Oh oh oh oh

My first exam is over and it went great! I didn’t expect it to suck ofcourse since the material was super easy, but still: nice way to start my exams! Next one: french on wednesday. I’m kind of stressed out about it because I’m not THAT good at french and because our professor is going to correct the exams superstrict, but I think I’ve done all I can do so I just have to let it go. I prefer courses that you can just study and get it over with. Languages are trickier than that.
But I’m really happy today because of the great exam, and because of some other things as well!

1) a streetstyle photographer stopped me today and asked if she (a gorgeous girl with blond curls) could take my picture because she loved my outfit!!!
btw if you read this: comment and leave me your email, I’d love to see your work!

2) I finally bought white brogue-type shoes: a simpler version than the ones I posted earlier on my blog, but the second I tried them on I knew it was love. They were quite cheap (50 euros for real leather: not bad!) and the leather is soooo supple! I can’t wait for them to get a bit dirty though, haha

3) I had a delicious tuna sandwich (yes I am a tuna sandwich-addict)

4) I found some really superduper cute summershoes at h&m, cheap espadrilles and some sandals which I’ll be taking pictures of one of these days

5) I bought a cheap Bruce Springsteen shirt at H&M: I LOOOOOVE Bruce and there was only one shirt or I just couldn’t find the rest of them. There were a lot of Rolling Stones shirts though but I don’t really like the band and it had that overplayed mouth print that is almost tacky to me

6) I’m having pizza in like two minutes. I’m not that hungry because of said tuna sandwich, but IT’S PIZZA

 dress: zara
cardi: pimkie
tights: h&m
shoes: sacha

7) I quite like this outfit and how my hair has been looking. That is all!

edit: some pics of my new shoes and my cutie cats
they are so lazy


  1. Every time I see your photos with CDs in them I think that your BF and my guy should compare CD collections! :D

    Hey, nice one on one exam down!! I wont tell you we had a holiday here in the UK today ;) :D

    Very cool look today and how cool is it you got stopped on the street!! When that happens to me someone wants spare change or directions! :D

    I cant wait to see what you do with your new shoes, I love them.. :D

  2. oh but we had our free monday last week, it doesn't matter! :D thanks! :D haha yes he has so many cds, and alfabetized too! :D

  3. I love the colour palette on this outfit! You look so good :)

    Today I'm also eating pizza and even though I'm not thaat hungry neither, there's always some space for pizza! yey!


  4. I LOVE your cardigan and cutie dress! So jealous you found cheap espadrilles and white oxfords! I used to lovelovelove tuna sandwiches. Especially with hot chili sauce and pickles mixed in! : D Now my conscience and fear of mercury doesn't let me eat them. D:

  5. Haha yes I try to cut back on the tuna sandwiches too because of the fact that they are being overfished (do you say that in english?). But I try to comfort myself by thinking of the fact that most tuna spreads are mostly mayonaise anyway! :D

    thanks girls! and bon appetit, chio! :D

  6. Lovely colours! I love such shoes. I already ordered those in black from 3 Suisses a few weeks ago and I love to wear them. It's more fashionable than snakers I think :-)
    I'm always in a flow when exams went well. And I do love Pizza either. I could eat it every day but I couldn't do it..they have so much calories at all. What's your favourite taste? I like my pizza with hot chilis and some fresh things like tomatos and lot of cheese ^^