Born in the USA

 shirt, shoes: h&m
shorts: diesel cutoffs

I know, a very simple and kind of boring look, but I suddenly felt inspired by that all american (actually just very teenager) look of simple T, sneakers and blue jeans. But since I’m too intellectual to actually just go for such a simple and overplayed look(HA!), I wore it with my Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA shirt, to give it an angle (if you don’t get it, check the lyrics!). I love love love Springsteen. He writes music that speaks to the heart, he tells stories that nearly anyone can relate to, and you see the fire in his starry eyes. Oh, and he is hot. Definitely one of my favorite musicians. The River and Born to run are two of my all time favorite songs, check them out if you don’t know them and listen to those lyrics! Pure poetry!
I had some fun and recreated the album cover with my own al-BUM in the picture (haha great joke right).

Is there a particular song or artist that inspires you? Stylewise or personalitywise?

This song is just beautiful, and the clip inspired me loads: innocence and beauty lost because every young one wants everything too far too high too soon

and I absolutely love that awkward length white dress.

The Misfits were also very inspiring to me in my teenage years. Angst, power, raw energy and the type of lyrics that hardly mean anything but are very nice to shout along to

saw them live once and it was awesome.