supercalifragilistic sadomasochism

Hey! I got up early today to get some more schoolwork done, I’m so proud of myself! But this also means I’m not gonna be typing a long text, sorry guys!
One last remark about the weather for today: it’s going to be glorious! The sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight, and the temperatures are expected to reach 17°, I’m happy with that!
peace, love and unity, brothers and sisters

 dress: h&m
tights: pimkie
ring: pimkie
shoes: bershka


  1. You must have got up really early! Wow! :) I love these weather so much too, but we're excepting some cold and rainy days, unfortunately :( I envy your success of taking pictures everyday, I don't have that chance, difficult for a blog... Anyways, those shoes are cuuutteee!!! :D Loved your combination, wow!

  2. about tiramisu (previous post): it's very delicious if you can manage to keep it in the fridge for a long long time! a whole day or night :( and indeed very hard work for a piece of cake! my dad used to make it for me and him. well, you know, for him, but, you know, i kinda used to eat it. pretty much about each time. haha. poor dad :P

    previous-previous-something-post: you do look like a hunting cheetah havin' a real cool time with that leather on your legs haha

    on this outfit, same shit differend day: wanna torn up your dress. HOT TRAMP!
    wub ya so x

  3. and i wanna TEAR up your dress ! i REALLY do suck huh :(

  4. alwaaaaays makin' this about me lol, sorry :P by the way those blue plants look so tasty!

  5. i love your dress and shoes! i like the fit of the dress how it's kinda flowy and easy and the colors are beautiful. and those shoes are super fierce!

  6. shana: attention whore :D

    seval: thanks! I try to take pictures everyday but it is quite a burden...

    amanda: thank you! I usually wear this dress with a belt but I was into the little girl like/roaring twenties feel to the loose flowy-ness! :)