts have a sort of gold shimmer to them.
The top half was already eye-catching enough for me, so I wore my uber-simple nude pumps with this! These may not come to mind when one ponders on their favorite shoes, but nude pumps definitely are a must-have. They are elegant, basic but still chic, and very “you”: everyone has a different skintone, so finding the perfect nude pump is almost as hard a quest as it was for Prince Charming to find the Cinderella that could fit her dainty foot into the glass slipper! I personally prefer it if the nude doesn’t completely match your skintone, but still matches it close enough to elongate your leg. The fact that it does not match completely draws the eye to it and makes you do a second take, focusing on the trompe-l’oeuil like effect they have.
On a weirder note: have you ever dreamt about some guy you hardly know (or don’t know at all) and have that dream be about you two being completely in love, and then woken up still being in love with that guy and feeling sort of heartbroken that you don’t even know him, or he doesn’t exist or whatever? I’ve had that several times and it makes me feel guilty each time because I HAVE A BOYFRIEND I love dearly. It’s like dream-cheating without actually wanting to cheat or being able to control yourself! Weird, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this? :-D
I’m going to see Toy Story 3D in a bit, I’m sure it will be hilarious! Enjoy your day sweethearts!


  1. Wonderful look Annebeth!!! The shoes work perfect too.

    Let us all know how the movie is, I would love to see it too!!

    And the dream... yes, I have had one or two like that... sushh, dont tell anyone!... :D

  2. I won't :D Oh, and Toy Story was amazing!! A definite must watch, so cute and funny and thrilling, but also moving. I teared up from time to time and I'm not that big of a crybaby :D thanks!

  3. I like the shorts. I feel like a lot of people aren't daring enough to wear high waist shorts but you're rocking them well.


    PS: OMG TOY STORY 3 WAS AWESOME. Say hi to Woody for me :]

  4. Goregous high waist shorts!
    As I was on a little spontanious shopping trip I saw a girl in a store wearing a similar piece together with a normal basic black shirt and a vintage dark brown leather belt.
    Thought it would also look great on you!


  5. I LOVE the shorts!The crop top goes great with it too! One of my favorite outfits of yours:) I was surprised on how emotional I got when I saw Toy Story 3 but it is SOOOO GOOD:)

  6. love the cropped floral top with the brown h-waist shorts! Love your shoes too!:) Gorgeous:)

    Hope you could join my giveaway. International readers are welcome to join!=)

    Love, Paxie

  7. yasmeen: I agree, I felt a tiny bit selfconscious too when I went out in this outfit, but I would feel more selfconscious in shorts that would bare my stomach! :D These are like.. Almost formal shorts but in a fashion way? Haha I don't make any sense

    sassy: thank you! I'll definitely be combining these shorts in different ways, love the look you describe there!

    simplyhope: thanks so much! and I was bawling like a baby at some points, like when they were almost getting incinerated or when Andy played with his toys for the very last time...

    aisapaxie: thanks darling, I joined in! awesome!

  8. The shorts are gorgeous! I want one, lol! New follower :) Hope you can drop by my blog too!

  9. ahhh I've been looking for a pair of shorts exactly like those!!! so totally want to steal them off of you. You look fabulous in them btw.


  10. The shorts are gorgeous! I want one, lol! New follower :) Hope you can drop by my blog too!