Black Swan


I FINALLY got the chance to see Black Swan today! I went to the movies after class with a bunch of friends (shoutout to ma gurlz) and we were all BLOWN AWAY. My expectations were high, and still it managed to impress me beyond my wildest dreams. Natalie Portman is an indie sweetheart, and usually I am not impressed by her acting to say the least, but this performance was spot on and amazing. The role of a lifetime, and the performance of a decade if you ask me. I loved the story, the music (srsly I want to download the soundtrack now), the effects, the thrills, literally EVERYTHING. It has been ages since I've seen such an engaging, multifaceted female character and performance. It seems strange, but women hardly ever get these kind of roles to play. Striving for perfection, the conflict between the innocent little girl and the sensual adult, between control and letting go, between who you are and who you want to be: this movie adressed many interesting psychological struggles. I was gobsmacked by the experience and I can't wait to see it again. It has instantly become one of my favorite movies of all time.
I'm also in love with this artwork for the movie. I want these in big, full poster form!

 top: H&M (altered)
skirt, coat: H&M
flats: River Island
belt: Pimkie
cardi: T2 vintage

This outfit was better in real life, but I only had a few minutes to take pictures and this is what I ended up with. I look like I'm about to fart in the second pic, but you'll have to make do with these!

and this is me at the movies:

Apparently both me and my friend had a spoon in our purses. Go figure.

I'd post pictures of my other babe-alicious friends, but I'm not sure if they are ok with that or not since my blog is SO well-known and stuff. I mean, they need their privacy.


  1. I watched that movie two days in a row. Daron Aronofsky is such an amazing director and Natalie Portman was transformed in my eyes! she was so good.
    I LOVE that skirt and you styled it so great!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU for the styling tips on my newish green dress! we'll see how i do with it :-) xoxo

  2. red and stripes are meant to be together :) nice outfit and i totally want to watch black swan so bad!!

  3. had the chance to see it on the plane, but i didn't. i thought that is would be to hard to handle. but you look fabulous in red. the coat is fabulous with the shoes. and i love the shimmering of the shoes. the stripes are so amazing. the skirt is so fun to watch, love the little details on the skirt. how genius to combine it with a neutral and pale color.

  4. I've never seen Black Swan, but I keep hearing that it is absolutely amazing. Natalie Portman is a talented, skilled actress, and I can only imagine what she brought to the role.

    I love how you combined the cream lace and the black and white stripes!! It's such a great idea- so unexpected! And like I said- the shoe envy strikes hard.. HAHAHAHA to what you said about the second pic! HAHAHA- Annebeth, seriously, you always crack me up. Seriously. LoLoL! :D

  5. I'm in love with all that red, it looks so pretty on you! I'm also pretty enamored with your H&M lace top. Gotta check out Black Swan, still haven't seen it yet!
    much love.

  6. Black Swan definitely shot straight up into my top 5 as soon as I saw it, and I've been wanting one of those posters for months! The artwork is so gorgeous. If you get a chance, you should watch The Wrestler as well. It's really good, though nowhere near as great as Black Swan. Aronofsky actually made the movies as companion pieces, and it's interesting to note the parallels between the main characters who seem so different on the surface. The last scene especially has a strong resemblance.

  7. Oh you are perfection. I adore this matchy matchy outfit. The red, black and white are such a perfect combo!

  8. i looove your red shoes! cute pictures! ;)

  9. I LOVE the coat, and the shoes. And the skirt. You're always so gorgeous!
    I so want to see The Black Swan. It looks SO good...

    So... I was given the stylish blogger award, and I wanted to pass it on to you. You've been tagged in my post here:

    Feel free not to do it. But you're one of my favorites, and I just wanted to let you know!

  10. I think my boyfriend and I might be the only two people left in the United States that haven't seen Black Swan yet. I don't know what has taken us so long either.
    You look so lovely in your red shoes and coat. Black and white always look good with red. Love the little lace top too.

  11. haha fartsy mcgee, i didnt think that til you said it! cute outfit as always, lol to the spoons, i always have random cutlery in my bags from work

  12. I always heard so many good things about Black Swan. But I had to wait until the DVD will be released. I didn't have time to go and see it in the cinema and yet it's out of our movie theatre.
    Love the outfit. Red is definitly your colour!

  13. Lovely outfit as always :) I was pretty blown away by Black Swan as well, only got round to seeing it last weekend! xx

  14. Wat ben je toch grappig :D Dit vind ik dus zo leuk aan je blog hè.. Leuke foto's, maar als je dan de tekst erbij leest krijg je een instant goed gevoel !


  15. Your shoes are so awesome! I can't stop staring at them :)
    Black swan was amazing, but one of those movies that I don't think I could bear to watch again (or at least not in a theater).

  16. Heel leuk deze outfit, vooral de rode jas! Zo mooi :) Ik moet dringend de film ook eens gaan kijken!

  17. i always love black, red, and white together - you look great!

    i thought black swan was okay - i'm not such a big fan of edgy or scary movies, and it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. the costumes were beautiful, though!

  18. I totally know how you feel about Black swan, I fell in love with it (even if it did leave me feeling a little disturbed)
    Your outfit is also really cute, Ive always loved red shoes and now I think Ill have to pop over to River Island to see if they still have those gorgeous flats!

  19. Geweldige look! ♥ Ik vond Black Swan ook echt zo'n mooie film(:

  20. gorgeous i really love that striped skirt and the red jacket is just to die for!

    <3 steffy

  21. Love your skirt is so amazing!!!

  22. Ohh I love your skirt! Haha it's always good to be prepared with utensils in your purse, especially for fun pre-film photoshoots ;D
    I really want to see Black Swan, even moreso now!
    M xo

  23. Red white and black is one of my favorite color combinations! You always look amazing in red - it contrasts very nicely with your fair skin tone. And your skirt is super cute :)

  24. Loving that wonderful skirt, and the lace top.

  25. That movie is soooo good, I really love it, it's such an amazing story. You and your friends are so cute
    I love the striped skirt and pops of red! Such a great combination.