Take a chance on me

There I go again with the halter-dress (this one used to have spaghetti straps but they look horrible on me so I did my halter trick again). And with the grass-sitting. Aren’t you guys sick and tired of my sitting in the grass and wearing dresses? :D Please tell me if you are!

dress: h&m
shoes: pimkie

This dress is another one of my crazy h&m finds. H&m often has stuff that isn’t all that amazing to me, but once in a while you can’t help but be awed at what they come up with at such affordable prices. I bought this dress in the sales for 5 euros. Seriously. That is literally a steal! It has so much fabric, I can hold up the tips of the skirt next to my head without exposing myself as I’ve demonstrated multiple times in the street, hahaha. And it swayyys with me as I walk!
And do you guys watch project runway? Remember Jeffrey Sebelia? When I saw his collection in the last episode, his most beautiful dress totally reminded me of this dress I’m wearing here, I already had it back then. This is the dress I’m talking about.

Totally alike, no? Which made me love my dress even more!
In less positive news: yesterday (when I wore that dress) was the last beautiful sunny day in at least 5 days. We are going from summer heatwave temperatures to end of winter again. So depressing :( I am really an outdoorsy person and whenever the weather ends up sucking in spring or summer, I am kind of lost in terms of what I do with my spare time now. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. Nothing productive though, probably.
Just one day until we know the chictopia style icons of may! omgomgomgomg :D
don’t worry, I won’t take my own life if I don’t make it. It’s just awesome that I’m even almost in the running! And a major THANK YOU to all those who became my fan this month, you guys are amazing!


I bought this dress a while back at h&m after contemplating buying it for a bit because the shape was absolutely horrid on me. FYI: it didn’t look like this back then, I altered it to my shape. In the end I ended up buying it after all because I really really adored the print to death: it reminded me of Franz Marc’s paintings and he is my all time favorite painter. I love how passionate and vibrant his colors are, they make the animals who are actually painted rather unrealistically come to life in a way more realistic art never could. It’s a more “wild” view at reality.
 dress: h&m
shoes: etam
bracelet: pimkie

This print isn’t nearly as awesome but it still reminded me of those paintings, and how often do you get that? Not often. So I figured, this print is worth more than the crappy design of this dress. So I took it home and started altering: it used to have an elasticated strapless band up top which totally pressed my boobs down and accentuated my armpit fat. I know, totally flattering. NOT. Also, there is an elasticated waistband but it sits way too low: it hits somewhere between my natural waist and my hips unless I scrunch it all the way up but then you have this really poofy top bit which also doesn’t flatter the boobage. I cut out the elastic band (just cut through the fabric and pulled the elastic out) of the top part, took the long ribbon that came with it to tie the waist and used it to creat halter straps (I positioned them waaaay to the side as to obscure my armpit flab from your eyes), placed some stitches where the cleavage should be to create a sweetheart neckline effect (OK, a toned down sweetheart effect), folded the skirt part up and wore a belt over it et voila: flattering dress with awesome print!
It reminded me of all things ethnic so I wore my african-look yellow bead bracelet with it. And heels because they are so practical for hiking through the jungle.
Hope you like it guys! And thanks again to my new fans!!!! I’m so excited for Style Icon, I probably won’t get it but a girl can hope, can’t she? :-D

some of my favorites by Franz Marc

Why can't there be love

Omg you guys I just bought the most perfect gorgeous beautiful summerdress yesterday but I’m not going to show it yet because it’s a very light one, white with fine light blue stripes and I’ve been wearing too much white on my blog and I want to give you guys some variation! How sweet am I?
It’s this one, very simple and non fussy in the front, but it has a gorgeous open back! A V backcleavage that ends just above your bra and then a triangular cut out below the bra to expose your entire lower back(perfect for summers with sweaty backs, hahaha) and omg I love love love love it!!! I had spotted a dress like that on Urban Outfitters,Topshop or Modcloth before and I knew I wouldn’t own one quite like it because a back cut out like that is seldom seen in normal hightstreet stores, and then I ran into this one and I was seriously like OMG *snatch run to dressing room buy*. It has a supergirly, somewhat sixties feel to me and you guys know I love my style to have a bit of a sweet retro vibe. I am utterly in love with it.

This dress I bought in the last sales at zara for 10 euros and after hacking the sleeves off because they made the dress a bit too costumy for my taste it has become one of my all time prettiest dresses. The lace is just gorgeous and it always reminds me of some fun, kicky 60’s weddingdress. The shoes are from h&m and are supercomfy!

Thanks again to my new fans! I am actually in the top 6 for style icon on chictopia right now and I’m overjoyed! I never thought I’d have a chance of even almost becoming a style icon because everyone is soooo lovely there and so many people deserve it!

Have you ever

I heart tights, but I think that was already quite obvious. Tights are THE easiest way to make an outfit look totally different. These pearl-grey or perle gris ones are perfect: they don’t have that “cute, retro, childlike” connotation that white tights do have, and they aren’t quite as bright so they are a bit more wearable. They look great with pastels, but I wanted to try something different and went for an outfit I could picture being worn in a disco type venue in the 70s-80s. I really love the wraparound sandals that were part of h&m’s garden collection, and I suddenly remembered I had shoes that were really similar. My mom got them for me on my 19th birthday I think, I don’t wear em that often but I really do love them. Why is it that we sometimes have garments we utterly love and still don’t wear? It’s not that the piece is unwearable or too “dressed up”, anyone who knows me knows I’m allways overdressed. Oh well, here’s to hoping they’ll get featured more often in my future!

 dress, handjewelry, necklace: h&m
tights: pimkie
shoes: friis & co

I spoke with a friend about my blog and he commented on the saturation of my pictures so now I need your honest opinion: do you think my pictures are overly saturated most of the time? Or not enough? Too dark? Too bright? Contrast level?
Please tell me, I work on a laptop and the screen makes it hard for me to get color on the right uhm level.Any type of tips and constructive criticism is always appreciated!
Thanks again to my new fans on chictopia! You guys rock my world, I’m almost in the top six running for style icon! I probably won’t get it but I’ll still get a screenshot and print+frame it and hang it right here above my laptop so I can see it everyday and thank you guys!

In the summertime when the winter's gone

Hey guys! I wanted to try the socks in heels look today, so I did :-D I quite like the result! Maybe it’s just because I’ve been seeing this look everywhere lately, but it just doesn’t feel or look weird to me at all!
And I love this dress because it always reminds me of a twenties-thirties undergarment, the perfect light cotton dress for warm days when you still don’t want to show too much skin. And somehow, wearing a hat makes an outfit more “finished” or “ladylike” to me. We all used to wear hats in the olden days, why would we stop now? It’s another accessory, girls! Something you can start collecting like shoes and bags! :-D
dress: pimkie
hat, socks: h&m
shoes: etam
cardi: zara

Today the weather is going to take a little dip in temperature, but as of tomorrow it’s going back up! We’ve gone from winter to spring to summerlike weather in a matter of weeks. I love global warming! :D

Also: OH my god I've passed some of my all time favorite chictopians in the ranking now, I'm so incredibly honored! To those who aren't fan yet: please become my fan on chictopia, it'd mean the world to me!

Schelde oever

So, my boyfriend and I ended up going for a walk on the banks of the Schelde, one of Belgium's biggest rivers. The most far out thing happened when we were passed by an asian looking guy on a scooter who was wearing pink clogs and had one artificial leg (he was wearing shorts). I am not kidding.
But the entire walk was nice: I love nature and I love how quintessentially "low lands" (as we call Belgium and The Netherlands here) it was. The farms, the river, the dike, the sheep, ... And it was soooo green! Really in your face green :-D

Truth is I love any day I spend with my boyfriend so this was no exception. Here's some pictures (sorry, none of the artificial-legged guy):

my hat kept blowing off so I fastened it to his backpack :-D

What you waiting for

We were planning to go on a daytrip today because the weather predictions were awesome but when we got out of bed, it was cloudy :( It’s still quite warm outside, but it just doesn’t feel as nice when the sun isn’t shining. These pictures are from yesterday, when I WANTED to go out but my boyfriend prefered to wait until today so thanks to HIM we are now in this predicament.

 blouse, skirt: h&m
belt, shoes: pimkie
glasses: claire's

I’d prefer to mix a printed blouse with this skirt but I only have a plain one. I’d love a tribal print to go with the floral. This shirt actually has a teeny tiny vichy print. I love these gaga-esque glasses, especially with the yellow they always remind me of the paparazzi video. I thought she was so adorable in that scene where she poisons her boyfriend :-D Anyway, this is my outfit! Let’s hope the weather will get better over here so we can still go on our planned picnic :(