Just the same day my friend found some old childhood home video's, I ran into the site youngmenewme, where people reproduce an old picture by standing in the same pose, same outfits, same place, same people etc and it is AWESOME! Check the site out!

just for you guys, I'm going to show some pictures from me as a young'un

I totally looked like Christina Ricci back then. And how stylish were my dad and his ladyfriend? My youngest brother totally looked like Macauley Culkin.

and this is me when I was 16, almost 6 years ago (oh, how time flies...):
I don't even recognize myself.
 Share your babypictures with me, people!


  1. you were such a cutiepie and a bit of a hippie, and it looks like you were really looking out and caring for the people around you.. things you still haven't lost. i'd totally play with you! i'd give you half of my cookie and all.

    and thanks for mentioning me, it's sweet!

  2. ..and cool site, from that point of view it looks like people have barely changed at all :D

    though this alien baby has made some MAJOR progression :D :

  3. What a nice website! I liked the idea... I might try it with my sis or alone.

    Your eyes are still the same!
    And you as a teenager, your face hasn't changed so much I think.


  4. You really were a cutie! Fun photos!! You were rocking at 16 too! :D

  5. you were such a super cute kid. indeed I can see the resemblance with Christina Ricci, cool :)