These smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun, also: CLOGS!

Finally some sun! And it's my guy's birthday! Happy b-day, sweetheart! Looking forward to another year together.

 dress: h&m
shoes: pimkie
glasses: claire's

On another note: I am totally and utterly won over by clogs. I used to hate them. My barbie had some clogs and I never let her wear them because I thought they were butt-ugly. I associated them with a certain style that wasn't mine: bedazzled denim, baby pink miniature handbags with equally miniature dogs in there, and a fake tan. Mind you, I was too young to associate clogs with the origin of their popularity: the seventies. Maybe I was just brainwashed by all the tacky stiletto heeled versions out there. Anyway, I was blind for their obvious, quirky, clunky appeal. And then there was Chanel's spring/summer 2010 show. I was immediately won over by the romantic farm vibe as it epitomizes what summer is all about for me: golden sunrays, the smell of mown lawn, grass beneath your bare feet, and feminine dresses. The clogs seemed so natural with the looks, both traditional and fashion forward. Even a bit bohemièn if you ask me: I could see Vanessa Paradis lounging in some vintage chanel flapperstyle dress with clogs on her dainty feet. Anyway, you get the picture: they were hot

source: google

After seeing the impossibly fun and appealing show Kaiser Karl put together, I was convinced that clogs deserved their place in the fashion world. However, the highstreet versions did not win me over: Zara had some highly coveted pairs that were just plain ugly to me and looked completely ridiculous with my skinny legs towering above them. I also felt like they cut off the leg in a strange place, and weren't all that flattering as a result. Fine for models and some girls, but not for me.
source: google

I tried the first pair on, and even though they were extremely comfortable (did not see that one coming), they looked kind of awkward on me. So I classified clogs under "awesome in theory, difficult in real life".

And then this happened
Swedish. Hasbeens. I was head over hasbeens. How wonderful would they look with socks? With anything? Such a classic look that would probably never go out of style, perfect for summer and so fun! I haven't felt this way about a pair of shoes since over the knee boots. But swedish hasbeens are expensive. Out of my budget at 185 euro. Sadface. I stalked the internet looking for sales, but to no avail. And then this happened.

*cue choirs of the heavens*

The article links to a site that allows you to design your OWN clogs that look JUST like swedish hasbeens but are less dan half the price, and they ship ridiculously cheaply to boot!. 85 euro is still steep for sandals, but I have this feeling. It is called Love. I literally have butterflies in my stomach. And I think I'll take the plunge.
 source: google

you can have them in all kinds of crazy cute colors, and these are the available shapes. I think I'll go for the last one in a very simple neutral heel and black leather strap. I like them even better than swedish hasbeens!
But these are cheaper at about 50 euro:
 source: topshop

not nearly as nice though, right? Which ones should I get? How do you feel about clogs? Will you be buying some Magubas?

One day I'll fly away

Yesterday was as dreary as summer comes, and it was cold to boot, so I coped by wearing a heavy knit cardi over my summerdress, and wearing socks in my sandals. Easy as that!

  dress, socks: h&m
sandals: sac d'anvers
belt: vintage
birdpin: asos

Precisely the way I intend to cross over from summer to fall when the sun has finally shown her last warm day this year. I always look forward to summer and it’s over in the blink of an eye. Oh well, time flies when you’re having a good time, right? And let’s just focus on the pretty weather that is yet to come, and the gorgeous outerwear and boots that await us in fall and winter. Until then, I’m wearing my summer dresses even though it feels more like fall outside. The little birdpin is a cute statement piece, but also reminds me to see the beauty in small things. It brightens my day! I realize the colors in this outfit aren’t quite coordinated, but who cares right. I like them together and that’s that!
Today, the sun is shining and we’re going to go to a playground or something to enjoy the sun, hope you have some lovely summer’s day ahead of you too!

Boom boom pow

Ola! How is your day? Mine just started, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a good good dayhayhay. I just got of the phone with my summerjob’s employer and my hours for the first week are really really good so I’m pretty glad. I’ve also been looking at old pics my mom brought over (she’s moving and sorting through old stuff), and it is absolutely awesome to see yourself evolving in pictures from baby to cute kid in princess dresses to lanky and angsty teenager to now. People change a lot in a few years. And I really wore some hideous clothes. My parents are hippies, so that should tell you guys enough. Long skirts, long sweaters, clashing colors, horrible prints. I might try and provide you guys with some visual evidence of my ugly past, but I don’t have a scanner at hand.
Anyway, even though I looked awful, just seeing these memories coming back to life in front of my eyes was awesome.

So I wore an awesome dress to celebrate that fact! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of wearing my H&m Garden Collection watercolor dress. It’s so vibrant and I love the interesting shape. Doesn’t need much else to shine, but I wore this tribal-looking necklace, one of the items I got in the giveway of Aphrodite . Neon tribal is a cool summer look, don’t you think?

Paper planes

This is my take on menswear inspired dressing: a pinstripe vest, a blouse (let’s ignore the fact that it is one very frilly blouse), a pinstripe skirt, a boyfriend style watch and some fierce heels.
vest: pimkie
blouse, skirt, shorts: h&m
shoes: etam
watch: asos
ring: alex monroe

The skirt is very short and very light, so the lightest breeze of wind could send it flying up and leave me embarassed, but I anticipated on that very fact by wearing a wide pair of short pink shorts underneath that look like a second skirt. I like how the pink peaks out from under the skirt, giving some more depth to an otherwise monochromatic look. And nothing looks as good as being secure makes you feel, if you catch my drift. I hate having to hold down my skirt all the time in fear of it blowing up! I’m definitely going to be using this shorts trick more often.
We visited my dad yesterday, made some pizza with the familia, talked, played games on the wii, sat in his wonderful garden and played with the dogs. Very nice Tuesday indeed! Hope yours was just as nice and thanks for the comments!!

The Fairest of the Seasons

The weather has been cloudy and slightly colder than one would expect in the summer, so it feels more like fall. Perfect timing to start thinking about what I want to be wearing come fall. I’m seeing socks, impractical shoes (clunky with straps, think open toed clogs), short layers, big scarfs and jackets, either fitted or big and bold. A bit bohemien, a bit Olsen, and quite girly in a non-sugar sweet way. This outfit is a quick improv I did with what was already in my closet, trying to embody the spirit of the image in my head.

I’m planning on buying some thick tights and cutting off the legs to wear the legs as uberlong socks, would be perfect for scrunching them down a bit and layering over sheer tights. This is the picture that inspired me for my fall/winter vision:

source: lookbook

Of course I’d prefer it if summer never ended, but looking ahead to cute fall/winter looks softens the blow of the chilling autumn wind. What are your fall/winter must haves for this year? How do you want to look?

PS: meet my new nailpolish! The one I talked about a few posts back, it’s from Catrice and I’m wearing a slightly darker shade of green over a white nailpolish to get the desired effect!

God knows I want to break free

Debut of the high waisted garden collection shorts!

 shorts: h&m
top: new look
bracelet: gift
shoes: sac d'anvers

To some, they may look like mom-shorts. Or a diaper. But I love them and how they cover my belly button! I love how they allow me to wear crop tops or even bikini tops with them without making me feel too “exposed”. They almost seem… modest, even though they show almost every inch of my legs. I paired them with my new look crop top, another sales buy. I love the floral lace, so bright and unique! I’ve never seen this type of coloring on a lace top, with different colors dotted all over the top. I’m also wearing the bracelet I won in the giveaway of our lovely Aphrodite because the gold and the interesting shape went perfectly with the outfit and how the brown shorts have a sort of gold shimmer to them.
The top half was already eye-catching enough for me, so I wore my uber-simple nude pumps with this! These may not come to mind when one ponders on their favorite shoes, but nude pumps definitely are a must-have. They are elegant, basic but still chic, and very “you”: everyone has a different skintone, so finding the perfect nude pump is almost as hard a quest as it was for Prince Charming to find the Cinderella that could fit her dainty foot into the glass slipper! I personally prefer it if the nude doesn’t completely match your skintone, but still matches it close enough to elongate your leg. The fact that it does not match completely draws the eye to it and makes you do a second take, focusing on the trompe-l’oeuil like effect they have.
On a weirder note: have you ever dreamt about some guy you hardly know (or don’t know at all) and have that dream be about you two being completely in love, and then woken up still being in love with that guy and feeling sort of heartbroken that you don’t even know him, or he doesn’t exist or whatever? I’ve had that several times and it makes me feel guilty each time because I HAVE A BOYFRIEND I love dearly. It’s like dream-cheating without actually wanting to cheat or being able to control yourself! Weird, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this? :-D
I’m going to see Toy Story 3D in a bit, I’m sure it will be hilarious! Enjoy your day sweethearts!


I was in the mood to dress comfy and casual, but I still wanted to wear my bodycon white lace dress. How to make such a sweet garment a bit more casual? Why, wear a blouse over it of course! Enter this oversized green H&M men’s department blouse and these comfy, edgy wedges et voila. Something I’d see Chloe Sevigny in.

(not wearing the green nailpolish in these pictures yet, obviously )
dress, shirt, shoes: h&m
watch: asos
ring: alex monroe

I saw The Hours yesterday. I didn’t dislike it (Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman played wonderful parts), but I think I expected more from it. It did however inspire me to try and read some Virginia Woolf in the future. We went to the mall as well, and I was set on finding myself some light green nail polish in the perfect pastel-jade shade. I didn’t find THE perfect shade, but I bought two cheap bottles: one was the right tone, but a bit too dark, and the other contained white nail polish. I was inspired by my own action of mixing together the perfect lilac nail polish when I couldn’t find it in stores, so this time I wanted to mix the perfect green. But the bottles were both too full to go dripping from one into the other, so I just coated my nails in two layers of white, and one thin layer of the green on top et voila, perfect nails! Very glad with the result, it’s pastel but not too sweet, more like a muted neon green or something. Great when you have a bit of a tan :) 

I'm still looking for the perfect bright pale pink lipstick as well, but no luck on that front yet. The pale pinks you find in shops are almost always shimmery and I want mine to be matte.

I like the one in the left, but it could be a bit more artificial-pink, if you know what I mean. The one in the pic is a tad too natural.

and this one is a bit too purple, but I think you know which shade I mean now?

this one is pretty much it! perfectly pink, matte, gorgeous, want! It's Mac's 'Snob', am definitely going to look for it!

Ok that's it for today, enjoy your sunday boys and gals!