The Fairest of the Seasons

The weather has been cloudy and slightly colder than one would expect in the summer, so it feels more like fall. Perfect timing to start thinking about what I want to be wearing come fall. I’m seeing socks, impractical shoes (clunky with straps, think open toed clogs), short layers, big scarfs and jackets, either fitted or big and bold. A bit bohemien, a bit Olsen, and quite girly in a non-sugar sweet way. This outfit is a quick improv I did with what was already in my closet, trying to embody the spirit of the image in my head.

I’m planning on buying some thick tights and cutting off the legs to wear the legs as uberlong socks, would be perfect for scrunching them down a bit and layering over sheer tights. This is the picture that inspired me for my fall/winter vision:

source: lookbook

Of course I’d prefer it if summer never ended, but looking ahead to cute fall/winter looks softens the blow of the chilling autumn wind. What are your fall/winter must haves for this year? How do you want to look?

PS: meet my new nailpolish! The one I talked about a few posts back, it’s from Catrice and I’m wearing a slightly darker shade of green over a white nailpolish to get the desired effect!


  1. you look so great,love your stockings and whole outfit is perfect and these colors! lovely,very lovely!!

  2. love the whole look! and the inspiration rocks! gorgeous!


  3. Oooh I like the socks you're going to buy. Thigh high tights are always super constricting no matter how skinny I am! Those look a little bit easier on the legs :[

    I'm soo excited for Fall. I love layering clothes and I miss wearing all my boots!


  4. I see socks this fall as well! :) (Because I will have some extra $ to buy some.) is where I plan to get the quality socks & thigh-highs I desire. (They have super long, scrunch-able socks, too.) But I do like your DIY idea, so maybe I'll try it out on some cheap tights. I wish I could wear fall-style clothing today too, but it's too hot here, so I guess I'll have to plan on paper. :| I know that my fall wardrobe will also be filled with leggings, boots & trenchcoats. (Oh my!)

  5. yasmeen: oh yes, knee highs and tigh highs are so tight most of the time, and often too short to scrunch them up in the right way! and I miss my boots too :(

    the ed: I know about the site but I always prefer buying stuff I can actually see in real life! internet scares me, lol

    joanna: thanks so much doll!

    mici: thank you!! :D

  6. Cute!! :D

    I love the socks, like you look in shorts, socks always look good on you too!! :D

    I will have to try the cut off tights too to see how they go, do you think they will stay up?

    Oh and your tan.. omg Annebeth its fab!! :D

  7. It would definitely stay up when you wear them with sheer tights underneath, but if they'd fall down when worn with bare legs I suggest wearing them like the girl in my example pic (with suspenders) or even sowing a ribbon in the top trim and tying that in the back to make it sit tighter! Would be right up your cutesy alley! :D

    and thanks!! :D

  8. Oh I liked your dress so much and the shoes are so beautiful, you made a great combination again Annebeth, as usual!!! And I'm sure you'll rock those socks too! :D