No, I’m not a double D cup, but I’m wearing double denim! I bought these jeggings in the sale for like 7 euro at New Look, and I immediately had all kinds of ideas as to how to style them: with long and loose fitting tops! Airy blouses in summer, plaid or layers in fall and big, chunky sweaters in winter. I didn’t like the whole jeggings trend at first, but after seeing calivintage rocking the look multiple times on her personal blog, I was won over by her gamine, retro take on the jeggings. VERY me, totally inspirational. And then I thought of my new style icon, Alexa Chung. Yes, apparently I’m quite a late bloomer when it comes to realizing something/someone is actually awesome. Maybe I just need the time to figure out if I REALLY like something instead of just jumping on the bandwagon? Anyway, I just realized that Alexa Chung is awesome. I love her hair, I love her Chloe Sevigny esque careless girl vibe and I love her weird shoes. I would love to see her eat a sandwich or two though, but that is her own beeswax. I remembered seeing her once in a denim shirt – very tight denim pants combo, so I just swapped the pants for jeggings et voila! These shoes were perfect with the look: clunky, high and kind of a statement shoe. I love em dearly.
shirt: zara
shoes: sac d'anvers
leggings: new look

source: google

source: calivintage

So that’s it! Hope you enjoy the look, and thanks so so much to the commenters and new followers!


  1. I love the double denim look. I'm too scared to try it myself though! Also, your shoes are fab :) x

  2. if you just choose too very different denims to combine, it doesn't look THAT weird :D thanks!

  3. Very cool Annebeth. I love the shirt, this is a great look.... one that I will copy this week!! :D

  4. WIll you FINALLY photograph it and show us all??? I bet all your cute shoes would look amazing with a double denim :D