Got cat class and I got cat style

Yesterday I tried to off-set the dreariness of the silhouette and the weather by wearing only light, soft colors, and today I try to make my totally winter appropriate outfit come across as less depressing by standing in front of my really really green bushes.
dress, cardi, blazer: h&m
boots, skirt: pimkie
glasses: claire's

Is it working? This dress also has cats all over it, which makes it slightly less depressing. I still wish it was sunny and warm outside though :( The weather forecasts aren’t predicting anything better for the next week either. Sigh.
On a more positive note, I really do love this dress. I told you guys before that I used to doubt wearing it because it was soooo short, but then I came up with the solution of wearing a full skirt underneath and I actually love it even more like this. Geeky glasses + dress with kitties = win in my book!
By the way, today I’m totally going to start on working with SPSS. I have to get my shit together for the exams.

and this is probably the most awesome way I'll ever see thigh highs be worn: not racy or over the top sexy at all!

And just a little gaga:

I adore her performance of alejandro and I can't wait to see her come may 17th!!!


  1. very mui mui darling xx

  2. thank you! I was thinking the same thing!

  3. Cute dress! Looks good with the skirt :D

    I wish I had legs for those white thigh highs!! they look great on her, and they look a good length too.

  4. omg!
    you look like the kind of teacher that would make all the kiddies come in their pants, haha!


  5. I just spat coffee over my keyboard laughing at that! :D

  6. i'm sorry about your keyboard.. it's the truth, it's got the power to trigger strong physical reactions, haha