February Fur

Old outfit from back in February coming up, I didn't have the time to take pictures today :)

I have been so SICK and TIRED of STUPID commercials on Belgian television! I am usually pretty lenient when it coms to advertisement. Of course there are always crappy ones, and those bother me, but I survive. HOWEVER, the last few weeks about 99% of ALL commercials have been SO FREAKING ANNOYING! I have been contemplating just turning of my television ENTIRELY so I don't have to watch those INSULTS TO MY INTELLECT ANYMORE. 

Glad I got that out of my system.

I'm not all bitchin evil today though, I got free stuffz at River Island! I haven't told you guys with that many words yet, but I have been appointed a River Island Student Ambassador (when you use capital letters it sounds more official)! This means I will be handing out flyers for the upcoming River Island Student Party (capital letters!), and I will be spreading the word online. In return I get 100 euro worth of free clothes, but I'm doing it for the experience mainly! Also, Student Ambassador sounds pretty fancy. Fancy schmancy!
What I got: those sweet red T bar flats from my last post, and a grey promdress (same shape as this pretty one I'm wearing right now) with a bright yellowish green hummingbird/leaf print, loooove! I am SO totally on a Mad Men fashion trip. I'll show you guys tomorrow! Have a great night loversssss

dress: River Island via ASOS
sweater: Zara
coat, fur: H&M
boots: ASOS


  1. WONDERFUL skirt! stunning print xoxo

  2. YAYY!!! How exciting, congrats!!! :D
    and I love how you layered that dress :)

  3. LOVE the print on the dress. It is so dreamy!! You look quite lovely, as always. You have styled this outfit quite perfectly. :-) xoxo

  4. Super cute! Omigosh, my favorite part is the skirt, that pattern is amazing. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com

  5. loving the jacket, did you get the collar separately? Brilliant!
    handmade jewelry

  6. Gorgeous as always! I am loving the print on your skirt its so charming! AND I love that you styled it with the fur + boots too. GORG! xx veronika

  7. I hate commercials in general too. It gets me SO mad when they call them 30 seconds film (pu-leaze!).

    On a brighter note: I adore this skirt!

    Virginie’s Cinema

  8. Gorgeous look! I love the print of you dress. We've had our TV off for a few days now it feels great, I get so much more done. Let me know if you do turn off your tv. It can be the best thing ever.

  9. This look is amazing, that sweater over the dress and fur collar all combined is so perfect. That's so excited that you get to do that, AND get free clothes! What a great opportunity
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, I appreciate that :)

  10. Well put together outfit - love the colors and shapes! great styling as always :)
    Marusya V
    p.s. We are friends on Chictopia:) Fancy following each other via blogs?

  11. hehe oh you ambasator you! still love the print on this dress. p.s. ive not forgotten about the recipe ;) ill get to it evetually chickadee

  12. oooh keileuk! Who doesn't like free clothes? En een fancy titel zoals Student Ambassador :D Ik zou er normaal zeker moeten geraken op de student party, will be fun!

  13. WOW congrats!! (yes I read between the lines earlier, but the benefits are awesome!)

    I love this otufit :) since I missed quite a few posts in february, didn't mind seeing this one today :) CHIC love that sweater!!

  14. Wat een ontzettend mooie jurk en je jas is geweldig, het past heel goed bij elkaar!^^

  15. oh poor dear, een schrale troost, maar de nederlandse reclames zijn net zo erg! héél frustrerend.
    anyway, you look gorgeous as usual. no surprise there haha :)
    x M.

  16. Congratulations on the River Island (one of my favourite English brands).
    Loving your skirt, and the colour combo.

  17. That is so exciting about River Island- really. You're so lucky, now you can play it up and be like, "Oh yes, I'm a River Island Ambassador... biyatch!" LoL! :D This combo is just so gorgeously warm, like, colorwise if you know what I mean (and I'm sure it is warm to wear, too). I just love this fur- it adds that certain something to the outfit, especially when combined with the copper tones.

    HaHaHa- Your comments are always the best- they always make me LoLoLoL!!! xD Thank you for the compliment :D :D I think you are soo pretty too (I always thought that, really- I'm not just trying to return the compliment or something)

  18. Love the dress!!! Is so great!!!

  19. I don´t know how you do it, posting daily???
    You are a posting addict hehehehe. Great news!!!

  20. Superleuke outfit, as always!! Love your style!!

  21. LOVE the print on the dress. It is so dreamy!! You look quite lovely, as always. You have styled this outfit quite perfectly. :-) xoxo

  22. WONDERFUL skirt! stunning print xoxo